Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 266

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 266 Fernan wipes out the Venom Group, Don Emilio plans to fuel De Silva’s campaign with 100million for his release

At Flora’s eatery, Yolly was happy that their business was getting on its feet after rumours of Cardo’s connection with the Bloody Sun almost took the business down. Elmo was not that enthused since the profit was not yet matched with their earlier earnings. Paco was however, optimistic that the customers were returning while Wally proposed that they sell various delicacies to boost sales.

Elsewhere, Gina and her lackeys plotted against Flora since Gina believed the De Leons’ have connection with the Bloody Sun and planned to be the whistle blower to the NDA.

At Camp Crame, Delfin informed Olegario about what Alyana told him. He said Cardo was the one who ensured the bomb did not detonate at the overcrowded place in De Silva’s campaign.

They planned to keep Cardo’s issue as secret even from Hipolito. On Catindig, Olegario indicated that she still could not find any information that could incriminate him. Delfin also revealed that Cardo said there was high ranking government official backing the Bloody Sun Group but they did not know the person. However, Delfin was certain that Catindig was the one.

Manolo received a call from Homer demanding his money. Manolo did not want to pay since there was no casualties but Homer did not care he was bent on taking the money since the bomb exploded. Manolo said Fernan screwed up, the reason there was no casualties so he would not pay.

Fernan took his AK 47 and stormed out of the camp. Everyone in the camp was scared watching his gestures. Tadpole and Earthworm had bad feelings about it. Alyana managed to get her editor to assign her to cover Senator De Silva certificate of Candidacy signing programme. She wanted to find out what the Senator knew about the person who detonated a b0mb during his campaign.

At NDA office, Manolo arrived in Renato’s office the moment Senator De Silva was being interviewed. Senator De Silva called his attackers as cowards and was willing to fight them to the core. He was not ready to back down as their assassination attempt had boosted his morale to continue fighting corruption just like his late father.

Director Hipolito was very upset and told Catindig that they had to do something to salvage the situation otherwise, De Silva would run for presidency once he won the senator race. He asked Manolo if he got candid evidence against De Silva for them to use it to ruin his reputation. Manolo confidently said yes but Hipolito threw out his findings since it was not strong.

Manolo just researched about how De Silva became rich just after school but De Silvas’ were long known for their businesses and the family was rich so Hipolito wanted something incriminating, something the press did not know.

Olegario and Borja held a meeting with Guzman and his team to find an intel about the men who k!lled the supposed Bloody Sun members while in Mt Karagao, Roldan was on the neck of Homer to teach Fernan a lesson for screwing up. Fernan availed his face at the venom camp and Homer in anguish hit his cup on a table.

“You got some nerve in showing your face here after you screwed up the mission we gave you.”

“Do you know how much money we lost because of that?”

“So it was you guys who were behind the series of bombings in Manila!” Cardo said.

“You were the ones who targeted all those innocent people.”

“You undermine the goal of the Bloody Sun.”

Homer asked Fernan not to act better since they were all the same and were after the money. Homer told him that he was not part of Venom and Fernan referred to the venom members as psycho. Fernan reminded Homer of the June 28 series of b0mbings at the train station, in the mall and at the church. Homer wondered how Fernan knew all of that.

“My son was one of the innocent people you k!lled so now I am here to make you all pay,” Fernan started to shoot all of them.

Homer swerved to fire back compelling Fernan to take cover. Fernan wiped out Venom Group and set the camp ablaze while Homer and his lackeys struggled to get on their feet. Venom’s camp was destroyed compelling a wounded Homer to flee with his lackeys.

Anton was furious that the new recruits after three months of being part of the group they could not do target shooting. Romulo was happy that Anton was making up for brotherhood after he screwed up in his last mission.

One man told him to allow Anton to make up but Romulo said Anton was only part of the group due to Lena. Meanwhile, Lena said she could not reciprocate his l0ve as she only l0ved Fernan.

Senator De Silva was interviewed again and he indirectly mocked of Hipolito’s inability to bring the rebels to justice.

“Just you wait… I will not finish off taking down those rebels, I will finish you too,” Director Hipolito hissed while watching.
Captain Gina ordered her lackeys to break into Dalisay’s house to find incriminating evidence they could use against the family.,

At M Karagao, Cardo revealed to Romulo that he had an encounter with Scorpion’s group for plotting against the bloody Sun to neutralise the group and take it down. Romulo asked of the whereabouts of the traitors. At the NMIG, General Olegario deliberately asked Catindig to get new intel on Sandro Tomiby and the ex-military group.

Anton was against Fernan’s claims and confirmed knowing about the camp as Homer set it for Bloody Sun in case of emergencies.

“Why are you still defending those traitors?” Romulo queried.

“The real traitor is Fernan.”

“I saw the camp he mentioned. Homer has good intentions.”

“You’re the one who’s mistaken, Anton. It’s clear that Homer has got you f00led. Homer’s real purpose has always been to destroy Bloody Sun,” Fernan interjected.

Senator De Silva planned on using other criminals money to run his campaign. He made plans to seek support from Don Emilio when he called De Silva to give him attempting offer to fuel his campaign and in return he set him free from that hell home.

Meanwhile, General Borja talked to General Olegario on phone to inform her that one of the fake cops has been identified as an ex-military man.

While Cardo prepared to take the commander to Homer’s camp to prove his allegations, Diana studied the profile of the identified fake cop with the ex-military man. She soon had an unexpected visitor, Director Hipolito and Diana suddenly closed her laptop after the director tried to have a peek.

Hipolito now used tactics on General Olegario to prove how she mattered to him in decision making. He asked her to give him her approval to push through with his intention of running for senator before he would go for his certificate of Candidacy.

Elsewhere, De Silva discussed Don Emilio’s proposal with his men, and he planned to grant the old man’s wish so they could gain the 100 million trade-off. Victor argued that they could easily get the 100 million bucks on their own. However, De Silva stated that it was better they keep their hard earned money when someone was willing to spend for them.

In Bilibid, some inmates made mockery of Don Emilio when he was spewing that he was confident that he would be out soon. As the mockery was getting intense he laughed along with them and bashed their heads, one against another.

De Silva revealed his intentions not to only use Don Emilio’s money but wanted him to be his business partner

“But how can we put all our trust in this Don Emilio?” one of his lackeys asked.

Alyana found Grandma Flora staring outside woefully. She asked of the matter and Flora mentioned that there were some people watching them. After taking a peek, Alyana assured her that there was no one there.

Grandma Flora then assumed that she was just seeing things perhaps she had been thinking about Cardo and Alyana urged her to get some rest.

Meanwhile, Diana went for a drink to serve her boyfriend and Hipolito took advantage to go through her laptop. He found the profile of the identified fake cop and he forwarded it to his email, Diana then took steps to return.


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