Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 223

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 223 Ricky boy and Joel die tragically in a mall explo$ion

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo asked his men where Scorpion and his allies were and was told Scorpion heard something fishy around and was going to check with Snake and Spider.

As Cardo and Paco were traveling along the street, they realised there was no traffic and wondered why. Cardo who wanted to work fast and joined his wife told Paco to on the radio.

Jimboy came to Don Emilio’s room to call his two allies to help him get some drinks. Immediately they left, Ramil and his group arrived to ambush Don Emilio to prevent his escape.

“Someone had us tip off that you’re going to have an heart attack tonight so we are taking you to hospital ourselves,” Gener and Julian said.

The guys returned and could not find the old man.

They covered the old man’s head with a sack, tied his hands and sent him to the kitchen to make fun of him till the guards came to find Don Emilio. He threw the rope at Ramil and told him to use it to hung himself.

At the NDA office, Director Hipolito showed his gratitude to General Olegario and Major Catindig. Dianna was surprised to hear him showing appreciation as that was something he hardly do and told Manolo about it. She told Manolo that they should go to the NMIG to work in finding the ex military convicts.

Manolo called Scorpion to remind him to be out of the mall before being seen. The count down of the bomb began and Scorpion who was in a car was glad about it. Alyana and her parents together with her junior brother took pictures. Ricky boy began to cry so Alyana sent him to the washroom to change him. Some random people were happy to see Alyana and took pictures with her and Ricky boy.

Meanwhile, Grandma Flora together with the kids went to church to pray. Fast forward, one of the b0mb$ exploded and Manolo called Director Hipolito to inform him. He said he would inform him when the other two also explode. Cardo who had been trying to give himself a break to join his wife and family at the mall, heard the breaking news of the explo$ion at the St Michael Church. He called Flora to check on her and the kids, they were fine as Flora went to a different church.

Joel was at the mall buying greeting card, pen and a book when Dianna called her to order him to get home. She told her son to avoid overcrowded places but Joel kept asking his mother questions about the reasons terror!$ts would do that. He used the opportunity to thank his mother for accepting to fill his forms in making his dream to be a military person come to past. He accepted to go home while Alyana kept playing with Ricky boy.

Cardo was forced to cut down the trip to be with his family. After several failed attempts to get in touch with Alyana, she finally picked up and assured Cardo of her safety. Cardo spoke with his son and Alyana said Ricky was tired and was feeling sleepy. Suddenly, the top of Everest mall exploded, Alyana’s phone fell, leaving Cardo on the line.

The building began to cave in. Dianna called Joel and he assured his mother that nothing had happened to him. She pleaded with Joel to listen to her for once but Joel insisted he was okay but Diana said he was not. Joel hanged up to begin to act like the rescuers. Dianna ran to the mall.

Cardo raced around the clock while crying, telling Paco that there was an e×plo$ion at the mall. Inside the mall, Alyana was lying on the floor as she got hit. Ricky boy was crying and people ran past him. He finally crawled to his mother. Alyana fell unconscious due to the smoke. Joel kept rescuing people, unfortunately, a blog hit on his neck and he fell.

At NDA office, Director Hipolito told his informants that he did not need the type of b0mb used in the e×plo$ion all that he wanted to know was the r3bel behind the attack. He then received information that another e×plo$ion has occured at Everest Mall and he decided to go there with Catindig.

Cardo reached the crime scene to try forcing his way through but he was not allowed. People kept running up and down of the mall. Cardo tried all he could but was stopped, he saw Alyana being rushed out on a stretcher and he became very aggressive in his search for his son. He finally saw his son’s corpse abandoned at where the lifeless bodies were kept.

Cardo kept crying while he held on to Ricky boy. His former colleagues arrived and could imagine his pain. Grandma Flora was so worried and called Delfin to ask about Cardo. Delfin assured her that he would deliver message on Cardo once he got information on him. Delfin rushed up to find Billy and his friends. He asked them about Alyana, Billy said she was rushed to the hospital together with Ricky boy and Cardo was with them.

General Olegario reached the mall and was not allowed to enter. She revealed her identity and was allowed inside to search for her son. She found Joel and was surprised to see that her son was dead. She mourn bitterly for her son. Soon, Director Hipolito and Major Catindig got there and saw Diana crying helplessly for her loss son.

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo could not find Scorpion and his allies. He doubted there was military men who stumbled on their territory. The ally of Scorpion tried to persuade Romulo to believe in Homer.

Cardo got to the morgue and wept about his lost son. He recalled the time Alyana got pregnant, gave birth, Ricky boy’s birthday celebration, how he fell sick and how he donated blood for him. The day Ricky boy was kidnapped and mourn so hard for his son.

“Please forgive me son.”

“I am sorry that I could not save you but I promise you that I won’t stop till I revenge your death.”

“I will make those responsible pay for what they did to you.”

“I promise you that!”


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