Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 194

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 194 Cardo, friends surrender to authority

A news indicating Romano Recio, an alleged drug lord as one of the identified bodies who was shot to death at Olango Island War II was aired. After watching News TV, Delfin and Yolly had a phone chat with Flora to check on the family.

Flora informed them that one child was shot by Joaquin. The child was currently at the hospital fighting for his life. Yolly wanted Flora to get home already.

In Manila, Verna feared to be arrested after she recalled Jerome warning her to come clean with Joaquin’s supposed death, otherwise she would be charged along with her son. She called Monica to compel her to lead her to her son as she did not want him to continue his vile ways.

Elsewhere, Friends of Cardo planned to investigate Roy Carreon for being Joaquin’s accomplice in the CIDG to gather evidence against him.

Meanwhile, at the hospital Roy was told by the doctor that infections spread out into the blood stream of his daughter due to the medication she was taken after her kidney transplant but assured him of his daughter’s safety.

Cardo told his friends that he was ready to surrender so during his absence, they should watch out and take good care of themselves, they also decided to toll the right part Cardo has chosen and they planned to surrender along with him since many innocent souls have lost their lives due to them.

At the hospital, Paco was stricken by what Joaquin did against his son and threatened to eliminate him should anything happened to Paquito.

“Paquito’s bleeding hasn’t stopped yet!”

“They are given him so many medications to prevent blood clot after that they will be observing him again to see if my son will undergo another operation.”

“Just pray and keep the faith Paco.”

“No matter what happens don’t lose hope,” Flora advised him.

Joaquin later called Verna and he assured her of his safety. Verna advised Joaquin not to rejoice since Romano was dead it was obvious that he was next on Cardo’s lists. Joaquin explained that he had crashed with Cardo several times and he could not k!ll him which meant that he would be the one to eliminate Cardo.

Verna wanted Joaquin to surrender but he was not ready since to him, everything was moving on as planned.

“There is a reason Romano dies.”

“Just like what I told you mom, I will take control of Cebu and all of Romano’s territories.” Verna quickly hanged up.

At Manila hospital, Roy asked his daughter why she kept her medical situation from him when she vividly knew she was weak. He however said they were team and they would get through it.

Later, he met Jacob at their usual meeting place and Joaquin had given him a bonus. Jacob told him to count himself lucky for receiving a bonus even when he was no longer useful to the group.

However, Roy said he was the one who informed the group about Teddy Arevalo’s coming but Jacob said it was not useful since they had not been able to achieve their target with that piece of information.

Jacob suggested that they should rather abduct Alyana if they could not get hold of Teddy’s wife but Roy said it would be difficult since Alyana was under the protection of Cardo. Jacob indicated that Carreon was full of negativity and reminded him not to forget his role in the group.

Monica declared her intentions to lie low with her report on Don Emilio’s case since the cops were keeping tabs on her. She told Joaquin that his mom also talked her against her report but Joaquin assured her that they would not gain any evidence so she should carry on with her good works.

Verna advised Don Emilio to stop dreaming about being acquitted as that would never happen. Billy fetched for Teddy to send him to court, meanwhile Jacob’s men were putting Delfin’s house under surveillance.

Since they were now ready to turn themselves in, the fugitives made up their mind to do charitable deeds with their dirty money. Julian gave his shares to his mother who was on a sick bed to cater for her medication. Gener gave his own to his family for his wife to use it to cater for the kids and Ramil donated his shares to an orphanage home where he grew up.

In court, a technology expert was called to testify and he said the footage of the video was raw and unedited. He said after careful examination, he found no anomalies since there was no cut in sounds and declared it as authentic.

Don Emilio’s attorney tried to use the expert’s words against him during the cross examination but the expert made it clear that with technology about 25years ago one could not manipulate it due to its nature.

After the hearing, the media rushed for an interview, Pinggoy asked Verna if it was true that Mr Arevalo was threatened but she remained quiet. However, Don Emilio was blown out of his limit and said it was a false testimony the expert gave.

In Cebu, Cardo went to the sterile ward to check on Paquito who was stable but the doctor wanted Cardo out since the ward was a restricted place, and Paquito could develop some infections if people were allowed to see him.

Monica reported on the hearing but this time she was objective with her reportage so the cops were even perplexed to see that she did not have anything bad to say about Cardo. Pinggoy did an exclusive reportage with Teddy Arevalo as his source. Teddy gave an account on the series of threats against his life due to the evidence he had.

The evidence, he said, led to the death of the Editor In chief of Lantard publication, his former work place. Virgie was however worried that the interview would compel Don Emilio to do something bad against them.

Don Emilio went to his cell and the detainees were cheerful with how hopeful Don Emilio seemed when he said the trial would not go anywhere but they were just wasting his time.

“I cannot lose hope even though it seems that things are not looking good for me.”

“I have another ace of my sleeves, Teddy’s wife will soon fall into our hands and that Don imb!cile will have no choice than to take back all of his statements just to save his wife,” Don Emilio in soliloquy.

Meanwhile, Joaquin was upset with Monica’s report, he termed it as useless. Monica said she could not do anything to help Don Emilio as the evidence was so strong.

Monica told Joaquin that her report could not change the judge’s decision. Joaquin told her to do her job right since plans were under way to get Teddy to retract his statement.

After Cardo called him to turn himself in, Delfin held a meeting with some officials to inform them about Cardo’s decision and he said he had made an arrangement with CIDG Cebu to coordinate with them. All that he wanted was Cardo’s safety. Jacob asked the exact location of Cardo, and whether his fugitive friends would surrender along with him.

Delfin said he had no idea. Jacob told Joaquin about Cardo’s decision and Joaquin planned to eliminate him inside the penitentiary but Jacob said things had changed in there.

The next day at the hospital, Cardo told Alyana and Flora that he would go somewhere and this time around he would keep long. They wondered where he was going. Cardo advised the kids to take care of eachother and as Makmak was the eldest he should ensure to direct the rest of the kids on the right part.

The police then arrived to arrest him and his friends. Flora asked Delfin to take care of Cardo. The family shed tears and the kids tears got Cardo thinking.

The fugitives and their companion were directed inside the car. Although someone was aiming a gun at Cardo from the widow up.


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