Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 191

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 191 Cardo buried Daniel alive, Teddy exposes Don Emilio’s lies in court

After being cornered, Cardo and his allies sent Daniel to the cemetery. Daniel begged for mercy but Cardo said he did not show those who he k!lled like animals mercy.

He pleaded with Cardo’s allies and Ramil assured him that they would not k!ll him. Daniel then thanked Cardo for sparing his life, Ramil hit him with the gun from behind and he fainted.

General Borja brought the Arevalos to the safe house. Teddy believed if he had opened up earlier justice would have been served long time ago. Delfin asked him not to worry, the most important thing was he was now there to face Don Emilio for him to pay for his crime.

Elsewhere, Jacob was assuring Joaquin to count on him to k!ll Teddy since Carreon was allowing his emotions to get in the way. Joaquin was grateful that he could count on him to solve all the dirty issues in Manila while he took care of things in Cebu.

Romano was so worried about Daniel. Donato could not reach him, he believed Daniel had passed out but Romano doubted since he was in a meeting with Chinese clients. Donato said he would go and get him.

“Do you really want to get him or hit on women I know you,” Romano retorted.

Elsewhere, Daniel woke up to find himself tied inside a coffin and he screamed for help. A snake appeared in the coffin from nowhere which agitated Daniel to scream even further. Cardo reached home and Paco tried talking to Cardo and his allies but none mind him. They went straight to their various rooms.

Romano’s backup men who made it alive arrived home to inform him about the unfortunate news concerning the whereabouts of Daniel. Romano was consumed with fury. Daniel however was screaming hard inside the coffin as the snake was still approaching to his body. It bit him to death.

After worrying while waiting for him, Flora saw Cardo and confronted him that his intentions were no longer just but Cardo insisted that so long as their enemies were roaming freely they would never be safe. Flora was upset that Cardo was taking the laws into his own hands to avenge the death of all the Islanders.

The next day, the court sat on Don Emilio’s issue and his lawyer who wanted to disassociate Don Emilio from the death of Pablo De Leon, led her client through cross examination.

“Where were you on August 4, 1992?”

“I don’t remember I was either at home or somewhere else.”

She asked him whether he knew Pablo De Leon and he denied knowing the cop. She asked whether he had Pablo k!lled.

“What! k!ll?

“How can I k!ll someone I have not even met?”

Teddy was a bit scared to testify but he planned to do away with his fears in order to set the records straight by testifying to make Don Emilio remain behind bars forever.

Joaquin revealed to Verna about his plans against the Arevalos. He simply told her the De Leon’s witness would go on missing.

In court, Don Emilos and Verna were surprised to see Teddy. A flashback showed that Delfin received a message about the assassination attempt and made his guys escape with Teddy and Virgie from the safe house.

Flashforward: Teddy swore his oath to reveal the truth. In revealing the truth, he told the court that as a journalist he was working hand in hand with Pablo in a mission to find a notorious drug lord. He said he was informed about where they would find the drug lord and went there to find his cop friend being brutally murdered by Don Emilio Syquia.

He pointed his finger at Don Emilio: “Him, Emilio Syquia was the one who murdered Pablo De Leon.

Don Emilio used his hand to signal Teddy that he would k!ll him or probably cut off his head for exposing him.

“Your honour your defendant is threatening me.”

“Your honour I was not threatening the witness.”

“I was just sitting here silently listening to his lies but a bug just bit my neck so I scratched it. ”

“Your honour I think probably there’s a mosquito somewhere.” When he sat he pointed his finger at Teddy to warn him.

Teddy explained he had not been able to talk as he was consumed with fear, due to the various threat messages from Don Emilio. Teddy stated that due to the work they were doing his cameras and everything was set up and was able to tape Don Emilio while he was committing the crime. His lawyer gave the video evidence which Teddy had kept for over 20years to the judge.

Elsewhere, Carreon and his daughter were out eating. He said he wanted his daughter to be proud of him. He admitted that he had not been perfect but wanted to make things right. It turned out that he was the one who sent Delfin the anonymous text concerning Teddy’s and Virgie’s abduction.

A newspaper article which declared Cardo and his fugitive friends together with his companion, Gener and Romano and his drug allies wanted “dead or alive” in connection with the Olango shooting incident was published. Romano was affected as Donato read to him that he was a suspected drug lord who was wanted dead or alive for shooting the Islanders.

Alyana thought of possible means to divert attention of the media from Cardo by enlisting Pinggoy’s help to vlog about an attempted threat on Teddy’s life after he availed himself to testify.

Don Emilio’s lawyer did a cross examination, using issue which Teddy was framed in it and his daughter’s relation to Ricardo Dalisay in order to discredit him. Yet, Teddy insisted that he wanted the murderer to pay for his crimes that was why he was testifying.

Joaquin spoke with Monica to use the advantage of Cardo being wanted dead or alive to win the public sympathy for them to believe Don Emilio was innocent. He said there would not have been any testimony from Arevalo but things did not go as planned.

Delfin informed his family how well the hearing went. Cardo pleaded with Delfin to tighten security up as Don Emilio could make an attempt to escape again.

Meanwhile, Romano could not focus while working at the meth lab. Joaquin confronted him for losing focus. Romano said Cardo has k!lled almost all his allies. Donato added that Joaquin was fortunate since everyone thought he was dead. Joaquin said not everyone thought he was dead he was also being haunted by Cardo.

“We have to k!ll him (Cardo) before he gets to us,” Joaquin said.

Elsewhere, Cardo and his fugitive friends also planned to get to Romano first before he strikes them.


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