Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 270

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 270 Lena and Emman die in a second massacre of the Bloody Sun, Fernan’s real identity is exposed

Diana Olegario arrived at National Defense Agency to question Director Hipolito whether he knew about the attack which the SAF was mounting on the Bloody Sun. She said someone tipped General Borja off and he told her.

As they were speaking, General Borja also arrived to ask him whether he was the one who ordered the SAF to mount an attack on the Bloody Sun and he admitted.

Borja retorted that he should have informed him for them to plan it together. Hipolito asked him about the person who sent him the information and he said it was anonymous. Hipolito then acted up that those things were one of the reasons he ordered the SAFS to strike without informing anyone since they had waited for that day which the Bloody Sun would be wiped out without any mistake.

He told Borja that he planned to inform him and Olegario when it was appropriate time but did not understand the two’s action, as if he had done something wrong. Olegario then revealed that Cardo was with the rebels and pleaded with him to order the SAF to stop the mission.

Meanwhile, at the rebels camp, Fernan bid farewell to everyone. Emman was sad and asked him not to leave. He hugged him and told Emman that he also have a family. Lena bids him emotional goodbye. Fernan advised Anton to be careful, as he hit the road with his bag on his shoulder the troopers had also landed with their trucks and were trooping to the forest

“It’s not easy for me to leave all of you behind, you have become my friends and families as well. I have grown fond of all of you!”

“I have to go because I need to find the person who k!lled my son and those responsible for the death of my fellow troopers,” Fernan thought.

At the NDA office, Hipolito concluded that the two SAF troopers who escaped the rebels camp had told them lies when they said Cardo was dead. Olegario and Borja said he was alive and Borja believed that Katrina and Gerry said what they said to protect Cardo since it would be better for the public to think Cardo was dead than knowing his mission with the Bloody Sun.

“So I am part of your public Diana?” Hipolito interjected.

“So I am part of your public Borja?”

“Both of you are keeping things from me.”

At Camp Crame, as Chikoy was talking to Guzman concerning the attack on the Bloody Sun, Alyana overheard it and rushed to the NDA to find Borja and Olegario pleading with Hipolito to call back the SAFs but he refused, claiming it was too late. He also blamed Borja and Olegario and told them to take the fall if something happened to Cardo. Alyana added her voice to make director Hipolito reconsider his decision.

Hipolito made it clear that it was difficult for the troops to hold back a mission that they have already started but would only speak with the SAF’s commander if he could do something to secure the life of Dalisay.

“Get ready Homer, I will find you and your buddies wherever you may hide,” At Mt Karagao Cardo said while he walked through the forest. When he was about to descend down the mountain, he saw the troopers and rushed back to the camp to blow the whistle since he could not abandon them.

Tension rose at the camp as the rebels tried to evacuate the women and children while getting their weapons ready. However, they were already surrounded by the SAFs who have out numbered them in terms of men and weapons. Hipolito spoke to the SAF’s commender and gave him orders to act on.

“Tell your men to strike them hard!”

“They have already done damage to the citizenry, crush them completely, no single one of them should be left alive.”

“Yes Sir,” the general obeyed.

The SAFs mounted the attack and began shooting. Fernan carried Emman waiting for Lena who was hugging her father for the last due to the danger that has loomed. They ran, Anton and his team got their weapons and the commander got his weapon as well.

As the camp members fled amidst all the shootings, there were a number of helicopters at the skies bombing the shelters. Hawk and Leon shot at the helicopter. Hawk died while Leon managed to blast one of the helicopters. Diana Olegario was not happy with how her boyfriend was brushing her off so she called Hipolito and the director kept on with the attitude.

Fernan, Lena and Emman almost hit by a bomb as they were running through the woods so they jumped leading Emman to fall from the hands of Fernan. Fernan and Lena fainted. Lena regained consciousness and saw Fernan and Emman unconscious. She made an attempt to hold her son but received multiple shots on her chest and she hit the ground.

“This marks the end of the Bloody Sun!”

“This marks the end of Ricardo Dalisay.”

“After this day is over, the entire country will hold me a huge debt of gratitude,” Hipolito lighted his hopes high as he travelled to Mt Karagao.

Tadpole and Earthworm secured the back of Fernan by shooting the troopers till Fernan regained consciousness. Fernan turned his eyes and saw Emman lying helplessly on the field. He carried him as he cried for lossing another kid. This made him recalled Ricky boy’s incident. He saw Lena’s eyes wide opened and crawled to her, asking her to stay with him but she was chocked while trying to talk.

Fernan wept, the troopers got closer so Tadpole and Earthworm pulled Fernan to run along with them. However a trooper saw Fernan and called him Dalisay. Fernan turned to watch them, unknown to him, the commander who was hiding behind a tree witnessed it.

“And they will never and never forget what I have done for them. This will help me get to become a senator and after that the country’s president,” Hipolito the dreamer still dreamt on.

He arrived at where the military had camped and was told the war was still not over. He ordered for them to do everything possible to end the war before the morning. Meanwhile, Flora and Alyana were worried and they tried to get in touch with Borja.

The rebels got a place to hide and the military commander and general declared the war over. Hipolito was glad that they had neutralised the camp and he went to the rebels camp with the SAF authorities to search for Dalisay’s body and that of Romulo but couldn’t find the two.

He vent his anger on the general and was told Romulo was not found but there were men who were sent to search for Romulo. Dela Rosa told him that one of their guys spotted Dalisay. Hipolito now realised the war was not over for him even though the camp was neutralised.

Elsewhere, Alyana went to see Delfin to ask for an update and Delfin said Hipolito was already at Mt Karagao so they should hope he would fulfill his promise.

The venom members also contemplated whether their former group was successfully neutralised or not. Pilo feared they might overtake the troopers and Homer reminded them that the last time when that happened, it was Vulture who tipped them off.

At their temporary camp, when the commander learnt about the death of father, Lena, Emman and the rest, he turned to attack Cardo for his inability to protect his daughter and grandson. Tadpole and Earthworm held Romulo. Later, Tadpole told Fernan and Earthworm that he was positive that Homer ratted them out.

The commander, stood at one side having a flashback of the massacre, he joined the pieces together and turned to Fernan to ask if he was a traitor.

He hit Fernan for him to fall, Fernan came clean, as the camp members pointed gun at him, he voiced out that he was not the one who betrayed the group even if he was a trooper. Commander was furious as Anton and the two buddies of Fernan held him back. He threw a knife and declared a fight between Fernan and him on a rock the next day.


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