Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 268

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 268 Catindig obtains evidence against Hipolito, Homer clashes with the soldiers in his quest for revenge

At the secret rendezvous, Hipolito advised Homer to fix his problems with the Bloody Sun, warning Homer not to drag him in his mess. Homer revealed that he knew his connection with Major Catindig and Hipolito was the one who had been hiding behind Catindig pulling the strings for the detonation of the series of b0mbings in Manila.

Pulling the newspaper, Homer queried who would want the famous senator De Silva d£ad if it was not Hipolito. He shut Hipolito and told him to drop the act since he already knew that he was the one employing them to detonate b0mbs and blamed Bloody Sun for it. He asked Vulture to join forces with him to take bloody sun from the picture as already Hawk and Leon knew his secret.

“I still don’t know how you’re connected to the Bloody Sun group or what you’re planning.

But at least now, I have evidence I can use against you,” Catindig in soliloquy. He hit the road in his car and he watched the video again, feeling all happy that he had something to get back at Hipolito should he rise against him.

Meanwhile, Fernan, Tadpole and Earthworm were scouting through the woods with their fire arms. They were well prepared to attack Homer should he think of retaliating. However, Homer was telling vulture that he could help him with all the illegal works if he destroyed the Bloody Sun Group.

Elsewhere, Alyana gave the kids some snacks and realised Paquito did not sleep as he was hoping to see Cardo. Alyana assured that Cardo would return but he was not the one he saw the other time. In his car, Hipolito grew furious when he watched an interview of De Silva informing him that instead of running for the senator race he should rather focus on fighting terrorism as it was a major threat in the country aside corruption.

Homer’s lackeys wondered if Hipolito would reconsider their offer since he did not give a definite answer to their demands. To their surprise, Hipolito returned for the bidding to ensure they eliminate De Silva. He wanted to pay them but they stood on their grounds that they needed not his money, all that they wanted was for him to destroy the camp of the Bloody Sun.

As Otep was scheming with Gido and Nick to once again break into Grandma Flora’s house to find an evidence, Alyana stumbled on them and told Flora about what the three guys did. They summoned them to Captain Gina’s office, and the captain queried them on what they wanted to achieve by breaking in to Flora’s house. Without thinking, Nick opened his mouth to say they were there due to Bloody Sun.

Otep then explained that since there was a reward for anyone who would find the rebels hideout, they thought they could find an evidence which might make them hit the jackpot. Otep pleaded on Nick and Gido’s behalf. Flora forgave them and decided not to file any charge against them under condition that they would not repeat the act.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio watched a news on Congressman Isagini Monico who was jailed for misappropriation of funds. De Silva who shared his view on the congressman’s issue said such politicians who steal public funds for their own benefit had to be arrested and when voted into power those were the acts he would ensure Philippines would not experience.

“Bravo, Bravo….” Don Emilio clapped.

“What a brilliant performance, I l0ve that guy” performance.”

Staring at the prison Director: “But you Ladronio, I hate you.”

Ladronio said he would make it up to him. He explained that he had to make him go to the regular prison since the department of justice were monitoring them. Don Emilio termed that as an excuse, threatening that Ladronio’s days were numbered. Ladronio begged to old man to consider him due to his loyalty. Don Emilio had a toast with Ladronio, saying he was just teasing him.

The rebels took a trip to the neatest town in Mt Karagao to ask around for Homer but none had seen him. Meanwhile, Roldan revealed to his comrades that Homer was planning to return to Mt Karagao to get back at Fernan. Elsewhere, Captain Gina paid the troublesome workers of hers for not ratting her out. Otep returned the money and confessed that since Grandma Flora chose to forgive Nick and Gido, he has now turned into a new leaf and would not work on the orders of Gina.

Gido also sided with Otep and was leaving with the money but Gina took her money but Nick was indecisive. Granpa Delfin visited and heard the news and he also believed could have been the right thing to do if Flora had locked Nick and Gido up but was sure what Flora did would give the guys the opportunity to be better individuals.

He also revealed that there was a suspect they were about to apprehend who was believed to be a member of the Bloody Sun and was sure the suspect could lead the police to the hideout of the Bloody Sun. In Mt Karagao, Anton thanked Fernan for warning Bloody Sun about Homer and his plans against them.

He proceeded to plead with Fernan for all his mean actions, stressing that he thought Fernan was after Lena. Fernan explained that he had his own reasons for joining the Bloody Sun. He wanted to know the mission of the group. Anton then went to Lena’s hut to apologise and made up with her.

Alyana had a talk with Delfin, suggesting that they revealed Cardo’s mission and the fact that he was alive so he did not get caught up in everything. Delfin pointed out that they still needed to keep Cardo’s existence a secret so the government official protecting Bloody Sun would not take drastic action while he accomplished his mission. Elsewhere, Homer desperately tried to talk Hipolito into helping his group get back at Fernan.

“Who is this person who managed to beat your group singlehandedly?” Hipolito taunts. “He might be of more use to me than you.”

“You think I’m in the mood for jokes?” Homer muttered.

“What jokes? I am d£ad serious right now. I don’t want any trouble. If this reaches the police and the military, it’ll backfire on me. I can’t put my reputation at stake, so you better stay put.”

While Bloody Sun deliberated on Homer’s crimes and plan to make them pay for all their atrocities, Senator De Silva discussed the upcoming senatorial debate with his men. He soon received a phone call from Don Emilio, telling him that he had already made a 50million down payment to his account.

Senator De Silva thanked him and once he was off the phone, he chastised his men for giving his personal bank account to the old man who was also a known criminal.

“He used a different name to transfer the money,” one explains.

“I don’t give a damn! That’s my account number, and a huge amount of money was deposited. How do I explain that if it gets investigated? Use your brain for once.”

Lena watched her son play, telling Fernan that she hoped Homer did not return to attack them, lest more people get k!lled. Fernan assured her that they were keeping watch to ensure everyone’s safety. At the eatery, Otep, Gido and Nick showed up to offer their services to Grandma Flora.

They then apologised to the entire family and promised to not believe all those absurd rumours about them. In mt Karagao, Cardo watched Lena took care of her son and he reflected on some memories with Ricky Boy.

Cardo brooded, when Earthworm and Tadpole joined him, he made known his intention of leaving the camp to haunt down Homer and get justice for his son. Tadpole mentioned that it could be a problem since he could not ask permission from Father and the commander without telling them of the reason for his decision.

Earthworm indicated that the leaders might suspect that Fernan had other goals in mind. However, Fernan was quiet determined to go through with it either way. Somewhere in Santa Barbara, Homer’s group set out for the rebel camp with the sole agenda of getting back at Fernan.

Fernan proceeded to ask Father and the commander permission to go into town and look for Homer himself. The leaders however turned him down, saying it was too dangerous to go alone. They suggested that they work together to find Scorpion and his group.

Venom came upon a checkpoint on their way to the mountains and they engaged the officers in a gun battle. Later at the rebel camp, a woman came to inform the commander of how she had heard that Homer’s group had boarded a bus to Manila. As they headed back into town after finishing off the officers, Homer was upset that the cops and soldiers hindered his plans of getting to Fernan.

“We should have listened to the vulture,” Roldan said.

Homer grabbed his buddy by the neck: “If you have nothing good to say, then shut up!”

“I’m not the enemy here.”

“I don’t want the vulture to know about this, because I won’t stop until I k!ll that traitor Fernan.”

Father and the commander informed the group of Homer’s group having left for Manila, telling everyone to relax and be at ease. They however charged their men to continue keeping watch in case they returned.

Meanwhile, Alyana had an interview with director Hipolito prior to the senatorial debate. He revealed intentions of passing laws to squash all terrorists once he becomes senator. As he was talking, his rival Senator De Silva stole the show with his appearance. The people’s cheers for De Silva far outmatched that of Hipolito who was left looking on like an id!ot when the reporters turned their attention to the senator.

“Is there anything new that we can expect from you if you win?”

“No! Nothing new,” De Silva declared.


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