Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 197

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 197 JP is saved, Don Emilio to spend 30years in prison, Jacob declared wanted by the police

Lorraine was still worried about JP and Mrs Girona advised her not to worry since Teddy has assured that JP was in the province. Lorraine doubted, she believed JP would have told her before moving to the province.

Virgie was happy that the court would give its Verdict on that day to end their days of hiding. She was happy that Don Emilio would be convicted for the war to be over, on the contrary, Teddy believed the real war was now about to start.

“Teddy as you said before as long as we are fighting for truth and Justice we will simply not lose.”

“I want you to know that I am very proud of you even when it was difficult you stood and fought for what you know is right!” Virgie told Teddy.

Meanwhile, Verna compelled Joaquin to update her on what he and Don Emilio were up to since she was kept in the dark with Joaquin always telling her to play along. Joaquin revealed to her that Teddy would retract his statement and Verna surprisingly asked him what he had done to make Teddy retract a statement which he has sworn on an oath.

People were trooping to the court to listen to the final verdict, Pinggoy met his long time friend, Alyana and hugged her. He introduced himself as a reporter and introduced his camera man to her as well. Alyana was happy for him, saying he was born for the position and told him how presentable he looked.

Pinggoy saw Flora and wanted to interview her but Jerome told him to wait for now.

“I’m sorry grandma Flora for our friend here

He is getting used to ambush interview lately,” Rigor added.

Flora saw Verna approaching and she confronted her for refuting claims that she did not know what her son was doing against Cardo. She told Verna that Joaquin tried to k!ll every single one of them and shot an innocent child. Flora was hopeful that after Don Emilio was convicted, Joaquin would be next.

Verna acted like Joaquin was dead but Flora refuted her claims and said Verna was very much aware that Joaquin was alive and was in Cebu.

In Bilibid as they were mobbing, Cardo had a hunch that Don Emilio would go to an extent to fabricate lies just to prove his innocence. Gener interjected that thanks to Mr Teddy’s witness account the court has enough evidence to convict him. Jimboy seconded and was positive that Don Emilio would end up in prison.

In the court room, the Marshall was reading the verdict by Hon Enrique Rivera, at the middle of her pronouncement, Teddy interjected, he told the court that he lied about his testimony.

Teddy Retracts His Sworn Testimony

“It’s not true that I saw Don Emilio k!lling Pablo De Leon on that night.”

“My statement was a lie your honour.”

The court was thrown into a state of shock as Don Emilio laughed his head out, Teddy winked hard to continue his eleventh hour testimony.

“Teddy you know that it isn’t true,” Delfin tried to stop him.

“Why are you saying that now Teddy,” Flora cried.

Teddy took the witness box again to retract his statement, telling the court that Delfin compelled him to fabricate that hawk and bull story to help settle the case of his grand nephew, Ricardo Dalisay and the video was computer manipulated, in other words fake.

“And about me saying Don Emilio is threatening me, it’s not true.”

“Don Emilio please forgive me sir, If I put you and your family in difficult times and challenges because of all the lies that I have said.”

He said he could not sit for an innocent man to be sent to prison for the crime he has not committed, hence his last hour testimony. The De Leon’s and the rest of Arevalos were shocked to the core. The judge reminded him that he testified under an oath and could be charged with perjury.

“Yes your honour I am willing to accept the charges as long as the truth is out and Don Emilio is proven innocent.”

Judge Enrique Rivera then said in that instance judgement should be given equally and without doubts.

“Considering what is presented today we will reset the date of the promulgation of judgement, so ordered,” he hit his gavel.

“Good performance Teddy boy,

How I wish I could give you a generous applause and a standing ovation.

Glad to know that you still afraid of us,” in soliloquy Don Emilio said.

“I will accept the charges filed against me just to save my son. Anything to keep you alive JP,” Teddy cried in his head.

As they were leaving the court room, Flora faced Don Emilio to put it to him that she knew he was the person behind Teddy’s retraction of statement. However Don Emilio denied, as from the horse’s own mouth he was innocent and denied knowing about her son’s death. Before he would end the lies he was spewing, Flora had already given a strong and unforgettable slap which almost made Emilio lose his balance.

“You will die and soon,

I am going to see to that!

You know what Emilio that wasn’t enough is no where near and nothing compared to the pains I felt when you murdered my only son Pablo years ago.

It’s nothing compared to everything that my grandsons went through while growing up

because you murdered their father in cold blood.” Flora swore to ensure Don Emilio rot behind bars for ruining her family. Don Emilio assured Flora that her dreams would never come to pass.

“Yugnny-Yugnny-Yugnny-Yugnny-Yug,” Don Emilio made fun of her.

He then granted the media interview and told them that he feels vindicated and now his trust in the country’s judicial system has been restored. He was optimistic that he would be set free.

Meanwhile, Flora and the Arevalos confronted Teddy. The devastated man only said sorry and insisted that there was nothing else he could say since he explained it all in the court room. Alyana was stunned as Teddy walked out on them.

Delfin visited Cardo to inform him about the unfortunate news.

Cardo believed Don Emilio and Joaquin were threatening Teddy since the devastated man would not have retracted his statement without any candid reason.

That was what Delfin was thinking but he had protected the family of Teddy and did not know where they went wrong as the issue has left Flora heartbroken and mad at Teddy.

Virgie faced off with her husband inside the room in the house to compel him to talk. Finally Teddy opened up that he did that to save his family. A news report by Pinggoy was shown on television. Pinggoy revealed in his report that Teddy at the eleventh hour retracted his sworn testimony and wondered whether he said that under a threat.

Monica also aired her report and she stated categorically that Don Emilio was innocent of the crime charges leveled against him. Lorraine believed in Pinggoy’s report as she finally voiced out that JP has been in the country ever since, initially Mr Teddy didn’t know about his son’s return.

When she later called him, out of the blue Teddy now knew about his son’s return but sounded so worried, so she sensed he was keeping something. Jerome now understood what was happening so he called Billy. Teddy showed the video he received from the kidnappers to Virgie and asked her not to inform Alyana. Virgie believed it would be better to inform Delfin but Teddy advised her against it as he promised to bring JP back home safely in his own terms.

Cardo was worried knowing the chances of Don Emilio to be acquitted was high. He feared that once Don Emilio was out he would go after his family and that of the Arevalos.

Friends of Cardo followed to extract the truth out of him whether their enemies had JP. They made Arevalo aware that Don Emilio and Joaquin did not play fair and they would k!ll JP.  They would not stop till they wiped off all his entire family and asked him to cooperate with them to save the life of JP.

They made Teddy spoke with the kidnapper and JP told him that he should not have retracted his statement since they would not make him live. Jacob covered the phone with handkerchief and told Teddy not to believe in what his son said. He promised to set him free once Don Emilio was acquitted. The police managed to locate where they had kept JP. They found the location at Brygy Westpoint in Quezon.

The police ambushed them and Billy spotted Jacob, he was stunned. When Jacob realised his fellow police men had seen him, quickly he shot at them and ran away. The police then retaliated. The two camps traded shots and the goons who were watching over JP went out to check what was happening.

The police went after Jacob, the corrupt general jump off from a wall to save his integrity. JP was saved and was reunited with his family. He told his family to have told him about the happenings in Philippines in order for him to keep long in Japan but his family did not want him to worry that was why they kept all those things from him.

Delfin visited Cardo to reveal to him that General Jacob was Joaquin’s accomplice and he kidnapped JP. Meanwhile, Joaquin was trying desperately to talk to Jacob he was not ready to have hitch on their plans but his calls were left unattended by Jacob. Jacob was receiving treatment from an accident.

The Arevalos together with the police sent an affidavit to Judge Enrique Rivera and showed him the video of JP’s abduction. The police gave their report and JP explained how Jacob threatened him. Teddy said he was compelled to retract his statement to save his son. The judge was astonished to hear that Syquia could go to such an extent.

Meanwhile, Don Emilio was happy waiting to be acquitted. However, Verna kept telling him not to build his hoped high since the tables could turn. Feeling all excited to be acquitted, Don Emilio is thrown to a state of shock when the court found him guilty on his case “The People of Philippines against Don Emilio” with the charge of murdering Pablo De Leon.

The Verdict

“The court finds the accused guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of murder committed against Pablo De Leon and here by sentences him to suffer the penalty of reclusión perpetua of 30 years imprisonment.

Apparently, he is also ordered to pay the family of De Leon an amount of 50,000 as the actual damages, 50,000 for civil indemnity, 50,000 for small damages so ordered by Honourable Judge Enrique Rivera.”

As the police handcuffed him and was being whisked away, he saw Delfin.

“Go ahead and jump for joy,” Don Emilio said.

“Well I do hope you have a long life imprisoned,” Delfin replied him.

Finally, Flora has gained justice for Pablo De Leon’s death. Jerome was glad that JP and Teddy were able to convince the judge. Delfin was sure the first testimony of Teddy was considered as well. Rigor believed it was a wrong move for Don Emilio to have kidnapped JP.

“That was Emilio’s mistake he took the laws so likely and thought he could control it.”

Don Emilio told the media that he was innocent of the charges and Cardo was at fault. Teddy appeared to threaten Don Emilio that he would ensure he stayed in prison for long for kidnapping his son. He said only God knew what he would have done to the wicked old man if his son was found in a bad condition. Don Emilio acted like the victim.

Don Emilio while being conveyed in a car said De Leon’s family had been a threat to his family and businesses and promised to make life a living hell for Cardo. In Bilibid, Cardo could not eat since he was thinking of means to make Don Emilio pay for his crimes in prison as the prison was not enough punishment for all the evil acts he committed against his family.

The police secured all the properties Jacob has and were surprised to find that he owned so many houses. Delfin did not find it surprising since he was protecting drug lords. The police began their search for Jacob and were putting his properties under surveillance.

Elsewhere, Jacob woke up to find himself in a hospital. He wondered where he was and the nurse told him that he had an accident. A flashback showed that after escaping the police he pointed a gun on a certain driver to take away his car. As he was driving and desperately calling Joaquin he almost hit another car so he took a turn and hit something. He took his phone and drip off to escape.

He called Joaquin to inform him about the incident. Don Emilio arrived at Bilibid, he took his photos to make profile for his crime and signed all the necessary documents. The new director met him when he was being sent to his cell to inform him that although he knew Don Emilio was influential but he has lost that right in there since everyone was treated equally in the prison.

Don Emilio assured him that he was a law abiding citizen. He saw Cardo and he stood at his cell to watch him. Ramil alerted Cardo and the two locked gaze.


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