Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 228

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 228 Cardo k!lls Bat to save San Gabriel people, Director Hipolito supports the civilians over their crisis

Director Hipolito in a phone conversation told Major Catindig that he was leaving the SAF Camp and has made Cardo who was naive to think he was fighting for his course, but least did he know that he cared less about him. He said Cardo’s mission in San Gabriel would help detect how skillful he was to be reserved in facing Romulo Dumaguit.

Cardo had another psychological episode. He got to his camp room and saw Ricky boy sitting there. The boy later disappeared when he drew closer to him. At the NMIG office, General Olegario promised to continue her son’s good will as his presence was always felt with her. Even in his death, he helped others. That, she said has given her the strength to also fight to save the people.

At San Gabriel, Pampanga Bat kept on keeping people as hostages and torturing them while the authorities assembled at the NDA office finding lasting solution to the San Gabriel disturbance. Director Hipolito said they should now rely on the PNP’s SAF to put the chaos under control.

Meanwhile, Elmo helped Waley in getting a new name “Armor Beauty Parlour” for Amor’s shop which they had planned to reopen. Their new hired beautician was sent to the Barangay office for her inability to provide an ID to prove her identity. As she was keeping long, Yolly called her to discover the development.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga Snake was scared that Bat would pin the mishappenings on Scorpion. Scorpion said he had an agreement with Bat that they would not betray each other.

“But do you trust that Bat, he could be cunning,” Spider was worried.

“Homer Bat is just like you,” Snake hissed

“He is just like us,” Scorpion retorted.

After the meeting, General Olegario told Delfin that she knew how worried he was but Cardo was key instrumental to bring the ruthless acts of the Bloody Sun to an end. Delfin said he had not informed the family about Cardo’s mission but was scared since it has been long since Cardo went for a mission of such calibre.

Yolly, Elmo and Paco went to the Barangay hall for the new employee. Counselor Gina explained that they did that to keep the area safe from criminals since they were on high alert due to the r3bels. Counselor Gina told them to gain a new permit as they wanted to reopen Armor’s shop. Yolly said the permit has not expired but Gina indicated that it had a new ownership.

Yolly found it bizarre and wanted to cross check from the city hall before paying. Counselor Gina took offense and said she had been working tirelessly for the people without sleeping and what she gained in return was their doubt, adding that she did not deserve that. The next day, as the SAF were in a battle with the r3bels Alyana informed the family that she was heading to Pampanga for interview with the persons affected by the war in the area.

The family wondered if Cardo was also there, Flora said they needed to pray for the protection of Cardo and Alyana. Manolo came to Renato’s office to inform him that some civilians were affected by the war between the SAF and the r3bels. Renato saw that as good and would head to the refugee camp to make his presence felt by helping the victims of the attack.

“I don’t think you should be running for the Senator Sir, you’re fit for the presidency,” Catindig applauded Hipolito’s strategy.

At San Gabriel, Pampanga, guns were fired as shots were traded between the r3bels and the SAF. Cardo calculated his shots, he aimed before firing, he was very skillful. Alyana met the Director of NDA who personally arrived to help the victims. Director Hipolito held a woman close to him to listen and support her. The old woman complained of not seeing her husband and children after the attack.

Director Hipolito calmed her and assured that the NDA and the SAF were working around the clock to put an end to the attack. Director Hipolito gave food, drinks and medicines to the victims and after Alyana’s live report, she told Pinggoy to focus the camera on Director Hipolito and his kind gesture as he distributed the food to the poor civilians.

Meanwhile, Cardo displayed his skills and took the r3bels down. He climbed the building and De la Paz and the rest followed. Cardo single handedly handled the situation as he kicked a door to find Bat holding some civilians as hostage. He used a child as bait and Cardo started having episode of the boy being Ricky boy. He pulled a fast one on Bat. He threw his gun and while it as still in midair, he deftly pulled out his backup weapon and sh0t to k!ll him to save his Ricky boy and the civilians. He then went to pick up Ricky Boy and hugged him gladly. Eventually, Cardo snapped out of it and realised that the kid isn’t actually his son

Grandma Flora and the family watched the news on TV where the victims of the attack on San Gabriel lamented over their ordeal. Director Hipolito made himself known as he promised to restore peace to the town and bring Bloody Sun to justice. Meanwhile, James asked Diana about the real motive of the Bloody Sun.

“That remains a mystery,” General Olegario stated.

“What if they just want to terrify the people?”

“No! I have a feeling there’s more to it. This isn’t just an act of terrorism. They must have other reasons. And I’ll uncover them all.”

Director Hipolito showed his face again at the SAF camp to thank the troopers for successfully liberating the town of San Gabriel. As he was still commending the troopers, Romulo had a talk with his group about the situation they were in. he expressed worry about how they keep getting blamed for the b0mbing$ and the recent siege in San Gabriel.

De Vera and Reyes commended Cardo’s bravery in their recent mission, saying they hope the pain he was feeling over the loss of his son has lessened a bit. However, Cardo stated that the pain and anger has no chance of lessening in any way until he takes down all the members of Bloody Sun. The troopers then assured him of their support. Later, Clemente asked Cardo to be his buddy so he could be sure that someone brave would protect him.

“But you are brave Or you wouldn’t have survived our training and our last mission. You just have to believe in yourself more.”

“Sir, thank you for saying that. If you don’t mind, can we be friends?”

“No need to worry. From now on, you and I are friends. And I will be your buddy.”

Clemente excitedly fist bumps with Cardo as Dela Paz and Quinto looked on with sarcasm. Meanwhile, Diana studied Capili’s file, certain that he definitely has a hand in the b0mb!ngs and her son’s death.

At the r3bel camp, Homer asked Catindig and Capili to find a way to get rid of the Bat’s men before they reveal the location of their camp. Admitting that he did have the power to, Catindig assured Homer that he would give him a heads-up if any of them squeal.

While the SAF underwent their usual training drills, Renato had a talk with Catindig where he practically took pleasure in how they had played everyone. Director Hipolito admitted that Cardo would noy be an easy enemy on account of how he had fought on the field. He then began worrying whether Scorpion would do the job they had given him. Roldan suggested that they escape the group with their new members and the money they have made.

“He said he’d inform us of Leon’s plans,” Catindig said.

“That’s good!

Because we’re about to plan and carry out more attacks that will point more fingers to the Bloody Sun,” Renato replied.

Meanwhile at the r3bels camp, Homer replied Roldan that “Leaving now will cause a big mess.”

“Catindig requested for me to stick with Leon,”

“So I’ll know about the plans he’s making. He’ll pay us too.”

“How much?” Roldan asked.

“Dude, chill out. You’re too excited for money. You really are greedy.

Just keep your ears open to whatever plan Leon makes.

We’ll be wherever Leon is.”

Delfin arrived at the SAF camp to see his grandnephew and commander Dela Rosa meets him halfway and recounted to him the bravery of Cardo in their last mission. Eventually, Cardo showed up and Delfin scolded him for violating the protocol and attacking on his own again.

Cardo argued that he had only done that to save the people. The General will have none of it though.

“You’re here to serve and protect. You’re not here to make anyone pay for your son’s death. Be careful.”

General Olegario called Delfin to ask of where they had taken the r3bels that had been captured in San Gabriel. Delfin revealed that they were still in camp Crame. As the traitorous Catindig walked in, Diana asked Delfin to let her know once the r3bels identify Colonel Capili. Announcing his presence, Catindig feigned concern and confidence, that the case will be resolved in no time.

“Your son’s death needs justice,” so says the traitorous Catindig.

“For Joel and for all the victims of Bloody Sun.”

Catindig met up with Capili and informed him of how Diana was desperately looking for him until now. Capili asked if the General has uncovered anything about him and Catindig assured him that he would let him know once she does.

“She’s good at her job. Won’t be long until she uncovers something about me.”

“That’s why I’m warning you. As long as I’m handling your case, no one will ever find you.”

While Diana studied Capili’s profile in her office, Delfin payed a visit to his sister and the rest of the family to inform them that Cardo was doing well in his camp after his mission in San Gabriel. Flora was doubtful and Delfin assured her that he had personally spoken to him.

“Nice,” Paco retorted.

“That’s why the 3ebels got defeated. Cardo was fighting on the field.”


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