Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 202

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 202 Cardo is reinstated, Joaquin’s main meth distributor nabbed 

Cardo was still on a fun outing with the kids and the family in a celebration of his return from prison. The kids played and had fun while Joaquin took delight in the fact that his business was booming even when he was in hiding. He paid his workers including Jacob and gave them bonuses.

Jacob informed Joaquin that he has bagged a meth which would soon be delivered to the national penitentiary. Joaquin schemed with the former General to buy new weapons since he knew Cardo would be after him. In Bilibid, the inmates smuggled drugs. Don Emilio gave bonus to his guys for doing a good job in the sale of the drugs. He promised to give them more if they continue selling the meth.

Jimboy was feeling the absence of Cardo especially with how Don Emilio was ruling the place, Ramil told the guys not to bother Cardo with events and issues that happened at the penitentiary. He said they had to fend for themselves as Cardo was fighting a different battle outside.

Cardo and the kids arrived home and they asked Cardo if he would go swimming with them the next day. Cardo rejected their offer, explaining that he had to resume work the next day. Flora asked him why he would be at post so early. Cardo said he had to catch Joaquin, Paco chipped in that they were almost finished with the battle so Cardo had to get Joaquin arrested, adding “Cardo is the only man who can catch Joaquin.”

The next day, he reported at post and Delfin gave him his reinstatement order for him to start working the next day. The next day, the judge gave her verdict on Carreon’s case and found him guilty for the violation of the comprehensive Act 2006 by engaging in the production and distribution of illegal drugs.

Monica was worried for her flame, she advised him to be careful as Cardo who would soon be back in service would be on Joaquin’s neck and business. Joaquin assured that he was prepared for Cardo. Verna got there and Joaquin introduced her to his workers as a new person who was part of the syndicate.

Jacob was happy and told Verna that she should have joined the group long time ago. Verna told Joaquin that she closed down Rachel’s burger to support Joaquin’s business. Monica was shocked to hear Verna saying that. Verna went to the washroom to urge herself to keep acting for Joaquin and his team to believe that she was happy. Monica got there and Verna was startled. She left the room.

In Bilibid, a box of meth arrived and the dealers were trying to be discreet for no one to find out. Don Emilio said they would hide and do the sale untill the penitentiary was over flowing with the drugs for the buyers to turn into zombies. At that point, Don Emilio said Ramil and his gangs would not be able to stop them.

Ramil when helping Mr Miyong to rinse the bowls looked around and told the rest that he could not find Don Emilio’s maniacs. Miyong advised Ramil to be silence and maintain that peaceful order.

Instead of sending Carreon to Bilibid, Delfin sent him into a safe place to protect him from the crutches of Don Emilio. Carreon thanked Delfin for his help. Meanwhile, Don Emilio has been waiting for Carreon to exact his revenge on him for going against his family and their business.

“I swear I’m gonna make this traitor pay for helping Cardo gain his freedom.”

“I’m gonna make this place his worse nightmare before I send him to hell,” Don Emilio told Joaquin.

“It sounds good to me!” but Joaquin pleaded with him to be cautious of Cardo’s friends before they got in the way. Ladronio was also scared that his work would be put in jeopardy should the PNP found out about the sales of drugs at the penitentiary. He pleaded with Don Emilio to respect the right of others and maintain the peace in there while selling the meth in discreet.

Don Emilio retorted that he had an angelic face and was a peaceful man but he did not care about Ladronio, he has paid him to protect and cover all his works in there.

Grandma Flora went to search for Cardo in his room, Cardo appeared in his uniform. Grandma Flora complemented his looks, saying she knew her grandson had fought so hard and many lives were sacrificed yet Cardo did not give up. She was so proud of him and hugged him.

Cardo was cheered by the children when he descended down to the living room.

“Allow me to tell you myself before the rest of your colleagues do,

Welcome back SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay,” Delfin greeted Cardo in the house.

The PNP held an event to officially reinstate Cardo. His friends congratulated him for his return to the service. As she saw Pinggoy’s report on the ceremony held to outdoor Cardo as part of the CIDG, Verna called her son to alert him.

Alyana visited Cardo on his first day at work to give him food. She told him to be extra careful. Soon, the wife of Jimboy visited and Jimboy discovered that his wife was going through a lot to raise the kids singlehandedly. Her hands were wounded from the overnight work as a cleaner. She also leaves the rest of the younger kids in the care of the senior son who was also under age.

Jimboy was so affected by what his family were going through. He told Ramil about his sentiment. Ramil said the important thing was that he was honest person now and believed his good moral conduct would make him enjoy presidential amnesty.

“But honesty can’t put food on the table,” Jimboy lamented.

One of Don Emilio’s guys tried to lure him with money. Meanwhile, the police started a mission to nab Joaquin. With the help of Roy Carreon, Cardo and his team raided a local place in Manila which was called Meth lab.

The pusher of the drug was a local person who recently started working with Joaquin. The police traded shots with the drug pushers and k!lled many.

In Bilibid, Jimboy was bullied by Don Emilio’s men so he made his mind to switch sides for the sake of his family in order to earn money from Don Emilio. The dealer, called Joaquin to inform him about the presence of the police and the boss told the local dealer to flee while he could. He and some of his guys within the slams tried to gather all the drugs from the table they displayed on to sell.

Cardo and his team stormed there, Joaquin who was talking on phone with the local dealer heard the voice of Cardo when he was telling them to freeze.


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