Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 224

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 224 Ricky boy and Joel layed to rest

In the house, Yolly asked the children to eat but everyone was worried about the Everest mall incident. Grandma Flora appeared to inform the family that Paco said Alyana was the only person who had been sent to the hospital.

Yolly believed Ricky boy was with Cardo, on the contrary Makmak said if that was true Cardo would have sent him home before going to the clinic. Flora left with Yolly to the hospital and Delfin broke the sad news to her that Ricky boy had kicked the bucket.

They mourn for their lost as Cardo appointed himself to be the one to break the heart breaking news to his wife. Elsewhere, Major Catindig called Colonel Capili to inform him that General Olegario and Ricardo Dalisay’s sons died in the e×plo$ion at the mall.

Capili wondered who Cardo was and Catindig said he was the former police officer who was also the grandnephew of General Borja. Capili was scared but Catindig said he had it under control. Capili met Scorpion’s team to present his money.

As Roland was requesting for more money for the their tremendous work in setting series of b0mbing$ in three different places, Catindig assured that he had more jobs for them, besides the money he gave them was bigger than the previous ones. At the hospital, Alyana woke up and wanted to be with her son. Cardo told her that their son was no longer with them. Alyana was in denial and wept.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Homer and his guys finally arrived to tell Romulo that he stumbled on some men at the territory and followed them to discover that they were from Manila. According to him, the men said they wanted to join the group and had more people they would join the group with. Aurora saw it as good news as they had already lost many men. Romulo was also happy about the development.

The remains of Ricky boy was brought home, carried by Cardo’s friends. The family began mourning while they were clad in black. General Olegario recalled her son and cried. In Bilibid, Mangubat was ambushed by some prison inmates and they fought.

Don Emilio came to Mangubat’s rescue. He then proposed to Mangubat to join his group for him to give him the protection he deserved. He also promised to make him live like a king in there. Mangubat walked out on him which made Jona passed a comment that Mangubat was not even grateful for the help they gave him. Don Emilio said Mangubat needed time and was sure he would turn back to him.

However, Ramil’s team did not understand why the old man has laid low. Ramil believed he was acting like a restless tiger who was looking for an opportune time to strike. As Cardo was weeping, Delfin came to comfort him, telling him that he should not give up.

“I feel like given up grandpa!”

“I turn my back on the police force just to keep my family away from harm but this tragedy still happened,” Cardo cried.

“What have I done for the heavens to punish me like this!”

“No Cardo you mustn’t blame the heavens for what happened,” Delfin uttered.

“I am not blaming the heavens grandpa.”

“There’s no one else to blame but myself.”

“I failed to keep my family safe!”

Delfin asked him not to blame himself as the ones to blame were the r3bel group behind the e×plo$ions. The news of the e×plo$ion is read on television and on radio. Romulo was so worried that Bloody Sun would be blamed for it. Don Emilio realised that Cardo’s son was part of those who lost their lives during the e×plo$ion and was happy with it. He wished he could b0mb the prison.

Director Hipolito graced the funeral of Ricky boy to present a flower and to offer his deepest condolences to Cardo not only as an NDA Director but as his friend.

He assured Cardo that the NDA would obtain justice for his son. At General Olegario’s son’s funeral, Catindig who went to Cardo’s funeral together with Hipolito arrived and he told Dianna that the director could not come due to work but he offered flowers.

He tried to console his boss, assuring her that they would bring justice for her loss.

“I will not stop until justice is served to every single victim of this tragedy most especially my dear son Joel,” Olegario cried.

Homer called Pillow to offer him his shares. Pillow was concerned with the alibi that Homer gave and Homer said he had it covered as he had been looking for loyal people to join the group. People who would be loyal to him not Romulo.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio was still not satisfied with what had happened to Cardo, even though his lap dogs saw the losing of a son as more painful thing. Don Emilio equated that to how he felt during the time he lost Verna and his grandson Joaquin.

He said he felt like an old caged tiger in prison and would not stop till he gained his freedom to battle with Cardo till he lose all his loved ones. Elsewhere, Alyana wept bitterly as she could not imagine losing her son at a tender age. She thought Ricky boy would graduate school for her and Cardo to put medal on her neck. She could not contain her pain in bidding a final farewell to baby Ricky.

Ricky boy was finally buried. General Olegario rushed to the office to the dismay of other workers. She said mourning her son would not bring back Joel and wanted to work to bring her son’s k!llers to book. She watched the CCTV footage of the series of the b0mbing$ and could still not gain any solid evidence.

Major Catindig pleaded with her to go home since she might be tired but she said Catindig should rather go home and have a rest while she worked but Catindig refused. He said he would be with her till she found something. Cardo then detached himself from everyone. Alyana could not find him on the bed, he was still mourning for Ricky boy.

Meanwhile, Diana Olegario went to the penitentiary to try to force the truth out of Mangubat but he failed to talk, compelling General Olegario to act emotional.

Cardo came to the hall and saw Ricky boy playing in there. He carried him and the boy mentioned Cardo’s name. Cardo played with him, he carried him while playing a ball. Ricky boy threw the ball, Later they sat with the family to eat. Ricky boy left the dinning table, Cardo went after him and could not find the boy. He screamed out for Ricky boy but could not find him. He then woke up. Cardo went to the room to find Alyana sitting while brooding over Ricky.

However, Director Hipolito was worried that they would be caught due to Dalisay. The records discovered about him was that he was very professional at his time at the CIDG. He was specially trained at the PNP Special Tag Force and was a top notch prime investigator who won in every case he followed.

Catindig indicated they were now the masters of the game. Cardo’s days were far over.


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