Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 188

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 188 Romano surprises Cardo on his birthday celebration 

At Olango Island in Cebu, Cardo and his friends arrived home to meet Flora and Alyana. He told them that he and Ramil went to buy fire arms to prepare themselves in case Joaquin and Romano strike.

During the night, the couple were sitting outside sipping drink and chatting. Cora told Amado that Dang was growing up so fast.

“Pretty soon boys will be knocking at our door,” Amado added.

Cardo joined the couple and thanked them for being an instrumental in joining his family together. He said irrespective of how they met he considered them as family and swore to protect Amado’s family and no matter what happens to him he would never forget them.

Romano was ready to present his birthday gift to Cardo and asked his goons to follow him. The next morning, Flora woke up the children and Cora together with Amado.

They began food preparation, Flora told Alyana that once Cardo wakes up she should send him out to the market. Cardo woke and came to meet the family preparing lots of food and he asked whether the food they were preparing wasn’t too much.

Romano looked so cheerful, he visited the cemetery to lay a wreath on Alwyn’s grave and he said the day was a great day for him since Cardo would join his ancestors.

“You know what Papa, just how good you’re in putting on a show your sickness might come true,” Verna told Don Emilio at the hospital.

“That is what you want it to happen right?”

“For it to come true, for me to finally die.”

“Yes Papa!”

“How I wish you’re suffering right now so you can finally experience what I have been going through!”

Verna spoke with Joaquin after spending a little time with Don Emilio. She said she was tired, Joaquin cautioned Verna, he wanted him to stay longer at the hospital for no one to suspect them. Verna said Emilio was really acting well and his action was good enough so she left the hospital.

Delfin assured Flora that if Don Emilio was faking heart ailment to get acquitted it would not work. At the hospital, Monica dropped her card to Dr Miranda to inform her if there was any developments in the case of Don Emilio.

Pinggoy was however, at the hospital making a report. Monica questioned him on the reason he reports against Joaquin. Pinggoy also asked why she was also siding with the Tuazons, was she their accomplice. Seeing her passing by, Jerome and Rigor followed Monica.

Joaquin was planning to get Don Emilio out so he planned an escape with General Jacob and Carreon. Although Carreon was not in support of the idea. He wanted Don Emilio to pass through the trial and argue about the authenticity of the video.

Delfin told Miranda that he would let a doctor from the PNP to have a test conducted on Emilio since for two days she still could not tell them the exact thing wrong with Don Emilio. He then planted police at the door of the ward looking forward to know the people who visited him.

Elsewhere, Jerome and Rigor followed Monica to her condo.

“Huh Sir this condo is a big shot
I guess she get paid for huge sums of money.”
Jerome asked Rigor not to judge her yet, her family might be rich but Rigor doubted.

Monica spoke with Joaquin on phone asking why he could not finish Pinggoy off while she ordered him to do it. She disclosed that Pinggoy was now accusing him of so many things. Joaquin advised her not to be affected and should not retaliate. Monica was scared that Pinggoy’s viral video against Emilio would have a toll on their plans.

Cardo and Ayana arrived from the market while Romano and his goons also arrived at the party. It was now established that Monica was involved with Joaquin, Rigor told Billy and he said if Emilio thought faking an ailment would make him go Scot free then he was lying to his own soul.

In a phone conversation, Delfin wished Cardo “Happy birthday.” Everyone at the Island shouted “Happy birthday Cardo.” Yolly joined Delfin to also wish Cardo. Cardo then realised they all worked hand in hand to surprise him.

As they got means to ambush the fugitives Romano then instructed that:
“Let’s wait for sundown and we will surprise them.”

The doctor informed Jacob that she had told Borja whatever he asked her to do and Jacob said she should then send him to a different room where they could ran away with him.

The children celebrated Cardo and made their wishes, Cardo was extremely happy. Least did he know that his enemies were also making surprising moves against him on that faithful day.

Jacob informed Joaquin about how successful the execution of their plan was going. He also advised to be vigilant with Romano. Verna wanted to squeeze the truth from the doctor’s mouth concerning what she told her father but the doctor’s hands were tight. She did not know how Verna could help she and her family since they were being threatened and kept the information from her.

The Police men went to the ward to check on Don Emilio.

“It’s a cat and mouse game, right now I am the mouse but once i am free I will be predator again and I will be coming after all of my prey,” Don Emilio hissed while Verna shook her head.

The Islanders were still making merriment to celebrate the hero.

Joaquin told Verna not to visit Don Emilio again for her own safety in case things get messy and did not go as planned. He said Verna knew all along when Don Emilio faked heart disease. He then revealed that their plans would get into fruition on that day.

The police were told Don Emilio’s heart disease has worsened and an operation was going to be carried out on him. Don Emilio was transferred from his ward in a structure with drips on him to the operating room.

A jam was ongoing at Olango Island. The Islanders danced, soon Alyana came with a cake in the company of Flora. Cardo delivered a thank you speech to thank the islanders for accepting him especially to Amado, Cora and Dang for providing a hope for him and Onyok when they were left in the sea. He thanked his friends, Ramil, Julian, Gener and Paco. He also thanked Teddy and Virgie while the special thank you went to Alyana and Flora.

Meanwhile, Romano and his goons have already occupied their respective places, surrounding the celebrant and his well wishers.

“K!ll whoever you want but you must leave Cardo to me.”

“Alright chairman!”

As Cardo blew the candle light on his cake the shoot out from Romano’s camp started.


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