Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 208

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 208 Don Emilio brutally murders Roy Carreon, Joaquin k!lls Verna

In the house, Yolly served Delfin with tea. Flora appeared and she asked of Cardo. Delfin said Cardo would be back shortly, adding that they had an important thing to tell her. Cardo arrived and he told Flora that Joaquin was the one who murdered Ador. Grandma Flora was shocked.

Verna arrived at the syndicate’s warehouse, demanding Joaquin’s assistant to allow her attend to the sick girl. Although the guy protested but Verna had her way. She gave medicine to the kid and covered her up. The girl declared her name as Melony. She cried for Verna’s help to be reunited with her mother. Verna saw Rachel in her and it saddened her heart.

Paquito was still wondering where Atong could be. He stopped the trash collectors from taking the trash he has stored for Atong. Onyok also appeared to say the trash was for someone else. Elmo came and told the trash collectors to dispose the trash. He told the kids that it has been days since Atong was seen.

Onyok told Paquito that just like Cardo does they would also launch an investigation to find out if Atong was missing before they begin their search for him. Elmo stopped them from their plans, warning them that Cardo’s enemies were still under lose and any action they took might affect them. He told them to leave the search for Atong to adults.

Joaquin reprimanded Verna for showing her face to the kids. Verna asked if he was scared that the kids would report her to the police. Joaquin believed the children were even helpless to report Verna.

“I don’t think they can report us because after tomorrow’s delivery, all of them will be gone.”

“I will put an end to their m!serable lives.”

Joaquin had realised that his mother felt sorry for his victims and her heart was crying out for them. He reminded Verna that the kids were not related to her, hence she should protect him instead since he was her son. After Verna left Joaquin regretted for involving Verna in his business. He was scared that Verna could rant him out to the police.

Alyana visited Cardo to meet him brooding over the event leading to the death of Ador. He said the new information has awoken the sadness in their heart and swore to k!ll Joaquin with his bare hands but Alyana advised him to allow the law take its course.

Ligaya and Dhang ran after Paquito and Onyok who were desperately searching for Atong. Dhang asked them to return home as Elmo has already told them that the adults would search for Atong. Onyok asked the girls to follow them in the search for Atong.

Elmo discovered that the k!ds were not in the house and the vicinity. Paco was told to search for the kids. Elsewhere, the syndicate members had spotted the four children and thanked God for the lucky day. They slowly got out of their van, as they were drawing closer to the kids Paco arrived there with the cops and Joaquin’s men took to their heels.

Grandma Flora reprimanded the kids and advised them not to go anywhere without the company of an adult. The next day, Joaquin called Verna not to come he would seal the deal with Mr Cann. Verna told him that she was feeling under the weather. Joaquin made the necessary preparations to sell off the kids.

Verna raced to the police headquarters to reveal Joaquin’s hideout and his syndicate business, claiming her conscience could no longer stands Joaquin’s action to continue keeping a blind eye on her son’s criminal actions. She admitted knowing Joaquin as the k!ller of Ador and other related crimes of Joaquin and her family. She pleaded with Cardo and Delfin not k!ll Joaquin if she cooperate.

“Forgive me Mrs Tuazon but that is not something I can promise you,” Cardo interjected.

Meanwhile, Jimboy had exposed Ramil’s connection with Roy in mobilising some inmates to bring down Don Emilio’s business. Ladronio found it funny for Ramil to find an ally in Roy. Don Emilio deemed it as an appropriate time to crush Ramil’s little group. He planned to k!ll Roy but would first make him taste how hell was like before sending him there.

Although Ladronio wanted to play safe but Don Emilio promised to pay him to cover the crime he would commit against Roy. Roy meanwhile, was talking to Rona’s picture to update her on his new mission in Bilibid to instill peace and discipline while ending an illegal drug trade in the penitentiary.

The mission of Cardo and his team began. They had two priorities: to protect the kids and to arrest Joaquin dead or alive. Verna went against the Police’s order to stay at the office. She went after them with an intention to protect Joaquin from being k!lled.

Don Emilio launched a mob attack on Roy. Roy fought with them as the goons come on him one after the other. Roy kicked them with his karat skills. Realising they were no match for Roy they changed the fighting strategy and all of them attacked him to beat him mercilessly till he was weak with swollen and bruised face.

“Colonel Carreon, look at you,” Don Emilio appeared.

“You look bloody!”

“The dev!l is finally here with us,” Carreon hissed.

“The dev!l?” Don Emilio queried “Do you see any horns?”

Don Emilio stabbed the former officer. A witness raced to call Ramil and his companions but when they reached, Roy was already choked. Ramil asked him who did that to him he tried revealing his k!ller but breathe his last breath. Ladronio covered the issue up, making Gener described him and his guards as pretenders who were good in what they do.

Don Emilio revealed his deeds to Joaquin and assured him that Ladronio would cover the traces. The police raided Joaquin’s hideout and Joaquin was made aware of the Police’s presence.

“Welcome Dalisay I’ve prepared for your arrival.”

“Now I will make sure that none of you get out here alive

One of Joaquin’s men ensured the kids do not escape. The kids cried. Verna had already reached there. As Joaquin’s goons saw they cops the began sh00ting and the cops replied.

At home, Paquito and Onyok stayed overnight to watch to see if Atong would come. Elmo said Atong might be sleeping and urged them to also go to bed. Joaquin came face to face with Cardo again, scared for her son’s life. Verna cried that they should not sh00t as Joaquin would surrender.

“Joaquin I suggest you surrender now,” Billy threw a word of caution to him after Girona dragged Verna away from the war front.

“Mom why did you betray me?”

“I thought we are in this together

“I thought you will protect me!”

“Son no matter what happens I will be here for you but please Joaquin just surrender,” Verna cried.

Elsewhere, Alyana was worried about Cardo and intended to see Delfin to give her the location of the operation. Pinggoy doubted Delfin would give them such classified information. He told Alyana that Cardo was out to catch Joaquin, but Alyana said she was not doing that for a scoop but he knew Joaquin might pull a fast one on Cardo by using the kindness of his heart to get him. Pinggoy asked her not to worry.

As the action got messy, Joaquin used Atong as bait to escape. However, his determination to k!ll Cardo made him do the unthinkable. Joaquin planted a bomb and tied Atong next to it. Cardo fought to save the life of Atong before the bomb explosion.

Thinking the worse was finally over, Joaquin appeared from the dark to shoot Cardo at his back just like how he did with Ador. Atong rolled Cardo over looking so frightened seeing Joaquin pointing a gun at Cardo.

“And now you can be reunited with Ador.”

Verna saw Joaquin was unsatisfied and poised to finish Cardo off, she suddenly ran to Cardo’s aid to stop Joaquin but at that time Joaquin has already pulled the trigger and Verna died while saving Cardo. The police came to check on Dalisay and Verna, screaming that “someone should call an ambulance.”


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