Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 196

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 196 JP is kidnapped, Don Emilio throws a farewell party in prison

JP arrived home and was taken by surprised when he did not find his parents and sister anywhere. He was ambushed in the house as Jacob’s man engaged him in a fight to kidnap and used him as leverage.

Mrs Girona praised Teddy for his braveness to have stood to ensure justice was prevailed. Jerome thought JP would be in the country the following week, unknown to him his cousin knew about JP’s sudden arrival and had kept it a secret.

In Bilibid, Cardo remembered Mr Estong who put his life on the line to save him and Onyok during the prison break out. Alyana was going to get something to eat and she instructed the police to watch over Flora and the kids.

Joaquin’s goon posed off as a nurse, tailing her to kidnap her, but the police ran after Alyana and called out her name which made the goon escaped. He then told Joaquin about their task being herculean. Joaquin insulted him.

In Manila, Jacob ordered his men to take care of JP. He then called Joaquin to inform him about their big catch. The doctor checked Don Emilio’s pressure and he was fine. She called Don Emilio grandpa and the latter said he was not the doctor’s grandpa as he had a stamina of a teenager and promised to send her out once he was out of prison.

In Bilibid, after Mr Miyong served the inmates with their food, one asked Cardo what he would do should Don Emilio be acquitted.

“It’s possible I think Don Emilio will get acquitted,” Ramil hummed.

“What are you going to do?” Gener queried Cardo.

“I don’t know yet, but they better not lay a finger on my family because the moment they do I am going to find a way to get out of here again.”

To JP’s dismay, he woke up in an unknown destination. He tried to pull a fast one on his kidnappers but he could not succeed to escape as the rest held him on a gun point and threw him on the bed.

Elsewhere, Lorraine was worried as her calls to JP were not being answered. Verna called Joaquin to ask him about what he was planning but Joaquin did not tell him since he still believed Verna was the person who tipped Borja off about Teddy’s abduction plan. He warned his mother to get along with the rest of the hearing and should not get in between his plans.

At the precinct Don Emilio could not sleep waiting for the hearing date to be acquitted.

“No more sleepless nights!”

“No more anxieties because I am looking forward to the next hearing.”

“I can’t wait to see the surprise on the people who were expecting me to be convicted.”

The next day, Don Emilio spoke with Joaquin pretending to be speaking with his attorney. Joaquin informed him about Jacob’s success in abducting JP and Teddy would not have a choice than to follow his orders. Don Emilio laughed.

Meanwhile, during the town’s celebration, the Gironas came across the Arevalos who had no idea that JP was in the country. This made Lorainne more worried when she realised JP’s parents were unaware that their son was in Philippines. She was torn between voicing out the truth or keeping it.

Soon, Teddy received the video of JP who has been kidnapped, molested, beating mercilessly and asking for his help to set him free. Teddy kept the information to himself but his wife could sense that Teddy was bothered by an issue.

Once again, Don Emilio’s attorney tried to tune her client mind on the worse scenario, saying his age would be a contributing factor in the judgement of the court but Don Emilio stopped her and expressed optimism in the next hearing. The attorney demanded for what Don Emilio was planning but he said curiosity k!lled the cat.

Delfin visited Cardo to inform him about the plans he has put in place to ensure the arrival of Flora to Manila. Elsewhere, Jacob’s men feared JP would expose Jacob after seeing his face. Jacob has planned to get rid of the Arevalos once the court acquit Don Emilio.

In a phone conversation, Jacob told Teddy to retract his statement in court after that they would safely give his son to him. Lorainne was however worried and desperate. Jerome tried to fish out why his sister was so worried and believed she had fallen so much for JP. Flora was happy that she would soon get reunited with her family in Manila.

Verna met Monica to beg her to tell her what Joaquin was up to but Monica did not since Verna had not saved innocent by reporting Joaquin to the polo but has been covering up for her family. Meanwhile, Teddy kept spacing out and the family wondered.

Lorraine’s friend believed JP was in trouble since after texting her about his arrival no one has heard anything about him. Joaquin told Jacob that he was sending his pay and would add extra to it for the great job. He asked of Roy and Jacob said he has kept his distance ever since his daughter was admitted. Jacob believed Carreon would turn against them since his loyalty was no longer with them.

The kids were however happy to be in Manila. They were housed in Delfin’s mansion. Teddy spoke with JP and he said wanted to surprise them and never knew they had problems. Teddy promised to do anything to ensure he was safe.

Flora introduced her guests to Elmo and Yolly and Elmo said he has heard so many things about Paco as he was part of those who helped Cardo. Elsewhere, JP came across a fork and he decided to sharpen the edge to save himself before the kidnappers do worse to him.

“Even if dad decides to follow the general’s orders I don’t believe they gonna let me live.

I need to get out of here!” JP stabbed one of the kidnappers who got on his way but could not escape any further since they were outnumbered. He was beaten for proving stubborn.

Don Emilio threw a send off party, announcing to his fellow detainees that he would leave very soon and would be a free man. In Delfin’s mansion, Flora was dreaming that Don Emilio would be convicted for the family to live in peace and happily but Teddy was having other motive.

In Bilibid, Julian arrived with food and told his friends that his mother was recovering. Cardo was thinking about his family, Ramil was sure that Don Emilio would be convicted and Cardo would soon be reunited with his family.

Makmak told Dhang and Ligaya that Yolly was not related to him by blood but she took care of him as her own. Yolly told the Isla kids that they could see him as a mother, Flora said they should see her too as their grandmother and once Cardo was released, they would have a senior brother. Paco and Paquito later joined them.

Meanwhile, Lorainne took Jerome’s phone to take Teddy’s number from it to call him to ask him about JP but he lied to her, claiming he sent him away from Philippines which Lorraine doubted.


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