Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 215

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 215 Pulang Araw member arrested, Director Hipolito appeals to public emotions over an award for victims

The Friends of Cardo arrived and they shared a drink together. They realised that Cardo had a marital problem and Guzman said that was the reason he was not planning to marry that soon.

However, Alyana could not sleep so Yolly kept her company, asking her whether she would not go to work the following day. She said she would. Yolly realised that Cardo was still upset with her, that was why she could not go to bed. Using her marriage with Elmo as example, Yolly said fight in marriage keeps a relationship strong but she should not waste time to patch things up.

After learning the reason for the misunderstanding, Pinggoy explained the nature of their job. Cardo understood but he said things were different now and wanted Alyana to prioritise their family just like how he quit the force with heavy heart to be with her. Jerome said both Cardo and Alyana were right. He advised Cardo to patch things up with her when he was calm.

Cardo got to the bedroom to find Ricky boy sleeping while Alyana was awoke. They patched things up and Alyana promised not to hesitate to give up on her job when the assignment would put her life in danger.

The next morning, Alyana made breakfast in bed to make it up to Cardo but Cardo told her she should not have worried since they already patched things up the previous night. Alyana took the day off from work and Cardo offered to send her and Ricky boy to sight seeing.

Delfin met with the intelligence group and offered the cartographs the CIDG made based on Alyana’s description. As Major Catindig said the faces were not familiar, his boss General Olegario saw match faces and said they were members of the Bloody Sun.

Meanwhile, Homer told his gang to make ready the explosives and went to ask permission from Romulo that they were going out to find some medicines. Romulo told them to be cautious and careful as the police were searching for them.

General Olegario thanked Delfin and asked of Cardo. She regretted that Cardo had left the force and wished he was there since they needed a police like him now to face the rebels.

Colonel Capili met with his boss and he was no other than Major Catindig. He informed him that Homer and his guys were on their way to detonate b0mbs at Laguna.

Soon, a birthday party was thrown for Ricky boy and all Cardo’s friends were there to celebrate with the family. Kapitana was around and saw the function going on so she joined the party and was offered food for her to serve herself. As Flora was attending to other guests, Gina passed a comment that there was nothing special. Unknown to her, Flora heard it and Gina framed a new lie to tell Yolly who asked of what she said.

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo told the rebels that their next place to raid was Camp Domaga to gather more weapons. However, Lena did not support the mission. She wanted the rebels to lay low for now since the police had their eyes on them but Anthon said they could not rest especially now that they had been able to infiltrate Cam Remigio successfully.

The three major security agencies held meeting to kick-start their next line of action to curtail any unforeseen plot planning by the rebels. The CIDG would gather the necessary resources to gain intel on the terrorists attacks while the intelligent group has released the cartographs of Luis Mangubat aka Alligator, one of Homer’s allies to the media outlet.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio watched the video of the party which Cardo threw for his son and pledged to destroy the little peace that Cardo was having with his family.

“Cardo threw a party for his son since it was his second birthday but the good times will about to end for Cardo.

His life as a family man is almost perfect; as a husband and as a father.

He is now living a peaceful life but I will come up with a plan to turn his life around and make it a living nightmare,” Don Emilio promised as his allies including Jimboy watched the video on his phone.

In the house, Ricky boy began to mob the floor. Flora was happy that just yesterday that Cardo married, his son Ricky boy was now two years old. Alyana did not want her son to grow too fast as she always wanted to be attached to him.

On the contrary, Cardo wanted him to grow and fight his own battles and when he grew up he wanted him to be a police man just like his dad and Ador but Alyana wanted him to be a doctor or an engineer since she did not want to worry about his safety.

Flora asked them to allow the child to grow and decide for himself. She asked Ricky boy who he wanted to be in future and the boy said police. Meanwhile, Homer and his men bombed Laguna bus station. Major Catindig tried to get in touch with Homer the Scorpion to warn them that Magubat aka Alligator was on the watchlist of the CIDG but couldn’t reach them so he called Colonel Ernesto Capili to inform him.

Unfortunately, Alligator got caught by the police when he went to buy something. Scorpion and the rest couldn’t save him so Scorpion called Capili to ask for his help to flee Alligator. As the news of the explosion which led the death of two civilians was ongoing, Alyana had a call from her editor, asking her to report the Laguna b0mbing incident but she refused due to her family.

At the NDA office, General Olegario informed Director Hipolito that she has given the cartographs of Luis Magubat to the authorities as he was spotted at Bulacan before the b0mbing. She said Alligator was one of the Bloody Sun members also believed the rebels were behind the recent Laguna b0mbing.

In Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo was informed that Alligator was now in police custody. They wondered what he was doing in town for him to be caught. Scorpion assured Leon that Alligator would not betray the group. However, Leon was scared that the police would link Alligator to the Laguna b0mbing incident. Aurora spoke with Lena to make her trust their course.

At the NDA office, General Olegario further said that the intel she had on Leon was that he had a second wife from another rebel group. Later, Director Hipolito told Catindig and Olegario that their hard work has paid off, Alligator has been caught and now they would get to know their hideout. Major Catindig met with Colonel Capili and he told Capili that they could not do anything about the situation of Alligator.

However, the Pulang Araw group were planning to free Alligator. Lena tried to stop them from that mission. In Manila, Cardo was worried about the recent b0mbing. Paco insisted that the country needed him now but he understood Cardo’s reason. Cardo said he still believed in the security force and wished something could be done early before they turn to Manila.

In Bilibid, Mr Miyong told Ramil and his allies that it was ¢razy out there due to the recent b0mbing. Gener wished Cardo could return to the SAF to save the country but Ramil believed he would not as things have changed and he was now living a peaceful life.

In Camp crame, Director Hipolito arrived there to also force Alligator to talk since he had failed to cooperate with the CIDG by revealing their camp.

Soon, Ricky boy was rushed to the hospital as he has run a fever.

Meanwhile, General Olegario received a profile of Alligator but they could not locate his family to threaten him to talk. She asked Catindig what they could do and Catindig assured he would come up with something. As he was leaving, Diana called him and said she had a plan.

“You will never get Alligator to reveal anything since if that was done my cover will be blown so I will do everything to prevent that,” in soliloquy Catindig said

The NDA held an award for the affected family in wake of the recent attack at camp Romigio. They offered support to the military personnel who lost their lives during the Pulang Araw mission at the camp. He also lamented that the b0mbing incidents at Bulacan and Laguna had led many lives threatened, hence Director Hipolito promised his outfit commitment to bring the culprit to book while pursuing the rebels.

“Justice is on its way I assure you that!”

Meanwhile, Lena vent her anger on her father for his mission to rescue Luis. She was of the view that the mission would lead an encounter with the police or the military and during such encounter some lives would be lost.

She reminded Leon that although the military and the Pulang Araw shared different ideologies but they all have families and when they lose their lives their family would be affected.

At the hospital, Cardo was ready to transfuse his blood for his son for him to get well soon.


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