Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 192

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 192 Donato dies, Pinggoy gains new employment as reporter

Monica was sitting at a restaurant playing Pinggoy’s viral video and realised Pinggoy has even added the voice recording of their earlier confrontation at the hospital when Don Emilio was admitted.

When Monica was about to make a call, Pinggoy who was keeping tabs on her accidentally knock his cup of drink and Monica realised that Pinggoy has been following her movement.

She threatened to file a libel charge against Pinggoy if he did not stop disseminating falsehoods about her. Pinggoy denied her claims and said she was Joaquin spokesperson and the falsehood was something she could relate. He left and told Jerome and Rigor about it.

Jerome felt sad that Monica was now aware that they had been investigating her which would be difficult for them to gain incriminating evidence against her.

Joaquin after accusing his mother of leaking his plans against Teddy and she denied, he did a video chat with his superiors. He told Jacob and Carreon that his mother was innocent and believed there was an infiltrator and charged Carreon to find out.

Carreon tried to brush the infiltrator idea off by creating an impression that General Borja’s men might have seen Jacob’s goons and fled with Teddy but Joaquin said what he was saying was a mere assumptions.

“Don’t worry Joaquin, eventually we will find this traitor and make him pay,” Jacob hissed!

Pinggoy posted a new video seeking for justice for Cardo who was wanted alive or dead, his plea was that Cardo should not end like his father who was unjustly k!lled. Monica after watching the trending video feared that she would be dragged to the mud should Don Emilio lose his trial.

She knew Pinggoy and his team did not have an evidence against her yet but was scared that they would keep following her till they had an evidence. She now planned to do what would benefit her so that she did not suffer a bad fate due to Joaquin and Don Emilio.

Cardo thanked Alyana and Pinggoy for protecting his image with the new vlog of Pinggoy. Since he had not been spending the night at home, the kids pleaded with him to sleep with them as they would feel safe knowing he was with them.

Later, he and his companions thought about a possible hideout of Romano since they knew he would not be in his usual hideouts now that he was declared wanted. Gener knew the impulse of Romano so he suggested they find him at a casino.

Donato who was working at the meth lab got bored so he head over to the casino. As planned, Paco went to the gambling den as a rich man. He paid his way through and demanded for his wealthy colleague, Romano to play the gamble with. Donato replied that Romano was not currently available so he dedicated himself to gamble with Paco.

Paco said his name was Señor Paquino and worked at a mining company. He was not allowed to use his phone so he was thinking about a possible means to get hold of his phone to call Cardo. He excused himself to go to the washroom, unknown to him Donato wanted to entertain him to capture him.

Once he realised Paco wanted a narrow escape, he made his goons beat Paco up and revealed to him that he knew who he was. He then called Romano to inform him that he had caught one of Cardo’s men at the casino and asked him to come there right away.

As they have waited for long for Paco’s call and the call was not coming through, Cardo and his companions suspected Paco might have been in trouble. They shot all the securities and goons to break in. Donato pleaded with them. Paco then beat Donato for ganging up on him to beat him up.

Paco requested for a wheelchair, this gave Cardo and his allies clue on what to do to Donato. Romano arrived there with his raffle and backup men ready to make the sidekick of Cardo pay, but to his dismay he found no body there, only Donato whose hands and legs were tied to the chair with a tape covering his mouth, making frantic sounds to call for help.

Romano after spying around, opened the door, to his dismay he heard guns firing Donato. He wondered how that happened, unknown to him Cardo set a trap by placing guns infront of Donato and fastened the guns to the door so once Romano opened, it was the trigger that pulled, which instantly k!lled Donato. Romano cried for loosing “Otoota”, his favourite cook. Once he saw the plan he wished he had not opened the door.

“Sorry old friend!”

“I didn’t know I am sorry,”

“Sorry, sorry Donato”

“Cardo , Cardo, I swear I will make you pay for this, I swear!,” Romano shed tears.

Cardo thanked Paco for helping them out with his mission. Ramil said Paco was impressive, Cardo pleaded with him not to tell anyone especially Flora and Alyana about it. Cardo and his allies made their next plan to get Romano. Gener knew that Romano was hurt and alone after losing all his most trusted henchmen.

Meanwhile, Romano was devastated sitting quietly in the meth lab. Joaquin arrived to console him, he said they should revenge by using Cardo’s own strategy by k!lling his allies one after the other, starting from Ramil, next Gener and then Julian then the grand funeral would be Cardo’s burial.

The kids made “boobi traps” to capture or get alerted once there was an intruder in their territory to keep everyone safe.

The trap caught Paco and a powder poured on him. The family laughed and said now they knew the boobi trap worked. As efforts in identifying Teddy Arevalo was proving futile, Jacob decided to get Teddy’s family involved in their little game.

Carreon was against the plan but Jacob would not back down. He wanted Teddy to retract his statement in court so he was bent on doing anything to achieve that.

Elsewhere, Billy expressed joy for the court showing interest in Teddy’s testimony. However, he believed it was time Cardo surrender in order to ensure his safety. Delfin assured that he has been talking to him but would continue to make Cardo see the need to surrender. For the meantime, Delfin decided to talk to the PNP to review their decision in order to keep Cardo safe.

Pinggoy was employed as a reporter at MTN to continue his reporting on the channel. The editor was impressed by the mass followers Pinggoy has secured within a short period of time.

Carreon went home to discover that his daughter has fainted and he rushed her to hospital.

The news about Donato broke. Flora brought the newspaper to query Cardo if he was responsible for Donato’s death. Paco revealed Cardo’s secret about the previous operation. Joaquin was focusing on the drug smuggling business to make up for the losses the business has encountered due to Cardo.

Romano and Joaquin have teamed up so Cardo’s camp began to shiver as they felt like a mice matching into a lion’s den but Cardo asked them not to fear. They had to end the fight once and for all.

After the business transaction, Joaquin gave Romano’s shares to him and they hoped for something bigger in the future. Pinggoy rushed to his police friends to reveal the great news of his employment to them to seek for their protection since he was assigned to Don Emilio’s case.

Elsewhere, Paco came across the police men who were haunting for Cardo at Olango Island, he hid with Paquito. The people were saying they did not know Cardo after the police showed them Cardo’s profile. Unknown to us, Joaquin was behind the search party. He called the police man to ask if he had seen Cardo yet and he said no one had a clue of him.

Gener rushed to inform Cardo about his new discovery concerning Romano’s hideout. Cardo enlisted the help of Delfin in order to end the game with Romano and Joaquin.

“And once that is done what will you do?” Delfin quizzed.

“I will turn myself in grandpa.”

“I will face all the charges they filed against me!”

Cardo went to talk to Flora to tell her the need for what he was doing. Flora understood that he was doing that for their sake, in order for them not to be taken down by surprised.

“I’m so close to getting Joaquin and Romano grandma!”

“And once I take them down, I give you my word that all of us will get our old lives back!” They embraced.


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