Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 267

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 267 Hipolito files Certificate of Candidacy as Senator, Homer plans with Hipolito to take revenge on the Bloody Sun

In the house of Diana, she approached with a drink for Hipolito. Hipolito was bent on using love to throw dust into Diana’s eyes to hinder her investigation. Gedong and Nick jumped over the window into Flora’s house to search for evidence that would expose the location of the Bloody Sun.

Paquito woke up and went to where the intruders were hidden but Alyana startled him and he said he seemed to have seen idol Cardo in the house. Alyana searched and did not see anyone.

While his car hit the road, Hipolito called Manolo to inform him that Olegario has discovered one of the hired fake police officer and might delve into his profile to fish out information. Manolo now knew Olegario was keeping things from her boyfriend. Manolo suggested they put her six feet under but Hipolito objected since he did not want to raise suspicions.

He ordered Manolo to concentrate on De Silva while he also takes care of Diana. At the rebels’ camp, Fernan led the commander and his men to the venom’s camp to show him what Homer had long been doing at his back.

“Commander, they were working for Scorpion. They were from the foot of the mountain his new recruits,” Fernan said while pointing on those who died from the war.

A doctor attended to Roldan’s wound and after his good deed, Pilo threatened him with a gun not to reveal what he did to everyone. Homer shot the doctor.

“Now you won’t have the chance to talk,” Homer smirked.

The next day, Paquito insisted to the family that he saw Cardo, Paco doubted but Elmo believed it could be Cardo’s ghost. The rest of the children believed that Cardo would have hugged them if he was the one. Elsewhere, Gedong and Nick told Gina about their inability to obtain any evidence so Gina planned to use other means to get the evidence.

Olegario went to show her love to Hipolito before he went to file his certificate of candidacy to run as the mayor. Meanwhile, De Silva and his lackeys were happy with the headlines, believing his win was guaranteed. He asked one of his lackeys whether he was able to take footage of the methlab.

Some of the Bloody Sun members carried the boxes which Homer had kept his firearms and Romulo wondered where the traitor got money from to purchase those weapons. Fernan said venom had a government officials protecting it and were behind the series of bombings in Manila. Romulo said there was a Colonel who once came to pay them to detonate b0mbs but he declined the offer.

“Who is this Colonel?” Fernan queried

“Colonel Capili,” commander replied.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio was eating while chatting with the prison Director.

“You gonna miss me when I get out of this place,” Don Emilio happily said.

The prison Director said that was if he would get out soon enough. He told Don Emilio not to forget about him and the old man ironically said he would not as he paid huge sums without the director doing anything to help in his freedom. The Director asked his plans after his release and he said he would be working on his illegal businesses.

“Freedom will be meaningful if Cardo was alive, but if he was I will k!ll that scoundrel myself,” Don Emilio muttered.

As Don Emilio was telling Luis Mangubat about an influential person who was helping to set him free, Senator De Silva met with the justice of Court of Appeal, Justice Roma to blackmail him using a video of his son who was a drug syndicate.

Fast forward, at the PNC, Alyana was giving an assignment to cover the filing of Certificate of Candidacy by Renato Hipolito and was also told to do exclusive reportage on all candidates who were standing in the elections by talking about their background and their early life for people to know them more.

Meanwhile, Mt Karagao, the commander addressed the camp on how all those months they were patrolling the mountain thinking their enemies were rather the SAF troopers not knowing they had been living, dinning and sharing things with their enemies and through the good will Agila, he singlehandedly destroyed the venom group, led by Homer who had been plotting to destroy their camp.

Lena sensed that Homer might strike back so she proposed they change their location. After filing for his candidacy as senator, Hipolito had a press engagement and he talked about issues he would prioritise and that was his war with the rebel group to put a stop to their terrorism for peaceful legislation and for the Philippines to sleep soundly. Hipolito declared that he had already won the elections as many of the people had already chosen him.

Meanwhile, Homer after compelling Catindig to help him, he found a shelter for his lackeys to reside. Roldan who was limping and leaning on Pilo to solve his mobility challenge asked Homer if he would form a group again but Homer said that would keep long.

“I really want to destroy Fernan and the Bloody Sun,” Homer muttered.

“So who is going to help us now?” Pilo hissed.

“The Vulture!”

Meanwhile, in Mount Karago Fernan and his two friends chat.

“I’ve confirmed that the commander wasn’t responsible for my son’s death,” Fernan cried.

“Turns out Homer’s group was behind it.”

“They f00led the commander,” Earthworm interjected.

“Those monsters. I wish they were dead. I’ll keep looking for them. They won’t get away next time. It doesn’t matter where they hide, I’m still gonna find them. They’re gonna pay for what they did to my son.”

Senator De Silva watched his rival, Director Hipolito on TV and referred to Hipolito as unreliable and ineffective since he unable to keep his promise of bringing the rebels to justice. Upon his arrival at the NMIG, Hipolito received a grand reception from Diana and her staff.

In Mt Kraao, Anton apologised to Fernan for all his hostility before and Fernan proposed that they let go of everything and become friends. Father and the commander watched them as they shook hands.

Catindig informed Hipolito of Homer’s request to have Bloody Sun exterminated. Meanwhile, Romulo expressed his appreciation to Fernan for putting a stop to Homer’s plan to destroy the group. Catindig urged Hipolito to send the SAF in order to boost his chances of winning the election and Hipolito interjected, saying he would think about it.

Fernan informed his allies about his intention of going into town to look for Homer’s group before they took them by surprise. Romulo overheard and offered to go with him.

In Bilibid, the lawyer of Don Emilio told him that he was going to be out of prison soon. Romulo and his men, along with Fernan, head into town to search for Homer’s group. They learnt that Homer had k!lled the doctor who had helped them out. Elsewhere, Homer called Hipolito several times and the director who felt bothered practically ignored all his calls as he was quite busy sulking over the accusations Senator De Silva had thrown at him recently.

Eventually, Hipolito picked up and Homer demanded that they meet up for them to talk while Catindig spied. At the rebel’s camp, Romulo announced the atrocities of Homer’s group, declaring that they would make them pay for taking all those innocent lives. And they would pay with nothing but their lives.

Senator De Silva called Justice Roma to manipulate him some more into making sure that Don Emilio was released. Meanwhile, Delfin and Diana discussed the case of the fake cops.

“Are you certain Catindig had something to do with the deaths of those rebels?” General Borja queried.

“Yes, General!”

“That’s why I want him to be kept in the dark when it comes to case updates. I’m worried he might warn that person or he might just k!ll them,” Diana said.

“And what makes you think that?”

“I have a feeling that’s what happened to Sandro Tomiby. Maybe that’s why we can’t find him, because Catindig got rid of me.”

“What about Director Hipolito?” General Borja asked s he glanced around.

“I still haven’t found any strong piece of evidence which proves that he’s connected to this whole thing. And I still have no idea what his motive could be.”

Later, General Borja handed a file containing the facial composites of the identified fake cops to Hipolito. Hipolito brought up the bombing incident during Senator De Silva’s candidacy announcement and he charged them to solve the case right away.

Delfin and Diana looked on as Director Hipolito said everyone deserved justice and they had to give De Silva one. Later, Catindig tailed Hipolito as he headed over to the hideout of Homer’s group.

“I’ll finally find out what you’ve been hiding, Hipolito. I only hope that I can use it to bring you down for good,” Catindig muttered.

Hipolito arrived at the place and confronted Homer, demanding to know what he wanted. Homer taunted as he pleaded with him to be patient, adding that they would both benefit from his request. In mt Karagao, Romulo and Fernan expressed their worry over the safety of the children and women in the camp and Fernan hoped that Homer spared those categories of people.

Homer lamented over how his group had lost everything they worked hard for due to Bloody Sun.

“You have to help us take them down. I want every one of them dead. You can make that happen. You’re a powerful man.”

Catindig spied as he discreetly began shooting video of Homer and director Hipolito as they talked about Hipolito’s involvement with the rebel group.


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