Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 24

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 24

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 24 Cardo helps a woman deliver at his new post 

Onyok ran to Glen. Glen was worried about Onyok and asked if he was fine and he said. Cardo got there and Glen told him to get himself examined.

Cardo said he knew she was concerned about his safety and also revealed to her that he read her l^ve letter.

Glen requested to go home and Cardo told her he would take her home. She left her bag as she felt uncomfortable when Cardo read her letter.

Cardo threw her bag to her. Joaquin was drunk and Carmen wanted to help him, Junior got there and he asked whether Carmen would go out with Joaquin but she said she would follow him (Junior) to upstairs.

Joaquin said Junior was avoiding him just like what Carmen was doing. Carmen said Junior misinterpreted their relationship and thought she want to replace his father with Joaquin.

Glen in the house was told by Nanding that even if Cardo did not read the letter he has read her.

Onyok asked Cardo when he would make Glen his mother but he said Glen was his friend.

The next morning Keana and her mom got to Flora’s house, Keana brought Onyok a gift. Her mother thanked Cardo for helping save Keana. They invited them (Keana and her mother) over to eat.

At the station, the other officers believed in Cardo’s words and gossiped that Joaquin had a different approach to things since he hated Cardo.

Joaquin and his guys got in and told them that the coffee break was over. Cardo joined later and confronted Joaquin and his men for their lies they used to cover themselves to claim heroes.

He later went to Delfin’s office and was suspended for 15 days without pay and was told to also report to the police petrol team.

Delfin told Cardo that he believed in what he was saying but his hands were tied up in the case.

Verna had a private meeting with Philip. Philip said if Tomas was caught he would incriminate him.

As they were playing chest, Tomas told Joaquin that since they had already gotten rid of Cardo so they would now use Cardo as an answer to their quest to eliminate Philip.

Joaquin wondered how it could be possible but Tomas said the game they were playing with Philip was like chest.

Philip asked Verna to tell him what he knew about the disappearance of his partner but she said she knew nothing about it and left.

In the house, Flora was informed that Cardo would join the highway patrol group. Flora was happy but Delfin said the work was not limited to just traffic conduction but was also for him to arrest criminals on highways.

Fast forward, Cardo went to the Patrol team training to be more skilful and snappy in his new duty.

Tomas got upset with Philip for chosing Papa Tom as a distribution outlet of his illegal business. He saw that the name would drag him into trouble since he also bore the same name.

Tomas later met with a certain man and killed him as he recalled  Philip’s words. Cardo got his certificate and began his job as a traffic enforcer.

At post, he saw his colleagues were illegally taking money from the drivers. One enforcer alerted the rest not to trust Cardo since he used to work with the CIDG.

Miguel said Cardo should rather be running after rebels and not a traffic aid.

Onyok followed Benny to sell and they saw Cardo. Meanwhile, Flora went to Junior’s school to see him. She asked Junior who Carmen come to pick him with but Carmen got there and interjected that she went there alone.

Miguel told Cardo to be active, although he saw it as embarrassing but he danced and Joaquin and his guys made mockery of him. Flora tried to help Carmen but Carmen did not take the money. She said she would look for a job.

Joaquin almost knocked someone down and he forced his friends out of his car. They said his action might have changed since Carmen turned him down.

Flora cautioned Carmen against Joaquin but Carmen chose Joaquin over Cardo. Miguel talked to Cardo concerning Joaquin and he said they were his colleagues at CIDG and Cardo warned Miguel against the taking of bribe.

Miguel did not heed and took bribe from a man who took U-TURN at a place he was supposed not to.

Cardo introduced Benny and Onyok to Miguel. As they were leaving, they came across some street children who were hungry and Cardo ordered Benny to give the rest of the food he was selling to them.

Carmen’s parent talked to him to forgive Cardo and Flora. A neighbour told Flora that if Cardo continued as a traffic aid he would go waste but Flora asked him not to be little traffic aiders.

Philip met with Tomas and other business associates to introduce his new business of candy crystals (illegal drugs) to them. Tomas got upset that their partners chose the drug business over the human trafficking. Philip said he would sell it in the Philippines. Joaquin was upset and in a bar, he shunned many women just to be with Carmen.

He got to Carmen’s house and texted her if he could go over. He saw Carmen reading the message but she went back in.

Cardo saw a jeep in the highway which the passenger was in labour so he helped her give birth. As Carmen was teaching Junior, her brother caller her to watch Cardo on tv as he helped someone who was in an unmoving jeep give birth.

Junior anxiously asked if that was also part of his job. Carmen’s brother said Cardo was his hero.

Cardo gained lots of gifts from the couple and Flora was happy that he was doing great even as a traffic enforcer. She was also glad that he was out of trouble.


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