Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 203

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 203 PNP puts a bounty of 2million on Joaquin and Jacob’s head, Joaquin poisons Carreon

At the slams, the drug pusher was nabbed by one of the police men who raided the den with Cardo together with Billy and the rest.

“Sir should I k!ll him?” the random officer asked Cardo.


They have a right to redeem themselves.”

“Redemption? They’re good for nothing scumbags.”

“Come on Sir, let’s k!ll them,” he taunted.

“Alright, do it….

so I can shoot you next,” Cardo hissed.

Joaquin was fazed by the issue at hand while Jacob seemed unfazed. To him, with the huge dens that they have it would be nothing if the police raided one of it since that would not affect their business. In Bilibid Don Emilio and his guys ate better food and made Jona send some to Ramil’s table. Don Emilio made mockery of the kind of food they were served with terming it as bad food.

“Bad food are only good for tape worms.”

Ramil stood up and told his friends that they should leave. Jimboy stayed behind, when he saw his friends were gone he ate Don Emilio’s food, much to Don Emilio’s dismay.

Delfin convinced the drug pusher to talk and when he reveals the truth he would be considered for him to join his wife and kids. The pusher revealed that they got all their meth from Esteban Miyon. Joaquin was upset that the Cardo was the person who the PNP gave him the privilege to do lead the mission.

He received a call from his spy who was a cleaner. He informed him that Carreon was together with Cardo and Borja. Joaquin knew the PNP wanted to use Carreon for him to leak all the information about his business and had something installed for him.

Alyana reported about the community which was affected by the sale of drugs and the people were grateful that the police were able to arrest the culprits. Alyana was assigned to Joaquin’s case and would work along with the police. The police put 2million bounty on the head of Joaquin and Jacob. Don Emilio was upset that Joaquin could not cover his tracts for the police to intercept their cargoes.

He said the ones he was selling in the cell was even booming than Joaquin’s own. Joaquin promised to eliminate Carreon and after that the next would be Cardo. He said he would do what Don Emilio couldn’t do.

Verna was worried and rushed to the safe house to hear Joaquin promising to k!ll Cardo. She talked to Joaquin and advised him to escape Philippines with her due to the bounty on his head. Verna feared that some of Joaquin’s workers would even inform the police about Joaquin’s location for the reward.

Joaquin asked her not to worry, even if the police placed 100million bounty on his head they would not be able to capture him. Joaquin spoke with Jonathan Wu to tell him about the shipment which would be delivered to him at the scheduled time. Monica wanted to meet Joaquin but Joaquin rejected to see her due to her own safety.

Jimboy visited Don Emilio in his cell and told him that he wanted to be part of his gang. Don Emilio decided to do him a loyalty test before recruiting him as part of his gang since he did not trust him.

The guards came to Cardo’s former cell to began a search in the place. They discovered a drug under the bed of Ramil. Ramil was surprised and wondered who could have set him up. Gener believed it was a set up and told the guards that their nemesis would have done that. A flashback showed that Jimboy planted the drug there just to win Don Emilio over.

General Borja dispersed his boys to go on a second mission in their mandate to find Joaquin.

“I really hope so that we are using the right tactics to catch Joaquin and General Jacob. Please stay safe Cardo,” he said in soliloquy.

Ramil was sent to Ladronio’s office for some questioning.

“I swear I don’t know, that ain’t mine.”

Director Ladronio believed Ramil has started smuggling drugs since he used to do such work in the penitentiary hence his name manager.

“Don’t use me as a scapegoat to cover up for your master.”

“Show me some respect,” Ladronio warned.

“I only show respect to those who deserve it,” Ramil spewed. He was beaten mercilessly for disrespecting the prison director.
The police set a check point at where the informant told them the meth were being transported from. They were hopeful that their efforts would not prove futile. They saw a truck approaching and Rigor asked what was inside. The smugglers said it was noodles and Rigor requested to inspect the items.

The drug dealers were about to shoot the officers and Rigor alerted his crew that their targets were armed. It was two trucks which were delivering the cargoes. The driver of the second truck called Joaquin to inform him about the check point. Joaquin said they should do everything possible to deliver the cargo to the client. The diver took advantage of the disruption to drive off. Cardo and Jerome followed.

Since they wanted them alive, Cardo displayed dangerous but skillful tactics to make Jerome take the wheels while he climbed on the moving truck to kick off the culprits to take the driver’s seat. They were able to arrest them.

Alyana and Pinggoy were at the scene, while Pinggoy was shooting the video, Alyana was also interviewing Jerome who revealed that they intercepted 350 kilos meth from the truck and said the meth was linked to Joaquin’s syndicate and was believed to be transported overseas through a boat.

Elsewhere, Mr Wu was impatient and called Joaquin to complain about the delay in delivery. However, Joaquin assured that he would get it in no time. Jacob handed a phone over to Joaquin to watch Alyana’s report on his cargoes that were intercepted. Joaquin now was certain that the PNP were using Carreon to bring down his business.

Jacob decided to role out a perfect plan to permanently eliminate Carreon to cripple the CIDG’s mission. Monica also made a report and smoked the public eyes on the fact that Joaquin was alive.

Joaquin called Mr Wu to break the bad news about the shipment. He wanted Joaquin to return his 50pr cent down payment but they reached an agreement. General Borja queried Carreon about Mr Wu.

“I don’t know him personally but I have heard Joaquin and General Jacob talking about him countless number of times.”

Monica also made a report and smoked the public eyes on the fact that Joaquin was alive. She made it seemed the police were covering for the real culprit behind the distribution of drugs to overseas since Joaquin according to his mother was dead.

Alyana watching her while reporting approached her to ask the amount she has taken to conceal the fact. Monica made it clear that she was entitled to her own beliefs so did Alyana. Alyana told her she was no better than a prostitute. Monica slapped her and she also slapped her back. Pinggoy came to separate the fight.

Joaquin and Jacob made ready for their next line of action as they lost billions due to Carreon’s cooperation with the PNP. Carreon decided to inform Cardo about the murderer of Ador De Leon once Joaquin was captured. He knew Cardo would lose focus in his mission and take the issue personal if he learnt the truth now.

Monica revealed to Verna about her l’ve for Joaquin. She had not been protecting Joaquin for the money but for l*ve. The informant planted close to Carreon poisoned Carreon’s food. However, Carreon while about to eat the food had a hunch. Later, General Borja and Cardo went to see him to say sorry for their negligence.

Meanwhile, Don Emilio called Joaquin to apologise for not trusting him. He was waiting to hear the news about Carreon’s death the next day.

Mark brought an autopsy report of the guard who ate Carreon’s food and it was positive that the food was poisoned with potassium cynodide. Carreon showed Borja the ball which an unknown person threw to his room from the ceiling.

The ball has inscription RIP. Delfin promised to tighten security while Cardo said there was no way Joaquin was going to stop since he had lackeys in there. Joaquin was upset that news has not broke about Carreon’s death. Jacob believed he was dead but Borja wanted to keep it just like he did with the death of Ador, moreover their lackey said Carreon was no longer in his room.

The police did investigation on Jonathan Wu, a Taiwanese who has been coming to and fro the country for business. Billy found out that Wu’s flight to Taiwan was in the previous day but was still in Panabo.


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