Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 189

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 189 Dang, Ligaya become orphans after their parents brutally murdered amidst birthday celebration

As the Islanders were celebrating the hero, Cardo blew the candle light on his cake. Suddenly, the bullets of the gun shots got the cake flying in the air, everyone ran for cover. With a loud voice Cardo ordered them to go down, Amado got shot multiple times and Cora held him.

He told Cora to save Dang, as she was going for her daughter, Amado’s breath cuts down. Cora also got shot and she fell, Dang then ran to her mother’s aid. Ligaya’s mother was also shot and Ligaya was mourning.

The war got immense Cardo and his guys were already retaliating, Cardo ordered Paco to flee with everyone. Flora found it hard to leave Cardo behind. Paco carried Dang but she did not want to go. Gener also carried Ligaya and gave him to Paco and turned back. They joined a boat, Cardo and his guys reached out for more guns.

One of Romano’s favourite ally who wanted to K!ll Cardo died by the hero’s bullet. Ramil said the backups of Romano were many so they had to flee. Alyana told them to wait for Cardo. Ramil, Gener, Julian and Cardo joined the boat. Romano could not believe his eyes that once more Cardo has survived his ambush.

Meanwhile, Jacob has told Joaquin about Don Emilio’s escape. The police officers were not allowed to enter the sterilised room (operation room), saying they might infect the patient. As she saw the police were still spying on them, the doctor drew the divider and they could not watch them anymore. She took off the drips to facilitate Don Emilio’s escape. Don Emilio told Miranda that he was not cripple and could ran by himself.

Delfin asked his officers and they told him what the doctor said. Delfin made Billy opened the door and Delfin’s suspicions were right, there was no one in the operation room. The police realised there was an escape route there, they reached there before Don Emilio could enter inside the bus.

The doctor quickly ran off before things got messy. There was shoot outs between the police and Jacob’s henchmen, most of Jacob’s goons died. Don Emilio hid behind a wall and was caught.

“Don Emilio because of the stunt you pulled you incriminate yourself even further.”

Paco made a friend, Iking gave them a place to reside. News broke about 13 people who died in a small community at the Island and Joaquin was very passionate about it. Cardo later sent Paco to their old place to check what was going on. He then went inside, seeing Ligaya and Dang shedding tears with Flora consoling them, Cardo begged the kids to forgive him for his inability to save their parents. Cardo’s eyes were heavy with tears.

“We know that we cannot take the place of your parents in your lives ever but Ligaya, Dang Cardo and I will be here to provide everything that you may need.

We will be your parents from this day onwards okay?” Flora consoled the Isla kids.

Joaquin visited Romano to ask him if he was the person who attacked the Islanders. Romano was surprised that Joaquin knew about it. Joaquin confronted him for failing to k!ll Cardo and said if Romano had involved him in his ambush Cardo would not have been fortunate to escape.

He later confronted Jacob for failing the mission to let his grandpa escape after paying him millions. He referred to Jacob and his goons as a bunch of useless. However, Jacob had gotten rid of Doctor Miranda.

Cardo informed Delfin about Romano’s ambush attack which eventually k!lled the couple who saved and provided shelter for him. Delfin proposed that Cardo should find less safer place to stay. For Flora, she vowed to stay with Cardo and not ready to return to Manila.

Julian said Romano pulled a fast one on them just as expected he wanted to recover the money they stole from him. Cardo requested for Ramil to give him his shares of the money for him to do a donation for those who were affected by the shooting incident to lead their lives.

They then went for the money from where they kept it. A doctor from the PNP office ran tests on Don Emilio and he was perfectly fine. They sent him back to the police custody.

Rigor wondered why Romano was still roaming scot free while he attacked a whole community. Billy said the Police had already gone to Romano’s place but had not gotten anything incriminating against him.

Paco returned with Cardo’s attire and told him about the funeral. Cardo could not allow fear to deny the kids opportunity to see their parents. They went to the funeral fully armed.

Dang and Ligaya went to mourn their respective parents. Cardo also payed his last respect to Cora and Amado.

“As soon as you are laid to rest I will make the people responsible for this pay.

Brace yourself Romano, I swear I will get you!”

Romano’s goons who were sent to Olango Island to search for Cardo called the chairman to hints him that Cardo and Ramil were at the funeral. Romano asked about Julian and Gener and the messenger said he did not see them. Daniel suspected that it was a trap, now they were aware of their coming so they changed strategy.

Romano’s goons returned home to inform him that they lost track of Cardo. Romano was furious, ready to shoot them for failing but Daniel stopped him since they already lost most of their backups due to Cardo.

Meanwhile, Verna was compelled to twist the facts as a key witness otherwise she and Joaquin might end up behind bars for being an accomplice.

Don Emilios case was heard, the PNP Doctor took the witness stand to testify against Don Emilio for faking a heart ailment to escape justice.

However, he denied the allegations and blamed Cardo for it. He said Cardo’s henchmen abducted him to send him to Cardo for him to eliminate him. The case was adjourned.

Romano believed Cardo would be at the burial service since his weakness was that he was a man of the people and would never abandoned those who died all due to him. He planned to strike during the burial service.

“I want Cardo to see how I wipe his entire friends and family before I finish him up,” Romano said.


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