Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 234

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 234 Dela Paz, Quinto, Velasco held as hostages in Bloody Sun’s Camp, Romulo saves Cardo

Cardo limped looking for help. At camp Crame, Delfin told Rivera and Guzman about his inability to receive intel on Cardo and his unit. He has also not informed Flora and the family since he did not know what to tell them. He planned to inform the family only when he received information about his grandnephew.

At Mt Karagao, Lena ran to embrace her father while, Dela Paz, Velasco and Quinto were held as hostages. General Olegario sent the Colonel to Cam Crame for questioning. The man denied working with Colonel Ernesto Capili. He said they only went to school but failed to reveal the truth earlier since he did not want them to turn their attention on him. He made available his records so that they could check his sincerity.

Feeling relieved, Major Catindig told Director Hipolito that currently Diana suspected a different person and he was free. Renato asked for how long, he believed Olegario now trusted the CIDG more and even if she learnt something about them she would keep it.

He planned to take advantage of her vulnerability to get close to her, especially now that she did not have any family. About his enemies, Director Hipolito believed Cardo might be dead but assured Catindig that he would take care of Romulo.

“Now that I have gained the trust of Romulo and Domingo, manipulating them will be easy.”

At Camp Crame, General Borja told General Olegario that he wouldn’t know how the family would bear it should something worse happened to Cardo. Diana said she would pray for Cardo’s safety return. However, at the new camp, Romulo assured Emman that they were safe and the group has defeated their enemies. Lena asked Romulo why he brought home some captives.

Romulo was certain that the SAF would think twice before initiating any vile plans against them. Lena was glad that nothing happened to her father as she would not be able to stand another loss.

“Help, Help, Help,” the voice came, as Cardo stumbled upon a r3bel’s shelter. He saw the owners of the place approaching, doubting they would be of help to him, he changed himself and dashed off. The owner saw blood and tried to pursue the intruder, his son saw the SAF’s uniform and realised the intruder was a soldier. This made the man searched everywhere for the intruder with his g*n.

Elsewhere, Wali spotted his friends initiating their corrupt act. His attitude changed and Alyana saw him disoriented. Wali claimed he was under the weather. His friends later thanked him for not ratting them out. They threatened him not to make them his enemies otherwise he knew what would happen to him.

Paco parked his jeepney to buy something, he returned to find some bullies demanding money from him for parking there. To avoid argument, Paco paid but the guys said the money was not enough. The kids who were in the jeepney were not happy about it so Paquito got down to defend his father but the bully pushed the kid. Paco engaged in fight with him. The neighbours who were behind the act rushed in to separate the fight in pretence.

At Mt Karagao, Cardo was limping and was running out of energy to proceed. He resorts to prayers in his quest of seeking for help.

“Please don’t take my life away just yet, I still have to accomplish my mission and I have a family that is waiting for me.

Most especially my Grandma Flora and Alyana.

Please give me the strength to remain alive and to overcome this major challenge.”

After the family scolded Paco for risking Paquito’s life by fighting the boys who ganged up on him, Alyana made Wali accompanied him to the Barangay hall to complain to Counselor Gina about it. The counselor promised to resolve the issue.

At Mt Karagao, Lena presented food to their captives but De la Paz said they would not eat.

“If I were you, I will eat this food because this might be your last meal because we won’t spare your lives,” Homer threatened while Lena stopped him.

Dela Paz told him that their reinforcement team were on the way and they would take the r3bel group on. Romulo did not look cheerful even after victory on the enemies. Father wondered why after he revenged the d£ath of his wife still he was not happy. Romulo voiced out that too much blood has been shared. They decided to search for survivors.

At the NDA, Renato received information that the reinforcement team were still searching if they would see commanders who survived. Renato doubted if any could make it. He took a stroll around his office, looking at his citation. He recalled how Romulo saved his life in his youthful age as a Bloody Sun member.

He encouraged himself in his crimes, telling himself that he did not owe anyone’s his life. It was through his sweat and hard work that was why he had reached where he was and would continue hunting for power till he goes on top.

At Mt Karagao, Homer failed to save any of the survivors, he told his search team to leave them to d!e, however, Romulo’s team save the SAF troopers who were still alive and stumbled on Cardo. He sent Cardo to the camp for Lena to nurse him. Velasco believed they were only the survivors. Dela Paz charged them not to lose hope. Lena managed to take off the bullet and told her father about it.

At the NMIG, Catindig came across some of the staff talking about the traitor. He defended Diana and said she was passing through a lot and it was not that she has changed. She was doing her job right and wanted to uphold the integrity of the intelligence job. However, Olegario was eavesdropping, only Catindig saw her and pretended not to have seen her to continue defending her to win her trust.

Romulo went to check on Cardo and Cardo who has regained consciousness explained to Romulo that he was hunting in the woods when he heard g*n firing, so he began running for his life when someone sh0t him. At NMIG, General Olegario thanked Major Catindig for defending her. Winning her trust, Catindig called the Defense boss to inform him.

Soon, the SAF reinforcement team went to Mt Karagao for all their fallen heroes. They arrived to inform the executives that none of the officers they had survived, however there were some they had not seen. Delfin searched if he could find Cardo among the deceased but he was not part of it. He told Olegario who also was searching to find Cardo.


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