Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 237

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 237 Domingo swears Fernan in as member of Pulang Araw with a name Agila, General Olegario fights for her life after second ambush

At Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation, San Isidro, Cardo skillfully fought the bad guys at the mining sector to defend Father. They engaged in g*n and fist fights, much to Father’s surprise on how skillful Fernan was in his fight. He ran with Father while Dela Paz, Quinto and Velasco were caught during their ran.

They had no option than to surrender. At the PNC media agency, the editor of Alyana assigned her to a new story but she did not accept the new assignment since she wanted to follow up on the r3bels and SAF’s issue.
At the eatery in Manila, Girona and Soriano arrived to check on Grandma Flora. He assured that the CIDG was doing everything possible to find her grandson and knowing Cardo, he would outsmart the r3bels.

Back at the PNC, Pinggoy wanted Alyana to accept the new programme to get Cardo issue off her mind for a while but she said that would mean that she has given up on her husband.

Behold, at the mining corporation in San Isidro, there came a boss, Miguel who was riding on his horse, mistreating the miners. The bad guys came to inform him that the Bloody Sun members attacked them and the rest of their people were k!lled by the r3bels. Miguel said they had to keep the dead bodies under wrap in order for the cops not to find out.

Miguel promised not to allow the r3bel group take the best out of him. At Mt Karagao, Fernan brought the wounded Father home and Romulo asked what happened to Father. He explained that they were attacked by an unknown people. As Romulo told Lena to go for water and other things to dress up Father’s wound, Father thanked Fernan for saving his life.

He also apologised for doubting his intentions as he thought he was a traitor who would bring burden upon the Bloody Sun. Father officially welcomed Fernan into the group. At Camp Crame, Delfin addressed Guzman and the rest that they had received a positive update from Director Hipolito that his rescue team had discovered some ammunitions at where they believed could be the r3bels’ camp but no one had been found yet.

He planned to erect check points around. However, Alyana was giving up on her faith of Cardo being alive as Flora has conscientised her to move on for the sake of the children but Pinggoy asked her to desist from such thoughts.

After being beaten, with Velasco being molested, she asked the guys for forgiveness since they escaped the wooden caged due to her. Dela Paz said it was not her fault as they had to get out of the place before they got k!lled.

At Camp Crame, Guzman told Delfin that they were not able to find Cardo and the rest. The granduncle of Cardo believed Cardo was alive and he and the other three missing troopers might be used by the r3bels as hostages. At Mt Karagao, the two escorts thanked Cardo for saving all of them. They saw him as hero and introduced themselves to Fernan and asked him to be their friend.

However, at the NMIG, Director Hipolito misled their operations just to save Bloody Sun. Manolo has rolled out a vicious plan to get rid of his boss. He had already given instructions to his team in order for them not to fail otherwise Hipolito would get rid of them just like he did with the previous guys.

As Diana left the office to the house, Manolo called Hipolito to inform him about Diana and how his guys were ready to get rid of her.

“You better make sure that Diana does not survive this ambush,” Director Hipolito cautioned.

Manolo looking at his boss’ seat said:

“Tonight I will finally get rid of Olegario and the position I have been fighting so hard for will fall into my lap at last.”

Diana was ambushed in her own house, her driver, Gaspar was shot and when she thought she had taken all her enemies down some appeared again and sh0t her. She retaliated, as she thought all hope was lost for her, Director Hipolito appeared from the blue to shOot her attackers and rushed her to the hospital.

James blew the news of Olegario to Manolo and the latter got upset that Director Hipolito actually saved Diana. He knew the NDA boss was keeping something from him since he initiated the orders and they carried out, only for him to save her.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Diana Olegario was sent to the intensive unit for the bullet to be removed. Director Hipolito believed after saving Diana, she would only obey his orders. At Enriquez Mining and Industrial Corporation in San Isidro, Miguel’s father arrived and Miguel told his father that the r3bels attacked them.

Enriquez believed the r3bels wanted money, hence the attack. At Mt Karagao, the three hostages were dragged out and were asked about who Dalisay was. They acted like they did not know, Dela Paz asked them where they got the uniform from but the guys said they were the only person who could ask questions and they maltreated the SAF troopers.

Quinto told them that there were many of them and they did not know all of the SAF men. Elsewhere in the camp, Cardo was sworn in as a Bloody Sun member to protect people especially the weak and defend them as if they were his parents. He was awarded with a batch and was named as Agila.

Alyana received a call from Delfin concerning the attack on Brigadier General Olegario. She told Paco that she would not report on the issue since they did not want her to interfere in their investigation.

At San Isidro mining corporation, Miguel asked his father to leave the Bloody Sun into his hand as he would take care of them with his guys. His father said Bloody Sun was not easily to be getting rid of since they defeated the SAF troopers. Miguel believed they were lucky but this time around they would not be lucky.

Later, Flora asked about the update on Diana Olegario and Alyana said the investigation so far was pointed to the ex-military men and they were now looking at the link between the ex military men and the Bloody Sun. The family found it fishy as to how anyone who tried to find the r3bels got attacked. Flora advised Alyana to keep herself alive by staying away from the r3bels’ business.

At the hospital, Diana survived and was grateful to Director Hipolito who informed Diana that he received a tip off that the ex-military men would ambush her so he decided to come to her house to caution her only to find her being ambushed.

At Mt Karagao, Fernan and Lena were carrying fruits into the camp and Cardo’s new friends went for the fruits to assist them. As Cardo and Lena were talking while working, Homer’s group tried to get Anton more jealous about the friendship of Fernan and Lena.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna ensure that Fernan doesn’t fall off his place because when he does, he will be burnt alive,” Anton declared.

At the hospital, Catindig, James and a colleague visited Olegario and were happy to find her alive. James indicated that Director Hipolito should have allowed one of the ex-military men to be alive to help in the investigation to know their real motive. Diana said Director Hipolito had no choice than to eliminate them otherwise Gasper and Hipolito would have d!ed, believing she owned her life to Hipolito.

At the r3bels’ camp, Anton warned Lena not to be too trusting. She should stay clear off Fernan as they did not know him well. Anton used the opportunity to declare his intentions concerning Lena. He revealed that he was interested in her just that he did not muster the courage to propose to her. Anton did not want anyone to play with the heart of Lena.

In Manila hospital, Delfin visited General Olegario to check on her health and promised to do everything possible to ensure those ex military men were captured. Manolo went to the office of Renato, he said they lost all their men and Hipolito stated that those men knew too much so it was based on merit for them to pass away.

“So you k!lled all our good men just to save Olegario?” Manolo queried.

Renato said saving Olegario was part of the plan for her to be his pulpit and obey every little single command of his which he has achieved. For Manolo’s position as the intelligence boss, he urged him not to worry as eventually he would occupy that position.

“You kept your real plan from me so I can’t trust you anymore,” Manolo hissed inside him.

Ready to toast, a secretary came with bouquet as Renato ordered.

At Mt Karagao, father gave a new mission to his squad concerning the lands that Miguel and his family were stealing. He indicated that those people were illegally cutting down trees and destroying nature’s ecosystem which needed to be protected. He rage war against them and charged Homer to prepare the guys to face their next battle.

At the Mining territory, as Miguel has made a plan to trap the Bloody Sun Group with a guise of paying them, he stumbled on some youth who had bagged some of the sands to sell. He claimed he was the owner of the area and deprived the boys from selling the sands. Miguel told them to be part of his group before they helped him to make money. The guys refused and Miguel scared them with his weapon for them to flee.


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