Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 193

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 193 Romano dies, Paquito hovers between life and death

In the evening at Olango Island, Cardo was standing thinking of means to end the fight between him and Romano, Alyana approached him to tell him how she and Flora were worried about him.

Cardo lamented that so many innocent people have lost their lives, more reason he has to end the fight once and for all. He promised not to allow any one to be dragged into the mess and would do everything he could to protect them most especially Alyana.

Pinggoy arrived at the police station wanting to have an interview with Emilio Syquia but was not allowed to talk to him. He saw Verna and rushed to him to ask her few questions, however Verna did not grant the interview.

Monica arrived at the scene to tell Pinggoy that Verna refused to answer his questions since he was just a camera man. Pinggoy showed her his new ID as a reporter and asked if she wanted to prove that she was the only person who has right to interview the Tuazons. Monica said Pinggoy was defending a criminal and should not expect anything much from the Tuazons.

“If there is anyone here standing for a criminal that must be you!”

Joaquin was unhappy that the search for Cardo’s hideout still proved futile. Pinggoy advised Monica to take a U-turn before the road changes otherwise Joaquin would not allow her to live to tell the story and when that happened she should know who to ask for protection.

The kids told Cardo that they alway prayed for his safety and wished the war would be over soon for them to return to their normal lives.
Cardo later talked with his friends and they were happy that Cardo changed their lives when they met him.

Cardo also thanked them for not leaving him behind, they supported him throughout and was grateful to that. Don Emilio spoke with Joaquin and pretended to be speaking with his attorney. Joaquin assured that they would get Teddy to retract his statement and this time around they would not screw up.

Someone informed the police about the location of the fugitives and they called to inform Joaquin about the hideout. Joaquin also called Romano to inform him. Romano could not wait to give justice to the death of Alwyn, Daniel, Jomar and Donato. He wielded war against Cardo.

“Because when today ends you will find yourself six feet under.”

Meanwhile, Cardo and his allies were ready to strike Romano, as they were leaving, the family called them for breakfast so they put their ammunitions down and sat on the breakfast table with them.

Joaquin and Romano had almost reached Cardo’s territory, he told Romano to ensure not to leave anyone alive. Romano split with Joaquin. Elsewhere, Jacob still could not get definite answer as to whether Teddy Arevalo was living with Delfin or was in a different safe house. His men told him that there were lots of policemen crawling around Delfin’s premise. Jacob urged his goons to keep monitoring things in the place.

The Arevalos were also worried about their safety since they could not go anywhere due to Don Emilio’s case.

“And so I hope and pray that someone put an end to Don Emilio’s wicked family,” Virgie wished.

At Olango Island, while they were enjoying their breakfast the sounds of the “booby traps” began to bell and Onyok shouted that intruders have raided the place. Quickly, Ramil and the rest reached out for their guns and Cardo led the family through the back escape route.

Alyana wondered how the intruders learnt about their hideouts. Cardo made Paco ran with the family. Romano got to Cardo’s destination and realised no one was there but a food was served on the table.

In anguish, Romano shot the food and told his backups to search for Cardo and his family. Julian had also planted bombs in some of the place after the kids set their booby traps. when some of the backups pulled a gate it exploded.

The shootings began at the Olango War II, when Cardo realised his family were safe. Most of the backups were shot. Romano saw Cardo and thought he had him cornered. He told his backups to ran after Cardo. Romano shot, Cardo fled and hid down in between the ship.

“Cardo you bast*rd! Come out and show yourself!

“You’re a dead man today

“There’s no escape for you”

“I’m gonna k!ll you,” Romano kept shooting while urging Cardo on to face him. Gener, Julian and Ramil kept shooting at Romano but they missed their target. Romano shot back, Cardo suddenly climbed up.

“Romano…”. as Romano turned Cardo has already shot him, Gener, Ramil and Julian also shot him. Romano went on his knees, His raffle slipped from his hand, making everyone believe he had been gotten rid off but he delved his two hands into his back pocket to reach out for his guns.

“I will see you all in hell….” Romano screamed, before he could shoot, Cardo and his allies shot him multiple times and he died instantly. Still pointing his gun at him, Cardo said:

“It’s game over for you!”

They now channelled their energies to shoot all the backups who came in their way. Meanwhile, Flora and the rest were hiding in the waters behind an abandoned car. When Paco was running with Paquito, Joaquin saw them and he aimed his gun at Paquito. He shot the boy leading Paco to scream Cardo’s name for help. Cardo went to their aid and carried Paquito while shooting his enemies.

Julian bombed one of the boats to k!ll all the backups in that boat. Knowing he might lose his life, Joaquin quickly ordered for his few backups he was left with to turn back.

In Manila, Jacob called Roy to enlist his help in identifying the location of the Arevalos but Carreon could not help out since he was at the hospital taking care of his daughter who was admitted. Joaquin told his backups that he wanted to go far away and the next time he comes across Cardo he would ensure he ends his life.

When danger was over, they cried for Paquito’s condition. Paquito was rushed to a hospital and he was fighting between life and death while being operated on. In Manila, After watching the featured report of Monica on Don Emilio, Verna called Monica to meet her to discuss something important with her.

In Monica’s featured article, she claimed in the report that Don Emilio Syquia was a father and a grandfather who had lost almost all his family members except Verna, he was looking forward to be set free in order to be reunited with his daughter who had also lost a husband. In the report Don Emilio even cried to win public sympathy as a old man with a medical condition.

Jerome, Rigor and Pinggoy spotted Monica going inside a restaurant. Monica met Verna and Verna asked why she was spewing lies to cover things up. Verna advised Monica to stop her bias reports otherwise she might end up in prison for helping Joaquin.

She asked Monica to tell her where Joaquin was but Monica denied knowing the exact place Joaquin was in Cebu. Verna wanted to talk to Joaquin to make him surrender. Unbeknownst to them, Jerome was hiding listening to their conversation. Jerome ran after Verna when she was leaving, he asked her to come clean with Joaquin’s fake death but Verna threatened to file a harassment case against him if he kept pestering her.

Seeing all the attention of the police officers and Pinggoy was with Verna, Monica sneaked out and fled.

Cardo was sad and could not leave the hospital. His friends forced him to leave as they might be caught. Cardo wanted to be with his family now that Paquito was shot.

Joaquin and the few Romano’s backup employees he was left with reached home, he recruited them and said he was a nice person but when one double cross him he would not forgive. He told them that he was not the enemy but their common enemy was Cardo who murdered Romano, Alwyn Jomar, Donato and Daniel. He said he did what he could to help Romano but he could not save him.

The workers pledged their loyalty to him and they blamed Ramil and Cardo for what had happened.

“Mission half accomplished now cebu is mine so as the different territories belonging to Romano.”

“Now my next mission is to get rid of Cardo once and for all,” Joaquin celebrated in his head.


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