Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 235

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 235 A state burial is held for 50 SAF commandos, Cardo requests to join Bloody Sun to unleash his revenge

At Mt Karagao, Father asked Romulo what he would do with Fernan. Homer said Fernan was a threat to them since he knew their hideout and knew that they were r3bel group belonging to the Bloody Sun. He was scared that he would rat the group out.

As the news was ongoing about the PNP’s latest failed mission with the authorities now about to determine the number of casualties, Alyana and Pinggoy arrived. Alyana wanted to find out if her husband was among those casualties.

Cardo was anxious staring around, Lena got in with food and he thanked her for lending him the clothes he was wearing. Lena said the clothes were for her late husband. Lena confirmed if Fernan was from San Isidro and he said yes, his family were there. Lena indicated that within few days he would fully recover and he would be reunited with his family.

Cardo was grateful to her and Romulo for saving him from the woods. Elsewhere, Alyana asked Delfin if Cardo was part of the mission and General Borja indicated that he was part but not part of the dead bodies.

“We will do everything possible to find the missing troop, don’t worry Cardo will be found,” the traitor, Hipolito hissed.

“I know that my husband is alive, I have a feeling that he is alive,” Alyana declared.

As Flora was worried about Cardo and his current mission, Director Hipolito had a media engagement and assured that the missing troopers would be found and the number of the SAF officers who died would be released. He also said they would work hard to bring down Bloody Sun so that those fallen heroes death would not be in vain.

Alyana after her report was standing in despair, Pinggoy brought her water and she expressed the need for them to find Cardo as soon as possible. Pinggoy asked her not to worry, for him, Cardo was a fighter. After watching Alyana’s report on the SAF troopers who were still being searched for to be conveyed to the SAF base, Flora called Alyana to enquire from her whether Cardo was part of that operation.

At Mt Karagao, Cardo saw the r3bel leaders approaching and he thanked Romulo while Father and Homer gave him an eye. Flora who was having bad feeling that something had happened to Cardo and Delfin was hiding it from her just like he did with Ador called her brother to confirm the state of Cardo. Delfin said there was no update yet but was not hiding anything from her.

Delfin encouraged Alyana to go home as he would get her posted on any update on her husband but Alyana was not ready to leave. She broke down into tears, leading Delfin to comfort her. Delfin got to Cam Crame, Guzman and Rivera who were talking about the operation asked Delfin for update.

At NDA office, it was revealed that four SAF troopers were missing from the 50 officers sent to the rebels’ camp. General Olegario suggested they should not reveal any news about the four as that would put their lives in danger.

The Bloody Sun Group feast and made merry as Cardo queried Lena about the mission of the group and was told they fight for equality and brutalities against the weak. Cardo asked why they hurt other people but Lena denied it, saying, she knew they were using weapons but there was no day that they hurt others. They only used the weapon to defend themselves.

The NDA held a press conference to express the defense agency’s sadness to the bereaved fallen commandos and assured that they would end the brutalities of the Bloody Sun but failed to comment on the missing troopers.

“How is my little show Infront of the media,” Renato queried Manolo after the media encounter.

“Well Sir, you almost had me fo0led a while ago but you should have seen General Borja and the wife of Dalisay, they were on the verge of tears.”

“You’re not bad yourself you regained Diana’s trust.”

“And I will make sure it stays that way director.”

Director Hipolito asked Catindig about the activities of Diana and he said she had nothing new doing but Renato said they had to brace themselves since Diana was always up to something new. Cardo at the new camp told Lena it seemed her group were happy. Lena said they were not especially now that they got attacked by soldiers.

She said they lost a lots of their comrades in their old hideout and even lost her stepmother, her father’s wife Aurora. Lena indicated that she wanted her father to be out of the group but due to his principles he was not ready to abandon the group due to his principles an also for the fact that the founder trusted the group with her father. Cardo asked about the founder and Lena said Father was the founder and the group was established some decades ago.

The next day at he r3bel’s camp, Homer addressed the group and charged them to get prepared as he believed the SAF troopers would not back down, they have to face them squarely and win the victory once more again. Cardo was sitting on the rocks at the river side, in soliloquy he expressed the need for him to stay a bit longer at the camp to avenge the death of his son and his comrades. Even though, he knew his family would be worried but he was not ready to flee from the camp yet.

In the camp, Romulo informed the Father that Fernan was now well and would have to send him away but Father had other plan. He saw Romulo as too trusting and rejected his will of rescuing Cardo. Romulo stated that he only helped an innocent man who their enemies shot and there was nothing wrong with it. Roldan was happy with the tension in between the two leaders due to Fernan.

Lena saw Fernan and ran to him, asking why he was sitting all alone at the river side. Fernan said he was reflecting on something as the river saved his life. Lena wanted to know more, much to Anton’s dismay Lena was with Cardo and was growing jealous at the sight.

Soon, a state burial was organised for the 50 fallen soldiers notable among them were SPO2 Roberto De Vera and SPO2 Christian Clemente. The Chief police officer expressed how those 50 soldiers lost their lives in a quest to save the country and promised the commitment of the PNP to bring the r3bels down to honour the bravery of the PNP’s 50 SAF commandos.

The NDA boss, Director Hipolito also said he saw himself through those SAF commandos as he fought all his way up as AFP soldier who wanted to fight for his country. He urged the family of the deceased to also see him as their son as he shared the pains of his brothers-in-arm. Flora who attended the event with her brother met Clemente’s family and she introduced Alyana to them. Clemente’s mother prayed that Cardo would be found soon.

Hipolito sobbed and wiped off his tears in his speech delivery as Manolo was impressed by the director’s trickery. Meanwhile, Diana looked on and was shocked how good Hipolito was. At Mt Karagao, Cardo asked Lena where the commander was and he went to inform him that he wanted to be part of the group.

Later, Flora wept in the house but Alyana said they should remain hopeful that Cardo would return safely and sound. As the CIDG officers were proposing to General Borja to pass behind Director Hipolito to deploy a rescue team to search for Cardo and the other three missing SAF commandos, Director Hipolito assured Manolo that the PNP would never find out that he did not send any reinforcement team to search for the four missing commandos.

Dela Paz, Quinto and Velasco were sent to a different camp and were in the arms of William, who locked them up in another cage. Dela Paz kept encouraging his colleagues not to lose hope as he was certain that the officers would search and find them. Elsewhere, at the mountain, Homer tried to provoke Anton to attack Cardo when they witnessed him talking to Emman and telling Lena that he was taking care of a boy who he lost him at the age of two after some bad people ended boy’s life.

At Camp Crame, General Borja accepted what Rivera and Guzman proposed and decided to talk to the SAF boss about getting a rescue team to search for the four missing commandos. Meanwhile, Manolo arrived at NMIG to inform Diana that the rescue team did not find Cardo and the other three troopers. Diana found it as good news as that meant that the four troopers were alive but might be missing in the woods.

She hoped they were not held as hostages by the rebel group. Soon, an informant came to reveal to Romulo that a SAF officer broke into his camp and stole his things while leaving his uniform there. He cautioned them to be cautious as they could have infiltrator in their amidst. Cardo asked Lena what the man said and Lena told him.


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