Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 236

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 236 Renato plans second ambush on Diana Olegario, Cardo saves Domingo’s life

At Mt Karagao, Homer addressed the r3bels that they had to find the person who owned the SAF uniform otherwise they would be screwed. Father said he knew who the traitor was. Romulo indicated that he knew what Father was thinking but every human deserved a second opportunity so he would query him. If he found out that Fernan was the traitor he would deal with him himself.

Cardo sensed he was not safe anymore so he wanted to come up with a plan before caught. In the house the kids kept their exams papers to wait to show it to Cardo. They were hopeful that Cardo would return as he always kept his promise. Director Hipolito went out with Diana Olegario, pretending to be affected by the SAF troopers who lost their lives in an encounter with the Bloody Sun.

He blamed himself for the lives lost, however, General Olegario comforted him and said what he was exhibiting was not weakness but it showed his sense of care. At Mt Karagao, Cardo was sent for questioning but he denied owning the SAF uniform bearing the name Dalisay. He told them he was even hoping to join the group.

Romulo indicated that the group had their own battles so since they did not know him and the uniform did not belong to him then he would be allowed to be reunited with his family. Cardo went to see Lena and the latter believed her father was right. He advised Cardo to lead a peaceful life outside the camp. However, Cardo was not happy with the group’s decision about him.

Homer made advances on Velasco, making Dela Paz grow wild with his plan of escape strengthened before anything happened to the female SAF officer. At the NDA, Catindig wondered why Director Hipolito did not want them to take the r3bel group on since they did not need them. Director Hipolito told him not to worry, Manolo was certain that Renato was hiding something from him.

Alyana hoped her line of duty would get her reunited with her husband. Pinggoy who she was talking to also had a strong belief that Cardo was alive. On the contrary, Alyana said Grandma Flora was preparing for the worse.

At the eatery, Flora busied herself with lots of work at the dismay of Elmo and Yolly. At Mt Karagao, Cardo set fire, doing everything for the r3bels to see his genuine nature. However, Homer tried to turn the Father’s head against Cardo, on the contrary, Pillow believed Fernan was a decent guy. As Homer was plotting on means to get the female SAF trooper held as hostage to bed, Dela Paz was also working on their escape.

That night, they stayed awoke as Dela Paz managed to get a nail from one of the woods and was using it to cut the wooden cage. The r3bels who were keeping eye on them wondered why their hostages were still awoke.

Delfin prepared the PNP’s reinforcement team to search for the missing troopers in Mt Karagao. Director Hipolito made them believe he was glad for the initiative and urged General Borja to inform him about the movement of the rescue team at their enemies’ territory.

“I assure you that we will find the missing SAF troopers,” General Borja added.

“And I assure you that you will find nothing because you’re not going anywhere near these r3bels camp,” Director Hipolito interjected beneath his breath.

“Fernan I hope you won’t betray the trust we’ve given you. I took pity on you when we find you lying out cold.

So I ask that you don’t repay our kindness with a cheap manufactured wine,” Romulo spoke with Cardo at the r3bels’ camp in Mt Karagao.

Cardo assured that he was not the man who Father thought he was and for everyone’s peace of mind, he would leave the camp first thing the next day. Romulo threatened to make him regret should he find out that he was a traitor.

In Camp Crame, General Olegario arrived and informed Director Hipolito that she had a meeting with General Borja regarding the ex military men who intercepted the CIDG operations.

“I assure Diana after tonight I will not have to worry about you anymore,” Director Hipolito warned underneath his breath.

Soon, Cardo bid Lena and Emman goodbye and said same to the commander and the Father. In his quest to expose Fernan as the traitor, Father in the company of some two r3bels volunteered to escort Fernan to his place.

Meanwhile, Renato told Manolo that Diana was still pursuing the ex-military men so he should plan another ambush and this time his men should be more so that Diana could not survive the attack. Manolo assured that the second ambush would send his boss to her grave. General Olegario spoke to her deceased son’s portrait concerning her meeting with General Borja.

Cardo had been walking with Father and his men yet they had not reached San Isidro. Father indicated that Fernan might have joked with Romulo but could not do that to him and brandished a gun at him. Fernan insisted that he had nothing more to tell them.

Elsewhere, the hostages managed to escape when their watchers were engaged in merriment, however, they reached a dead end when the ones watching over them discovered they had escaped and ran after them. Fernan, Father and their two escort reached San Isidro, Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, they met some men led by Sebastian who were illegally cutting down trees and mining. Father politely asked them to allow them to pass since the river was overflowing and has become too deep for them to cross.

The men did not allow them, they turned and Sebastian sh0t at them. Father got upset and sh0t back, he sustained g✓n wounds making Cardo to retaliate and he k!lled some of the encroachers. Sebastian kept firing while Cardo checked on father who was bleeding profusely and secured him behind the sands in the area.


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