Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 195

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 195 JP arrives in Manila, Plans underway to abduct an Arevalo over an agenda for Don Emilio’s acquittal

At the National Police headquarters, Don Emilio told his attorney about Cardo’s decision to surrender and believed he would never meet him. To never meet Cardo in Bilibid was what the attorney was hoping for since the prosecution has strong evidence against Don Emilio.

His statements to the press has also not been helpful and the attorney feared they might lose the case. She tried to prepare the mind of Don Emilio for the worse scenario.

Don Emilio described her as u$eless and weak and did not know why he was paying her. Monica was airing a live report about Cardo, his fugitive friends and companion being conveyed to the Manila National Police headquarters after they surrendered.

Quickly, Verna called Joaquin and her son assured her that he could not harm Cardo at that moment since he was heavily guarded. Verna did not want Joaquin to do anything bad against Cardo.

Yolly saw the decision of Cardo as excellent than to roam about with a bounty on his head being wanted dead or alive, same way Flora thinks. Meanwhile, Delfin assigned some officers to watch over Flora and Alyana 24/7.

In Tokyo Japan, JP planned to book an earlier flight to the Philippines to get reunited with his family to show them the awards he had gained in school. His friend wanted him to postpone his trip to enjoy more but JP was not interested in that.

Verna visited her father in prison to get her father more worried about being convicted and the possibility of him to meet Cardo at the national penitentiary. Jacob still didn’t have good news for Joaquin concerning the abduction of the Arevalos.

He payed a surprise visit to Carreon at the hospital to remind him of his duty to the group. Carreon thought the group had to be excited especially now that Cardo has surrendered but Jacob retorted that Cardo has turned himself in but that would not help set Don Emilio free.

He said they had to act fast in order for Joaquin not to view them as useless since already Carreon was proven to be u$eless to the group.

Joaquin spoke with Monica on phone and she apologised for being paranoid. She explained that she was being cautious. Joaquin wanted her to continue to help his grandfather but Monica hoped Joaquin understood why she was being cautious at the moment.

“I can now see how hesitant you are to do what I am telling you.

Sorry but no hard feelings Monica, You know how I am.

If you betray me, You know very well what I can do to get back at you,” Joaquin said.

After arriving at the national headquarters, Jacob queried Cardo on Romano Recio’s accomplice and he mentioned Joaquin Tuazon’s name. He said his family were witness of his claim of Joaquin being alive and even shot a boy who was under his protection.

Soon, a press conference was held to officially announce the return of the fugitives. After given relevant answers to the necessary questions, Delfin told the press that he has given them all the vital information needed for their reportage and with police escorts the convicts were sent to the penitentiary.

With his reputation, the inmates shouted in merriment to cheer him on, when Cardo together with his fugitive friends and companion arrived at Bilibid. Inside their cell, Ramil announced that he was no longer called manager and they should address him by his own name Ramil. They told their fellows how they have changed for the better.

The inmates also told them how things have changed in Bilibid for the better with the new director, who cared about their welfare and hate riots. Meanwhile, Elmo was scared that Don Emilio would bribe some of the inmates for them to put Cardo’s life in danger. Teddy was hopeful that with Ramil, Julian and Gener on Cardo’s side they would look up for eachother.

Paquito was impatient to see Cardo but was told to recover first so that they could all take a trip to Manila to see Cardo. After hearing that, Paquito put up an act to go to Manila. Alyana advised him not to rush his recovery and once he was better they would all travel to see Cardo.

Joaquin kept pressuring Jacob to get the Arevalos kidnapped otherwise he might force to act alone. Flora and Alyana spoke with Cardo through a phone call. There were goons keeping tabs on them, they were looking for an opportunity to kidnap Alyana.

“I will hold Alyana captive and I am gonna use her against her father,” Joaquin said in soliloquy.

Rona began to feel some pains and the doctor told Roy that Rona had to be sent to the ICU as the infections were affecting her kidneys. She prescribed some antibiotics as Rona would also undergo regular dialysis.

In Bilibid, Mr Miyong was happy to see Cardo and his friends. He welcomed Gener and told Cardo that he has always been worried about him when he watched them on television. Miyong told them about how things had changed after Acosta’s death when the new director came. He believed Cardo and his friends would be safe in Bilibid.

After thinking so much about Cardo and having nightmares, Don Emilio’s blood pressure went high and was taken cared off by a prison doctor who said she has regulated his pressure and the old evil vile man needed rest.

Verna queried her father if he was acting up again but he denied and said he was not feeling well. Verna suspected his father was scared to meet Cardo once he got convicted.

“Verna, you can rub that magic lamp of yours but still that wish of yours that I get convicted and imprisoned won’t come true because I have men working for me to get me out of this.”

Meanwhile, Jerome and Rigor visited Cardo to inform him that they were still on course monitoring Verna and Monica to get vital information from them. Cardo asked Jerome of a favour to protect Teddy otherwise Don Emilio’s men would be after him.

Verna wanted to know what her father and Joaquin were planning but Don Emilio kept it from her. She visited Roy at the hospital to present a gift to him and also tried to squeeze the truth of Joaquin’s plans out of him. Roy did not reveal it to her and left to see his sick daughter.

“I am sorry Verna but I can’t trust you, verna
I do want to help you but what if Joaquin sent you here to test me.”

Rigor visited Teddy to look after them since Jerome was on duty. Teddy wanted to visit Cardo to thank him. However, due to his escape he was not allowed to have much visitors. Elsewhere, Jacob is told by his men that the security at Delfin’s house has been outnumbered so they could not attack them.

At Manila airport, JP arrived and was eager to see his parents. He board a cab to the house. Cardo was extremely worried for his family knowing now that he was safe. Meanwhile, Joaquin had told his guys to do everything possible to abduct Alyana.

“Cardo I will never stop going after people you loved aside from scaring Teddy Arevalo into recounting his testimony in court.

I also wanna see you suffering immensely, you will completely suffer in prison while all your family members are all in grave danger.”


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