Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 213

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 213 Pulang Araw rebels hold Alyana and colleague journalists as captives

Cardo joined Alyana in bed, he realised that Alyana was still in loggerhead with him for saving passengers who were mugged in his jeepney. He said sorry for his action, explaining that he only wanted to defend his passengers. Seeing Alyana still unhappy with the apology, Cardo promised Alyana that such a thing would never happen again.

“I promise I’m gonna close my eyes when I see trouble.”

“Do the same thing when women are around!” Alyana added with smiles while caressing Ricky boy’s face.

Cardo wished his wife Good night and prayed for protection of God on his family and on the nation especially against the rebel group who were throwing the state into chaos.

In Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo aka Leon spelt out the mission of the Pulang Araw to the rebels. That’s to protect the poor and the needy as well as gaining equal rights. Homer Adlawan aka Alakdan meaning Scorpion, a member of the Pulang Araw secretly laughed about the mission of Romulo as he was planning an agenda at the back of his leader.

The land lady and her brother visited Flora. They were called to join the family’s breakfast table. However, Makmak brought the issue of Cardo and Alyana’s misunderstanding up. Flora told them that it was normal for couples to have a misunderstanding.

To their surprise, Cardo and his wife together with Ricky boy joined the table in happiness. They had already patched things up. The town’s people engaged in fraudulent acts just to gain money for Kapitana Gina Magtanggol. The corrupt chairwoman of the Barangay area took cut of the earnings of the local sellers for her own benefit. She strolled in the town with some of her officials to extort money from the vendors. Her action has increased gambling and other illegal activities.

In Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo revealed to his group their next line of action to attack the military. At the NDA, Director Hipolito tried to turn Manolo Catindig against his boss, Diana Olegario. He told him that he could occupy Diana’s position in the intelligence group and become more, urging him to think about it.

Lola Kap successfully set up her eatery with the help of her land lady. The land lady was happy that she had a famous reporter Alyana living in her house and asked questions about the rebel news she had been covering. The family were worry when they learnt about Alyana’s next assignment at Camp Remigio in Pampanga.

Romulo and his team ambushed and attacked soldiers with a perfect plan at a road side of a particular bush in Pampanga. They acted as victims who were attacked. As the the action of the g√π fight was ongoing, Leon voice over spelt out their action.

“We need to disguise ourselves as soldiers:

We need to take their uniforms and vehicles. It’s the only way we can enter the military camp.”

In Bilibid, Don Emilio lamented to his allies about how Ladronio wanted to turn his back on him after he made him rich. He said Ladronio did not want to support his prison escape plan. Jona told him that he saw Ladronio earlier with the social justice personnel who came for an inspection. Don Emilio realised that Ladronio was in for a promotion, hence could not depend on his help anymore.

In Camp Remigio, Alyana did not get the vital information that would help her news as the officers did not want to divulge some relevant information. Pinggoy believed their failure to gain requisite information was due to the contact they did not have in the military unlike the PNP.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio in the company of his allies for the last time went to ask Ladronio if he would help him out of prison or not. Ladronio insisted that the prison break was impossible. When Don Emilio threatened not to give him money again, Ladronio was quick to say that he would see what he would do.

The Pulang Araw rebels after the successful attack, disguised themselves in a military uniform to raide the Remigio military camp to confiscate all their weapons. The Military realised that their camp was infiltrated and engaged the rebels in a guπ war. In the midst of the $hoot outs, the military tried to secure all the journalists who were there for the press conference.

However, Alyana still wanted a scoop from her protectors. The military shut her for not thinking about her safety at that moment. Some news team arrived at the forecourt of Remigio camp to make a live report about the military camp which was raided. The news made the De Leon family shivered.

In disguise, the leader of the rebel group, Romulo alias Leon saw Alyana making live update at her hideout and made it better for her by granting an interview to inform the authorities especially the government that they wanted equality, for the rich and the poor to be given fair opportunities. They then hold Alyana and other journalists as captives to flee from the camp.

Meanwhile, Cardo after a hard day’s work stumbled on some of the guys in his area and offered them a free ride. They went to a nearest eatery to fill their stomach before going home. Cardo came across Romey, a street kid who was stealing someone’s side mirror to sell and buy food.

Cardo talked to him against stealing and bought food for him. As they were eating, Cardo saw the news about the rebels. The intelligence group and the NDA authorities were all glued to their television watching the interview of Leon.

Diana found a face match of the leader of the “Pulang Araw” with the pictures she had on her computer. That progress would help her to provide intel to NDA and the PNP to facilitate the arrest of Leon. Cardo and Paco raced to save Alyana. They went to Camp Remigio and the military failed to give him the necessary information but assured that they were working under the clock to save the journalists who were used as captives.

Quickly, Cardo called Delfin to the camp. Due to his rank in the CIDG, the military was able to give him the needed information on his grand-daughter-in-law. As Cardo saw the rescue team moving with the car, he suddenly, disappeared from the sight of Delfin and Paco. He hid under the truck of the military team who were embarking under the rescue mission just to save his wife.


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