Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 190

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 190 Don Emilio surprises the court with false witnesses, Cardo and his allies cornered Daniel

Cardo and his allies prepare their ammunitions ahead of the burial of the Islanders who died through an ambush meant to k!ll him.

Though his friends saw the burial as a snare which their enemies would thread on to strike them, Cardo was bent on making Dang, Ligaya and all his family members support and pay their last respect to the deceased and their families.

A probe was done into Monica, the unprofessional journalist’s finances and Billy discovered that Monica has lots of money and properties that did not reflect what she was earning from NSC channel. Rigor was quick to conclude that Joaquin was Monica’s financier.

She soon, aired a story on Don Emilio’s trial to favour him. Pinggoy counter the report to direct the public’s mind on the video which Don Emilio was brutally murdering Pablo De Leon.

In court, false witness sat inside the boss to introduce himself as a hospital attendance who overheard the kidnappers claiming their boss wanted them to sneak Don Emilio out for Cardo to finish Don Emilio off.

There was another false witness who presented himself as an IT specialist, he rubbished the video, claiming it was computer manipulated.

After listening to Monica’s reportage Teddy referred to Don Emilio as blatant liar for blaming Cardo as his kidnapper. Friends of Cardo were worried about how the bias report was sweeping the public’s mind to comments that Don Emilio was innocent. They were hopeful that the court would not make judgement based on court of public opinion.

Joaquin was now convinced his grandfather would be acquitted and he thanked Jacob for the false witnesses he hired to do the dirty job. Joaquin visited Romano to tell him about Don Emilio’s court situation and was optimistic that Don Emilio would come home earlier than expected.

The two fought over the person to k!ll Cardo, but Romano failed to involve Joaquin when his men alerted him about Cardo being at the cemetery. Ramil spotted the odd man out and alerted Cardo.

Romano and his henchmen got to the cemetery to find no one and in fury he shot the air. Meanwhile, Flora wondered the time all those brutalities would stop and Paco said they were fortunate to have been able to slip away from Romano’s second possible ambush.

Cardo in the company of Gener, Ramil and Julian escorted the affected families to ensure their safety. Gener shared the money Cardo has enveloped to families of the deceased. The families were grateful to Cardo for his kind gesture as the money would go a long way to help and provide their needs.

“I hope you can forgive me,

Because of me your families were affected.”

“I hope with that little help you can have a new start and a better life.”

“Cardo, this isn’t your fault.”

“All that we ask of you is to help us seek justice to the death of our loved ones,” a random person from the families affected by the dead demanded.

Flora and the family were sent to a temporary place which they would stay. Meanwhile, the lawyer of Don Emilio tried to run through the brief with the old man but he said he knew his lines, his daughter is his problem. He was scared Verna would break out in the middle of the trial.

Meanwhile Verna told Joaquin that she could not lie to the court. Her fear was that Cardo would find away for them to pay once Don Emilio is acquitted.

“I definitely know what it will bring.”

“He will rattle and rage and he will try to take revenge.”

“And seeking revenge, he will definitely expose himself and that is exactly what I want to happen for the rat to crawl out from his gang hole,” Joaquin spewed.

At the court, Billy told Delfin that Don Emilio and his lawyer had prepared well, unfortunately their false stories seemed to be convincing the judge. Delfin had always told Flora to have faith in the judicial system.

“But with the way Don Emilio is distorting the facts and turning tables on Cardo, I just hope the whole truth will not be buried under the pile of lies they are speaking.”

Joaquin rendered to Romano the roaster of their clients. He wanted them to think about their business as the business has suffered a great loss due to Cardo. He wanted them to recoup and keep it running before Don Emilio’s return.

Cardo charged his allies to end Romano’s evil by hurting his group members one at a time. Due to how the trial was being peddled with lies and distorted facts, Delfin has nothing than to explore other chances to win the case.

He told Teddy Arevalo to testify in court. Daniel suggested they knock out Joaquin and Don Emilio but Romano had plans for the two his focus was to get rid of Cardo first. Since all their plans against Cardo failed, Donato suggested they relegate the k!lling of Cardo to Joaquin.

Elsewhere, Cardo charged Gener to keep an eye on Romano at all the places he transacted his businesses for them to strike him. Daniel pledged to fight to the end with Romano.

Meanwhile, Teddy accepted to take the witness stand and travelled to Manila with his wife. After eavesdropping to know Delfin’s next line of action, Carreon followed General Borja’s men to the safe house which Teddy Arevalo would stay n. He leaked the information to Joaquin and the latter left it in Carreon’s hands to do what was needf.

Carreon requested for time but Joaquin denied him. Gener arrived with an information about a Japanese business transaction which Romano and his goons would be there in the evening. Cardo and his allies prepared themselves to strike their enemies.

Succumbed to the pressures surrounding her, Verna testified and denied that Don Emilio was capable of k!lling. She groomed her father as responsible caretaker who would never even harm a fly.

As Daniel was negotiating with potential Japanese clients in a club, Cardo and his allies attacked him. There were shoot outs between Cardo’s camp and Daniel’s camp. Some of the club attendees ran for their lives.

Daniel who knew his life was in danger hit the streets, cardo and his allies ran after him till they concerned him.

“Daniel, It is over for you.”

“It’s time for you to pay Daniel.”

Daniel stood motionless holding his raffle.


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