Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 210

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 210 Season 2 Finale Cardo k!lls Joaquin in their ultimate fIght for justice

At the auditorium for the celebration of the newly wed, Teddy Arevalo gave an heart warming speech on how he witnessed Cardo taking good care of his daughter and had no doubt that Cardo would lay his life to ensure Alyana’s safety.

Virgie indicated that she had always prayed her daughter could get a man who was good and great like her father, Teddy and she knew her daughter has gotten such a man. The couple smiled while the guests electrified the speech with an applause. Joaquin in soliloquy said Cardo should be grateful that he has given him the benefit to enjoy all those moments.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio received his meth and his guys opened it only to discover that it was rice which were packaged inside the boxes. Elsewhere, Ramil, Gener and Julian were disposing the meth while Jimboy was hiding watching them.

A flashback showed that Ramil overhead Jona when he was talking to the prison guard about the arrival of the drugs and the guard told Jona that he would hide it at the kitchen. Later, Ramil, Gener and Julian went to unpack all the meths and replaced the drugs with rice.

At the celebration, Delfin saw how happy the couple were, especially Cardo. Delfin has seen how Cardo has changed from the soldier he met in Botolan who only cared about his job but now he was responding to the l*ve around him and was happy for such a change.

“Cardo I am not your superior anymore.

I hope you listen to your new commander and chief.” The crowd applauded while Joaquin was also laughing and clapping.

In Bilibid, Jona was certain that Ramil and his group did that but Don Emilio wondered why Jimboy failed to inform him since he paid him to rant his enemies and their doings to him. He planned to teach him a lesson for chickening out. As Cardo and his bride were dancing for the first time at the event, Joaquin spoke to Don Emilio on phone.

“Joaquin do you need anymore time?”

“The suspense is k!ll!ng me,” Don Emilio hissed.

“No, No , No, this is it!

“I hope nothing goes wrong with the plan,” Don Emilio alerted Joaquin.

“What will go wrong?

I am in Malaysia, remember?”

Jerome stepped out to make a call, after he hang up he spotted the light of a bomb. Meanwhile, in Bilibid Don Emilio with his escort stormed Ramil’s cell to warn them to return the drugs as it costs millions. Ramil said now Don Emilio was admitting that he was selling drugs.

He said the drugs were at somewhere that Don Emilio would not find. Gener added that if he makes a mistake to threaten them he would explain to the authorities how he was planning to make the inmates turn into addicts. Don Emilio in anguish said Ramil’s days are numbered.

“You’re mistaken, your days are numbered not ours,” Ramil replied.

Cardo thanked all those who had helped him from his family and friends, Alyana added that it was party time and they got on the dance floor. Jerome told Billy about the bomb and wondered if he should alert the couple and their guests for them to evacuate the premise but Billy saw no need for that since the move would create fear and panic among the people.

Jerome had already called the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Canine Group and were on their way. As the dance was ongoing, the canine group were detecting the bombs and were diffusing them all. Joaquin saw it as action time to explode everyone, he clicked the button and nothing happened.

He tried again yet nothing and he added pressure and frustration to click it multiple times, yet he did not get the result so he threw the remote away. Delfin told Guzman, Girona, Rivera, Vargas and Soriano to ensure the threat was neutralised and should not even inform Cardo about it. It was his special moment and did not want to ruin it.

After all was said and done, Alyana threw her flower and Lorraine caught it. The couple waved their guests and their car arrived. The couple kept waving, Cardo in merriment ushered his bride into the car. Without looking, Alyana sat and still was waving. Cardo passed the other side to join his bride.

“Hello Alyana!”

“Joaquin!” Alyana began shouting: “Cardo it’s Joaquin.”

Joaquin quickly locked the doors before Cardo could open and sped off while Cardo ran and Delfin ordered friends of Cardo to go after them. They all ran after the car but Joaquin drove faster.

“Joaquin you ba$ta^d,” Cardo screamed.

Cardo and his friends tried stopping a car but the Cardo did not stop. A motor was approaching and they stopped it for Cardo to follow Joaquin while the rest followed them with the next two cars which came.

The women were crying, the bride’s mother was inconsolable as JP in devastation said Alyana was taken away. Elmo appeared to inform them that the driver was beaten up and he saw the man who took over the wheels, it was Joaquin. Everyone was surprised.

It was a street race for the fleet of vehicles which were after the wedding car. As Alyana was getting his way, Joaquin shoved Alyana off and she hit her head on the car and fainted. Joaquin managed to knock the two cars from his lane for it to summersault from the hill. He also knocked Cardo’s motorbike which fell off a mountainous area. Cardo rolled down from the motor and hurt himself. Joaquin stepped down to shoot the motorcycle till it exploded.

“Cardo! You wil never get me Cardo,” Joaquin laughed boisterously.

In Bilibid, Gener told Ramil that he found out from Miyong that Cardo has already resigned. Ramil believed Cardo knew what he was doing and now he could finally be happy with Alyana. Ramil was now happy that their forces were growing and Don Emilio has realised he would not be able to defeat them so easily.

Gener wondered why Don Emilio hasn’t reciprocated yet after sabotaging his business, Ramil felt that he was cooking something against them. However, Don Emilio has tried several times to get in touch with Joaquin to get a news on Cardo. Since he was not reaching him and there was still no news on the screen about the wedding being crushed, his guys believed Joaquin had failed.

“He won’t fail, he can’t fail because this is his last chance and he must succeed!” Don Emilio cried.

Cardo woke up in search of his bride and Joaquin. Joaquin drove Alyana to his father’s former house where he kept children he trafficked. He carried the unconscious Alyana to the room and made an attempt to have $e× with her but before he would k!$$ her, Alyana regained consciousness and kicked him. Alyana managed to escape from his molest.

That, Joaquin said made him feel happy to involve him in a race. He raced after her with his g√n. The tip of Alyana’s gown made him found her. He hit Alyana and pushed her, Alyana hit on the utensils at the kitchen and she got hold of a kn!fe, she scratched Joaquin’s hand with it and managed to get out of the building into the wedding car. She searched inside for the keys and couldn’t find it.

Joaquin got there and broke the window screen to unlock the car and dragged Alyana out by her hair. He sent her inside the room again and kept molesting her. Cardo who was limping spotted the car. Cardo was beaten by the rain and he looked dirty as he was also injured. As Joaquin heard Cardo calling Alyana, he taped Alyana’s lips and tied the hands of Alyana while he stood with his g√n directing it towards the door.

Alyana struggled to make sounds, however Cardo kicked the door with the injured leg and he hit on Joaquin. The guπ fell and they struggled for it. Cardo got hold of it but both fought as they accidentally pulled the trigger in the air. Alyana was so scared. The two former officers fought hard and they fell off the balcony. Alyana managed to untie herself.

Although injured, Cardo beat Joaquin mercilessly. Joaquin then pulled the kπife he had kept at his back to stab Cardo’s hand. Alyana shouted that Joaquin should stop. Meanwhile, Delfin called Flora to inform her that they were heading to where Cardo and Joaquin were last seen and told her to inform everyone not to panic. Don Emilio was still calling Joaquin but to no avail. His guys told him to calm down. Suddenly, a glass crushed down and it broke.

“My grandson is with the man who murdered my daughter and son-in-law and you expect me to calm down?”

“What if Joaquin is in the middle of k!ll!ng Cardo,” the muscular ally said but the other said what if it was the opposite.

“Next time you say that again, it will be your life that will be in grave danger,’ Don Emilio screamed at Jona.

Joaquin seeing Cardo deeply injured with him having the upper hand he began boasting.

“Alyana I hope you will enjoy how I will k!ll your husband.”

“I will k!ll you at the same place that I took the life of your brother.”

Joaquin then pounced on Cardo who was lying helplessly on the floor after being stabbed. Cardo held the hand of Joaquin and took the knife.

“I must not d!e,” Cardo prayed: “No I mustn’t d!e.”
Joaquin took a rope while Cardo was crawling to be up.

“Cardo right behind you it is Joaquin,” Alyana screamed.

Joaquin tied the rope on Cardo’s neck while Cardo kept praying.

“Help me, Pleas help me, please give me strength…. Please make me strong!” Cardo turned and st@bbed Joaquin on the neck.

Now realising her husband has defeated the last k!ller, Alyana now ran down to hold her husband who was now unconscious after casting all his life to defeat his greatest enemy. She screamed and cried for help.

Fortunately, Delfin and the guys got there. They carried Cardo and rushed him to hospital while they asked Alyana to stay back. Still glued to their television in Bilibid, Don Emilio watched the news on the hour as the reporter gave a boot-to-boot account on how the shameless officer who brutally m√rdered late Dominador was k!lled by Cardo in self defense after a fierce encounter at the location where Joaquin held his bride as captive and molested her.

Don Emilio in anguish hit the TV set and it crashed. Fast forward, Delfin, Flora, Cardo and Alyana visited the grave of Dominador B De Leon to lay a wreath on his grave.

“Ador my grandson I am glad that you can now be at peace,” Grandma Flora said.

“Ador I want to ask your forgiveness again, I was not able to help you but I promise you this, I will always take care of our family,” Delfin ssured.

“Ador, I kept my promise to you I fulfilled my mission.

At long last I have finally given you the justice that you deserve so rest at ease I will take care of our family now!

I promise to always take care of them an ensure no body hurt our family.

Wherever you are brother I hope you’re finally at peace and happy.

“I l*ve you Ador,” Cardo ended his speech to his late brother as his wife held him closer to her. The family then left the grave.


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