Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 216

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 216 Homer murders Isagani in cold blood, Major Catindig double crosses Homer 

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Anton got to the hut to find Lena. He thought Lena has left the camp but Lena said she would not do that. Anton pleaded with her to believe in Leon’s course and she said she believed in it.

Romulo entered and interjected that if she believed in it she should support so did Aurora. However, Lena said although it was a good course but their approach in doing it was wrong as she did not want Emman, her son to grow up thinking k!ll!ng was normal. Romulo also said they could not just chat with the authorities to make them do what they wanted since they earlier did that and it yielded no result.

At NMIG office, Diana Olegario was still working late and called Joel, her son to check on him. She told him she would not make it home so they would meet the next day. After the call, she lamented how her job was keeping her away from her son but she was doing all that for Joel, and for their safety. She regretted that she could not open up the nature of her job to her son.

At the NDA office, Director Hipolito learnt from General Borja that Luis Mangubat has still not opened up. General Olegario took it upon herself to make him confess. However, Major Catindig met Capili to inform him about the plan of the security to force the truth out of Alligator. Ernesto suggested they eliminate Mangubat but was scared that Scorpion would rant him out and also dig deeper to expose Catindig.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, a misunderstanding swept in the camp of Scorpion which got Isagani, one of the Pulang Araw member to know scorpion’s secret. He fidgeted so Scorpion and his guys realised someone was eavesdropping. He ran but was caught by Scorpion. Isagani threatened Scorpion that he would rant him out to Romulo for being the terrorists who had been detonating b0mb$.

“You heard nothing and you will say nothing to anyone,” Scorpion $hot him.

Romulo heard the sounds of a g*n, prompting him of a third party’s presence while the group was planning on means to save Alligator from prison. They rushed there and Scorpion said he also heard the $hot and came to find Isagani dead.

They searched everywhere in the forest to find the third party but to no avail. Since Scorpion was claiming to be patrolling, Romulo asked him whether he saw or heard anything fishy but he said no. Isagani’s wife cried.

Scorpion threatened Capili to expose him if he failed to help set Alligator free. However, Major Catindig took the phone to advice Homer to choose his words carefully otherwise he would also inform Romulo that Scorpion was a traitor. They then agreed to meet, as they met, Scorpion and his allies were given a new mission in Manila and they had to accomplish that mission before Catindig would help set Luis Mangubat free.

Councillor Gina organised a clean up exercise in the Barangay area. She organised it to make money from the town’s people. Since Ricky boy’s ailment was said to have been caused by parasite and mosquitoes Flora and her family was part of the clean up exercise.

They paid for the gloves, boots and shirts which was expensive and also forced on them by the chairwoman to be in those protectives before being part of the exercise. Gina pretended to be working just to take photos to score marks as chairwoman.

Soon, Ricky boy was discharged and Cardo took his nuclear family on sightseeing. Alyana found it great when she saw the checkpoints set in Manila to catch the r£b£l$. She found it safe. Meanwhile, Major Catindig planned to double cross Scorpion and his allies. He has a recorded video of Scorpion when he set b0mb$ at Laguna.

As she assured Director Hipolito, General Olegario went to the CIDG to talk to Mangubat using her tactics to appeal to the culprit’s emotions. Knowing Mangubat as an orphan, she indicated that he has left many children orphans from his numerous b0mb!ng while he knew how difficult it was for one to be an orphan, besides the Pulang Araw was fighting for equality and queried him on his actual mission.

However, Major Catindig prayed in soliloquy that Mangubat should not reveal the truth. On the other hand, General Borja was happy with how General Olegario was going about with her job. Dianna went to Director Hipolito’s office to inform him that Luis Mangubat has admitted being the one behind the explosions but denied being a member of the Pulang Araw Group. Director Hipolito strongly believed Mangubat was telling lies and was protecting some individuals.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio was disappointed that Cardo was not a victim of the frequent explos!0n$ but on a second thought he deemed it as a good thing that Cardo was alive.

“Cardo is like the vitamins that I take.

He keeps me stronger and healthy.

He keeps me going until I take my revenge on him.

That’s why I need to get out of this place as soon as possible.”

As the family were covering the kids books since school would soon resume, they realised the absence of Paco. Unknown to them, Paco and the neighbours were at a massage parlour, getting massaged by some female massage therapists. However, Paco found his massage therapist unattractive and old. When the woman asked him to lay down for her to kick start his massage, Paco was adamant.

“Are you really going to give me a massage?

“It is like you really need it than I do.”

“Don’t you have anyone else like someone who is younger like a few decades.”

Meanwhile, Girona and Soriano while patrolling the area saw some two guys who Soriano found them suspicious. Despite Girona’s cautions Rigor went ahead to call for backup and the b0mb squad to be at the facility. He reminded Jerome that they had to be vigilant and on high alert. Once the backups arrived, Jerome indicated that they were not sure but wanted to check the suspect’s bags first before.

The police rushed in to the facility to evacuate the people. Girona and Rigor saw Paco and Cardo’s neighbours as part of those inside the facility and wondered what they were doing there. The police searched the facility for b0mb$ but it was negative. Jerome apologised to the suspects who were only carrying vegetables to their home town.

In the house, the family scolded Paco for acting irresponsibly and leading the neighbours to the Massage parlour while he could have stopped them especially with him being the eldest. Yolly reminded him that General Borja has cautioned them against being in such places. Paco admitted his faults and apologised to Flora and Cardo for his action, assuring that it would never happen again.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Romulo charged his men not to spare the life of any third party if found in their camp. He dismissed them and Scorpion took the liberty to ask a member to lie to Romulo about their whereabouts as he and his guys were planning to be in Manila.


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