Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 214

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 214 Cardo saves Alyana and colleagues, Homer betrays Romulo to k!ll civilians through Market bombing

Cardo arrived at the camp where the journalists were held as captives. The military engaged the rebels in a $hoot out. The journalists used that opportunity to flee. Cardo saw Alyana and called her several times but she did not hear.

Some armed men were going to stop the journalists from escaping but Cardo fought the men to set his wife and the rest of the journalists free. The National Defense Agency held a meeting with the National Military Intelligence Group and the PNP concerning the rebel attack at Camp Remigio.

Director Hipolito believed the rebels were under an international terrorists but the Intelligence agent, Diana Olegario proved him wrong. She said the rebels were a local people who wanted equality and wanted the government to amend some policies to factor the poor. They also wanted change in the system of government and she played the interview Leon conducted with Alyana Arevalo Dalisay but Director Hipolito did not want to accept.

Ms Olegario said per their intel the leader of the Pulang Araw “Bloody sun” was Romulo Dumaguit who was in the Central Luzon and had members who were spread out in various provinces of the Philippines. She identified their hot spots as Northern and Southern Luzon but the intelligence team is yet to confirm it.

General Borja asked if the team had intel on the location of the “Bloody Sun” in the Central Luzon but Ms Olegario had no clue. Director Hipolito said they had to infiltrate the military to cover them from future attacks.

“You’re safe now, my l*ve it is over now

There’s nothing to fear,” Cardo told Alyana

The chief of police promised to give an order for 24/7 checkpoint in the area and would also charge the Special Action Force (SAF) to work with the government in the mission.
As the family were anxious to know what had happened to Alyana and Cardo, demanding answers from Paco, Cardo and Alyana arrived.

Cardo explained that he went to Camp Remigio to discover that Alyana together with other reporters were held as captives and were sent to Mt Arayat, where he rescued her and the other reporters. Cardo asked Alyana to inform her boss to send her to a different programme.

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Lena took care of all the injured rebels and was with Anton dressing his gun wounds when Romulo came in.

“Commander, I have to thank you for saving my life,” Anthon said.

However, Romulo believed the action of the members especially Anthon in the fight has portrayed Pulang Araw as great force which could not be defeated but Lena seemed not happy about the casualties and was scared for the lives of the rebels.

In Dalisay’s house, Cardo seemed agitated about the assignment which Alyana went at Camp Remigio which led to her abduction.

“I turn away from being a cop for our family’s sake, can’t you do the same?”

“The assignment they gave me wasn’t supposed to be dangerous, it was just unfortunate that it’s where the rebels attack,” Alyana cried.

“I was once with SAF and I know how dangerous those rebels are.

“Those rebels were the ones who k!lled those who adopted me and I don’t want that to happen to my family now,”;Cardo revealed.

As Alyana admitted to Flora that Cardo was the one who saved her, Delfin stormed there to vent his anger on Cardo for leaving at his sight without informing him. That, he said was not allowed. Cardo pleaded with him to rest for a while and answer his questions later.

The next day at the CIDG office, Delfin told his boys that a unit was formed by the Special Action Force (SAF) to go after the rebel group. For the meantime, the CIDG would still coordinate with the National Defense Agency while they intensify actions to ensure the Camp Remigio incidence never reoccur.

Chikoy said he learnt that Cardo was at Camp Remigio and Billy explained that, it was because his wife was one of the hostages. Knowing Cardo, he would risk his life to save anyone who needed help.

“He probably couldn’t shut out his police work right from his system quite easily,” Delfin added.

Elsewhere, Homer went behind the back of Romulo to meet Colonel Ernesto to receive down payment for a task to plant bombs in selected places in Manila. He told Homer to wait upon his instructions.

Aurora arrived at Mt Arayat with Emman, the son of Lena. Lena was unhappy that Aurora came from Bulacan to the place since the place was dangerous for son. However, Aurora was there to support her brother after she heard some of their members d!ed. Romulo promised that, such thing would not happen again in the future.

Homer’s guys among the rebel group secretly went to ask the other what the Scorpion wanted them to do after he met Colonel Ernesto. They were told to plant bombs in selected places in Manila.

As he was working, Cardo stumbled upon some officers who were maltreating some sellers. Cardo went to their defence to take some canes on their behalf. The officers saw it was Cardo and they were claiming Cardo was no longer police, besides the women were selling DDT while they were banned from selling it.

The commotion led Jerome to be there to check on what was happening. Cardo told Jerome his officers were abusing the rights of the people. He said although the sellers were wrong for selling the illegal items but the police also had to protect their right. Girona was upset with his guys for going against his order for just confiscating the DDT. He begged the women.

Rigor said the police would do their investigation and if the officers were at fault, they would be brought to book.

Scorpion’s men joined a car to Manila. Meanwhile at the NMIG office, Catindig came to Ms Olegario’s office with some information about where the rebels could be found but Diana was certain that the rebels hideout could not be far from Pampanga.

The intelligence team relay the intel to NDA boss, Director Hipolito. As they were talking, Delfin called to gave an information which Alyana gave him concerning the hideout of Leon and his rebels to support her intel. General Olegario told Director Hipolito that they should take Pampanga seriously.

Scorpion and his guys arrived at Bulacan market. They planted b0mbs at various places in the market. After which, they joined a jeepney and he set the detonator which caused the bomb explosion. Soon, as Alyana and Pinggoy were leaving General Borja’s office, Delfin was told that there was an explosion in the market and he sent, Billy, Chikoy and Mark to go and check. Alyana and Pinggoy also followed.

Meanwhile, Scorpion called Colonel Ernesto Capili to inform him about the successful mission. The colonel asked him to wait for the next bombing mission. Cardo arrived home to give Ricky boy a toy car he bought for him. As they were talking about Ricky boy’s two years birthday party, Paco rushed in to inform Cardo to on the TV.

Alyana reported about the b0mbing incident in Bulacan market and the authorities measures to make the market accessible to the general public again. After the b0mbing incident, Lena was certain that the blame would be pinned on the Pulang Araw “Bloody Sun” group due to the incident that happened at camp Romigio.

Aurora was however, was happy that they had a modern weapon and their hideout could not be traced and urged Lena to forget about that. Leon told Lena that people could think what they want but for the Bloody Sun, they only attack those who got on their way not innocent civilians.

Scorpion ordered his guys to make the explosives ready for their next attack. They also doubted that Leon would think they were behind the b0mbing. Alyana arrived home and explained the incident to the De Leons better. Meanwhile, Colonel Ernesto Capili met with his boss whose back profile showed that of NDA’s boss, Director Hipolito.

Later, Director Hipolito met with General Olegario and tried to make her claims of the Bloody Sun rebels behind the explosion as mere assumptions. Romulo went to see Homer and his allies to caution them to be vigilant. However, Anton believed Colonel Capili might have paid someone else to do the dirty job which Romulo rejected since he did not want to harm innocent civilians.

Cardo was upset with Alyana for her continuous report on rebels while she recently got kidnapped by them. He stepped out of the house to call his friends to invite them to Ricky boy’s birthday. Meanwhile, in Bilibid, after reading the news, Don Emilio had an idea to pay those behind the b0mbing incident to set the prison ablaze for him to escape.

However, an information some authorities in the NDA have gathered was that the chemicals found in the b0mb were mostly used by terrorists. Director Hipolito had no doubt that the attack was from terrorists.


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