Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 199

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 199 Bilibid gets a new rotten director, Pedro Ladronio after Jacob frames Benito Malanpig, Roy confesses to be Joaquin’s accomplice

General Jacob and Joaquin met in their usual camp, as Joaquin was talking about how the death of Romano Recio has helped him to expand his business, the issue of Director Benito Malanpig popped up.

The director was framed by Jacob and was arrested for the possession of drugs. He explained to the patrol team but they did not believe him.

Jacob told Joaquin that Director Benito Malanpig was not the problem but Carreon. He was of the view that Carreon would be out of the group since his daughter was the only person who tied him up to the group and now that she was dead Carreon would be out.

Joaquin said his daughter might not be there but he would rather be worried to protect his life. Elsewhere, as Carreon was holding a funeral for his daughter, Verna got there and asked him not to worry since observers would think that he was the superior of Joaquin that was why she attended the funeral. She consoled him as she knew how it felt to lose a child.

Verna wanted Carreon to continue supporting and protecting Joaquin but Carreon said Verna still had Joaquin while he had nothing. He turned and saw Borja and the friends of Cardo. Verna then left.

After mourning with him, Borja said Carreon could stay home as long as he wanted to properly grieve for his passing daughter. Verna visited Don Emilio to know what he and Jacob were up to. He said Jacob was working to make his life in prison becomes easy. He planned to k!ll Cardo so that Joaquin would not suffer. However, Verna was not in support of his plan.

The prisoners camped up as a new Director Pedro Ladronio made his grand entry in Bilibid and introduced himself to the inmates. He said Director Benito Malanpig was arrested and charged with illegal possession of drugs. He promised to maintain the peace in Bilibid as all inmates would be treated equally.

Jimboy had good impression about the new director. On the contrary, Cardo and the rest had bad feelings about him. Cardo also did not believe the charges levelled against the former director. Joaquin called to thank Jacob for his brilliant job. Jacob has held Malanpig family as captives and believed he would not talk but he was worried about Carreon. Joaquin assured that he has taken cared of him.

During the funeral, Carreon received a wreath (flowers) and he learnt it was from Joaquin. He suddenly began to shiver, someone gave him an envelope and Joaquin reminded him of how his help had prolonged his daughter’s life and did not want him to forget that.

Cardo received visitors, it was Delfin and he introduced Attorney Andrea Miriano, the lawyer who would be incharge of Cardo’s case. The attorney said after assessing Cardo’s case it was quite clear that he was framed. Cardo indicated that they would need a witness testimony and concrete evidence to prove his innocence.

That night, Director Ladronio searched from cell to cell and when he saw Don Emilio he made the guard unlocked the gate and called out Don Emilio making it seemed like he has violated a rule and was being whisked away for punishment. Don Emilio acted along.

“My back hurts, What did I do wrong, I have done nothing wrong.”

This made all the other inmates woke up to check what was going on. At the director’s office, Don Emilio was told that he would soon have his private room just like his son in-law. Don Emilio spoke with Joaquin on phone and this time they did not pretend. Joaquin said his business was booming.

Don Emilio wanted them to continue the business in prison. The director told him that he could not just change things in Bilibid overnight, he needed time to return Bilibid to its former state.

The next day, Cardo did not see Don Emilio at their canteen. His friends thought he was being punished and karma was paying him for his crooked ways, unknown to them Don Emilio was having a good diet. Joaquin gave Ladronio huge money and Don Emilio promised that if the director do his end of the bargain he would receive more.

Don Emilio returned to his cell with some of the food and he gave it out to his cell mates.

“Go ahead scramble around like starving cows to a bone because soon I wil have you unleashed like the lap dogs you are.”

Jimboy who was passing was called by Don Emilio and he asked him whether he was in the same cell with Cardo, Jimboy said yes. He invited him to eat the food he brought but Jimboy walked out and rushed to Cardo to inform him.

Miyong stated that he cooked that meal and he even thought the director had a special guest not knowing it was for Don Emilio. Gener said Cardo was right all along.

“If we don’t do something about it Bilibid will go back to its old rotten system,” Cardo said.

Joaquin called Carreon to meet them in their camp. Carreon made it clear that he could not be Jacob’s allubi since the CIDG had been searching for him the past week. Jacob accepted to take care of himself. Joaquin wanted Carreon to help him with Cardo as Cardo might complicate things for Don Emilio.

Carreon objected, saying they already told him that the new director was on their side.

“No no no Carreon that is not the point

The point is I want to finish what I started

I want to k!ll Cardo just like how I k!lled his twin brother some time ago, Ador.”

“You’re the one who k!lled Ador?” Carreon looked surprised.

“Oh I forgot I am sorry, he was your favourite student right?”

Joaquin recalled how Carreon commended Ador. He also confessed the event that led to Ador’s death, adding that Ador was a pain on the neck so do Cardo. Carreon went to the grave of his daughter to lament how rotten he was and declared to straighten his life to make right what he did wrong.

Roy went to General Borja’s office to confess and said all his suspicions about him were true. He was sent to their superior and he disclosed that he worked side to side with Jacob. His job was to protect Joaquin’s drug business and tip him off any CIDG work that would go against his business.

Roy said Joaquin with the help of Dino injected Cardo with drugs just to get back at him for his father’s death. He also expressed willingness to testify for SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay to be set free. Director Ladronio were on the neck of the inmates setting his rules, asking everyone to respect Don Emilio since he was old and fragile.

Teddy went to a rehab centre to write a feature at the place, there he came across Verna who came to do donations for them. Teddy found it ironic for Verna to do a charitable work for a rehab centre while the people confined there were victims of her family’s business.

Teddy lashed out on her for everything Don Emilio and Joaquin had done against his family for trying to k!ll him and JP. He advised Verna to help the people by exposing her family. Verna left and Melissa, her worker expressed how sales have dropped after Don Emilio’s incident. She was also worried since the workers of Richil’s burger shares the same opinion with Teddy, they believed Verna has a hand in the drug syndicate work of her family.

Don Emilio was sent to his private room and he seemed to like it. Ladronio was helping Don Emilio with an excuse that he was old, weak and sick. Don Emilio got offended but had to accept it in order to take control in Bilibid.

“Anyone who crosses me will be shred into pieces and I will start with Cardo.”

Cardo was told about it and he also told his guys that they should fight back to ensure Bilibid doesn’t go back to its rotten state.

The two guys Don Emilio has recruited were happy with how Don Emilio was having the director by his side, they thought Don Emilio could not do all that he wanted but they thought wrong. They were willing to do anything for Don Emilio.

Don Emilio said Cardo and his team would be under his feet “because to me they are bunch of pests and I am a lion.” The police set an entrapment to catch Joaquin and General Jacob by using the new informat from Joaquin’s camp to get their location but Joaquin pulled a fast one on them by giving a wrong address and planting some goon at the location to see if Carreon was on his side or the PNP.

He realised Carreon was now working with PNP, he found some of Carreon’s saying suspicious hence his way of slipping from the CIDG’s hand. He decided to k!ll Cardo now that the CIDG’s attention was on Carreon. He had a conversation with Don Emilio and the latter said he would do that since Joaquin had not been able to k!ll him whenever they encountered. Joaquin reminded Don Emilio that Cardo was dangerous, Don Emilio said he would crush Cardo like a cockroach.

Delfin and friends of Cardo visited him to reveal the new witness they had gotten for his case and was shocked to know that Roy was Joaquin’s accomplice. Delfin said he has already sent affidavit to the court of appeals to reopen his case and was glad that with Carreon’s testimony, Cardo would be out sooner than expected.


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