Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 221

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 221 Clark proposes to Amor, Lena saves Romulo from Pulang Araw traitors

In the house, Alyana queried Paco on who Amanda was and he said she was a chubby waitress who sold barbecue and was always after him. Amor while eating with her hook up in a restaurant was surprised to see the man’s kids who were over five children. She expressed her frustration when she got home and Paco advised her to look from within not far away. Indirectly, Paco was telling Amor to accept him into her life.

At work, Pinggoy wondered why Alyana was spacing out from him and asked her the reason. She indicated that Cardo was hiding something from her. Meanwhile, at the NMIG, General Olegario did not find the actual face of the person who was seen with Paraguas making Catindig happy that he did not do anything but the problem solved itself.

He told Capili since General Olegario could not notice his car he disposed the number plate and had covered his tracks. He then told Capili that he should inform Scorpion to get prepared for another e×plo$ion in Manila.

Alyana and Pinggoy went to the eatery and when Alyana saw one of the sellers whose description suit that of Paco she decided to leave. However, once she turned Amanda came and her name was mentioned, quickly, Alyana turned and Pinggoy said she had a competition as the seller was beautiful and $exy.

She rushed home to demand for breakup after she queried Cardo on who Amanda was and he said she was a regular passenger. Alyana wept as Grandma Flora advised Cardo to end his friendship with Amanda if that was the only way to save his marriage.

Cardo visited the eatery to cut tides with her. Amanda said sorry if her friendship had caused a misunderstanding between him and his wife, she had no intentions to ruin his marriage. Cardo returned home and patched things up with Alyana. Alyana said sorry for her action and for doubting him. Flora spoke advised Paco to be mindful of the manner in which he talked as it was sending Cardo into trouble

At the NMIG, Major Catindig told General Olegario that his investigation on the identity of the person Paragua was talking to. He said the search proved futile since there was no car type like that registered. General Olegario believed someone was sabotaging their work. Cardo sent Alyana to work and gave her a flower.

Amor had a video chart with Clark, her New Jersey based ex-boyfriend the moment she wanted to call it a quit, she realised her brother was with him. She quickly came out to search for Wali only to discover her foreign boyfriend had arrived and asking her hand in marriage. The crowd including Grandma Flora encouraged her to say YES.

She finally said yes and he put the ring on her finger. She sent him inside. The NDA held a press briefing to engage the media about the work they are doing on the black force which ambushed the convoy during Mangubat transfer. He assured the public that the security was on high alert to bring those r3bel$ to book.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, some three Pulang Araw members who were complaining of hardship decided to rat Romulo out to the police for the 2million bounty. Unknown to them, Lena overheard their conversation and told Romulo about it.

Romulo went after them to tell them there were no traitors in Bloody Sun while Lena told Aurora and others about it. They fought and one of them tried to $h00t Leon, Lena arrived in time to save the day. Leon k!lled the rest in the fight and thanked his daughter for saving him.

At the NDA office Director Hipolito scolded Manolo for not doing his job right since the CIDG were ahead of the Intelligence officer. He said he would be blamed for anything that would happen. Catiding called Capili to inform him about their next attack. Meanwhile, Amor revealed her intentions to leave with Clark to the USA.

Cardo assured her that they would take care of her house and Wali. However, Nick told Paco about the presence of Clark and he rushed inside to ask Amor what about them. Amor asked him not to ruin it for her as there was never them. Cardo advised Clark to take care of Amor and Flora wished them well in their marriage, adding that they should give birth to many kids.

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Homer and his allies drank while discussing about the Bloody Sun group.

“Imagine that, we are not the only one who we have lost our faith and confidence in Leon.

Who knew we have comrades who are planning to turn back on him,” Home smiled while sipping.

Homer was happy with the development and said he would convince the rest of the group members to appoint him as leader over tiger, Anton as he was the one of the few allies in the group.


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