Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 198

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 198 Guards nab Don Emilio over an escape attempt, Roy grieves over the death of Rona

Seeing Cardo in his cell, Don Emilio called for trouble. He started mocking Cardo, saying his dog cage was over crowded like they were sardines. He made Cardo aware that he would not keep long in prison like Cardo and his rotten friends who would rot in there.

In General Borja’s mansion, Makmak was glad that the family were together home. However, Teddy used that moment to declare his intentions of going back to his house with his family.

Flora was worried since Joaquin was under lose but Alyana believed it would be a bit riskier this time around. Paco mentioned the person who was going to be sad, and they all realised the looks on Paquito’s face for Ms Pretty to go to her house so Alyana made it a point to visit from time to time.

Meanwhile, Verna called Monica to ask of the destination of Joaquin, she denied knowing the current location of Joaquin. Unknown to Verna, Joaquin was in Manila and Monica was going to his safe room.

Don Emilio arrived in his cell and some who were aware of his reputation mentioned his name. The wicked old man turned to one inmate who was sleeping on the down bed, to scream at him.

“You lazy a$$ get off there ,”

“That’s mine!”

“Don’t you hear me?”

The guy turned;

“Don’t you have eyes?

Can’t you see it is occupied?”

The inmate on top bed descended down to introduce Don Emilio to them as a rich man who always appeared in the news. He said Don Emilio was a Don so everyone should look up to him and offered his top bed to him.

“Are you $tup!d? How can I go up there?”

“There’s no ladder,” Don Emilio boastfully said.

However, the inmate on the down bed ordered Don Emilio to sleep on the cold floor since there was no air-condition there. Don Emilio realised the guy was proving to be tough and had a plan in his head.

Cardo and his friends thought Don Emilio would have rough time in there in the hands of fellow in mates so Cardo decided against making the place a hell for him. That night Don Emilio could not sleep and kept thinking.

“You may think that I am hopeless in this rat hole, you are wrong Cardo!”

“I don’t break down that easily.”

Monica queried Joaquin why he came to Manila while he was safe in Cebu. Joaquin said he was there due to general Jacob who was being haunted. They made l*ve and Monica who has fallen promised to do everything to ensure Joaquin remained safe although she did not have that courage earlier on but now she would ensure he remained within her pant.

Jerome and Lorraine visited the Arevalos to see them. JP was glad to meet Lorraine and wanted to be part of their family.

In prison, Miyong served the inmates with their food but Don Emilio in anguish hit his plate with the food on the floor. Director Benito Manlapig questioned Don Emilio of his action.

“Don Emilio is there any problem?”

“You call that food?

Even a hungry stray dog is not gonna eat that,” Don Emilio threw a tantrum.

“Don Emilio, Our meals here are well prepared and cooked so I suggest you eat your food.”

“How much do you want me to pay you to have different meal cooked for me,” Don Emilio gloated.

“Don Emilio, Our prison is different now.”

“The inmates are treated equally!”

Whatever is served to the others

That will be served to you that is the regulation here!” Director Benito hissed.

“Regulation is like a steal they begin to rust… before you know it they are bended and broken.”

“If you don’t like the food here then don’t eat,” Director Benito walked out on him. Cardo had that face of satisfaction seeing Don Emilio’s tantrums not going anywhere.

At the hospital, Roy was with Rona and Rona wondered why she was sent back to the ICU. Roy explained that they wanted her to recover very fast and monitor her vital organs. Rona could not wait to be discharged for her father to get to work.

Joaquin met with Jacob in Lagoons, a safe property of his which no one knew. They formed plans on how they could reinstate Jacob back to his position in the PNP. The enlisted the help of Roy Carreon but the latter did not agree to the plan of him being with Jacob on that time they saw him.

Carreon knew that would put his work on jeopardy and asked Jacob to travel far. Joaquin then resolves to threat. In Bilibid, Flora and Alyana visited Cardo and were scared that Don Emilio would initiate an evil scheme for people to gang up on him.

Cardo assured them of his safety under the new leadership but was worried that Alyana and her family were separated from his. Alyana said they were safe since they had protection from the police.

As Joaquin was cleaning his gun Verna got there and he realised Monica showed her where she was. Verna was worried since Joaquin was not picking her calls and not replying her texts. She pleaded with him not to cut her out of his life, since he was the only one she had.

Don Emilio was hailed for facing Director Benito.

“You’re all cowards, dogs with a tail in between your legs.” The old man tried to hardened his inmates to form a gang to protest the orders of the director.

The guys told him that his plans would not work especially when Cardo’s group was being hailed as heroes.

“As far as I know all heroes are dead.”

Verna told Joaquin that he was gradually losing all his allies and Jacob who was now a wanted man could not do anything for him. On the contrary, Joaquin said Jacob would do anything for him just like Verna.

Teddy announced his decision to find a new publication house to work with in order to continue providing for the family. Alyana also wanted to follow suit but Teddy advised her against her decision. He was not ready to put another child in harm’s way after what happened to JP.

Don Emilio wanted to use the toilet but it was slimy so he wanted his guys to clean it. They made fun of him and gave him a brush to use it to clean it and use it. Don Emilio used the brush to beat the guys. Jimboy who witnessed it went to inform Cardo about it.

The Arevalos visited the kids and Flora. The kids were happy to see Alyana. Virgie told them about the new job Teddy has acquired and would start working the following week. JP also revealed plans of being enrolled in a school in Manila.

Yolly also added that Makmak together with Isla kids would be enrolled in school as well. Don Emilio had an agreement with one jail guard to escape and pay him.

When it was time to eat, Don Emilio with the help of the jail guard made his way out but some other jail guards saw him and the wicked old man faked chest pains. He was sent to Director Benito. They examined him and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with him.

Don Emilio continued faking that his heart was beating so hard.

“Boom boom boom boom”

“My heart is beating like a big base drum.”

He then requested to speak with Verna. Director Benito said he could speak with her once she visit.

“My heart is racing again, it feels like team of horses racing in my heart again…”

“Tsigdi tsigdi tsigdi tsigdi”

“Oh come feel it.”

“No need” Director Benito refused

“Oh director have mercy,” Don Emilio pleaded.

He was allowed to speak with his self acclaimed daughter. Don Emilio’s daughter was no other than Jacob. He told him to make life in prison easy for him just like he did for Tomas. He said Jacob failed him while he paid him millions. He threatened to make life outside prison a hell for him as a bullet could even do that.

Jacob told Joaquin about his decision to help ease life I prison for Don Emilio. He came up with a plan and Joaquin promised if he was able to help Don Emilio out he would do what Jacob wanted.

Roy visited his daughter and told her to recover soon for him to give to her the pink rose he bought for her as they don’t allow patients to receive flowers in ICU. Rona said the flowers was her mother’s favourite too.

She asked her father to have a wife so that he would not be alone when her time runs out. Roy said she would make it, she would graduate and marry the man of her dreams.

Soon, both sleep and as the sounds of the machines bell out to alert the deteriorating state of Rona, he shouted for the health practitioners. They tried all they could to revive Rona but she died. The doctor said sorry to Roy.

Meanwhile, Jacob thanked Joaquin for his continuous support even when he failed him in the delivery of their vile schemes. Joaquin said Jacob had been working unlike Carreon who has been doing nothing for the group that was why he kept supporting him.

At the hospital, Carreon cried, lamented for his lost daughter, saying he would miss her.


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