Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 271

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 271 Romulo and Dalisay team up to strike Homer, Don Emilio is set free from prison

In Mt Karagao, Director Hipolito confirmed from the SAF troopers whether it was Dalisay that they set eyes on. He was told Dalisay was the one and he was fighting at the side of the rebels which confirmed that the rumours about him being a rebel was true. Hipolito proceeded to ask if Dalisay told them anything and they said nothing.

Hipolito in fury questioned them on the reason they spared his life. He ordered them to finish everyone up including Dalisay. In Manila, Flora’s eatery, Makmak came to ask about Alyana’s whereabouts and Flora said she might be working. Paco asked about the assignment which Alyana might be working on.

As they were talking, Otep, Gido and Nick appeared and they assured Grandma Flora that they were no longer allies of Captain Gina, actually they were doing her dirty jobs since they did not have a decent job. They complained about being hungry so Flora made them take a seat while she served them.

In Mt Karagao, Dela Rosa returned to inform Hipolito that the troopers were in the woods searching desperately for Romulo and Dalisay. Hipolito ordered him to shoot them without fear or favour. Alyana and Pinggoy discussed the SAF operations and Alyana was scared that the SAFs would find the real identity of Cardo. They discovered that the editor was assigning a reporter to cover the SAF’s operations.

While Alyana was shun from covering the SAF and the rebels encounter, Olegario and Borja talked on phone about the attack on the Bloody Sun. Homer and his lackeys celebrated in their new hideout after hearing the good news.

Pilo was glad that they could revive the Venom group and takeover mountain Karagao forest. Roldan and Pilo toasted, however, they saw Scorpion upset. He spilt that Dalisay and Romulo could not be found. He threw his glass against the wall sensing the danger they were engulfed. Suddenly, silence swept off the group.

“Agila I will make sure only one of us will get down here alive,” Leon spewed as the final battle between the two began on a rock in Mt Karagao.

“And I will make sure Leon that it will be me,” Cardo swore.

The two tied themselves up with one rope and fought with knife while Anton and the rest of the survivors became spectators to the fight.

The two tried to slash eachother with Romulo leading in the brutal attempt while Fernan was only striving to protect himself.

“Are they really gonna fight to the death?” Earthworm wondered when he saw Romulo determined.

As the fight was ongoing with Romulo on top of Fernan while the former trooper strived to defend himself from being thrusted, Earthworm’s loyalty seemed to lie in Fernan hoping to see him win.

Fernan kicked Romulo but the commander gained the upper hand again as he kicked the trooper to edge of the rock. Fernan now hanged on to the rope struggling to pull himself up back to the rock. Romulo recalled the beautiful memories he had with the trooper on their various missions which they fought hand in hand, with each ensuring the safety of the other, he took steps to pull Fernan up on the rock.

“I’m not your enemy, Romulo!”

“We are both victims here. We both lost our kids in an encounter,” Cardo lamented.

“You’re right,” the commander nodded.

“Homer was the one behind all this, so we need to work together,” Romulo declared.

Romulo and Cardo descended from the rock to join the other Bloody Sun members. Anton advised Fernan to unite with them so that they could work together, adding that they were not enemies. Cardo wholeheartedly agreed. In Bilibid, Don Emilio’s papers were processed for his release.

He headed to Ramil’s cell to make mockery of his group. Ramil mentioned that he would eventually pay for all his atrocities and Don Emilio threatened to make him pay for all the times he had made him look like a f00l.

Don Emilio walked out of the penitentiary and the prisoners hailed him. A moment later, he was in Senator De Silva’s car and the senators asked if he was heading back to his family house. Don Emilio revealed that he had already had his lawyer buy him a new house since the Tuazon mansion would just bring him sad memories.

Meanwhile, Grandma Flora called Borja to question him about Cardo’s situation and Delfin promised to let her know as soon as he got an update. At the NMIG, Catindig called Hipolito on phone after seeing the news of the attack on the Bloody Sun.

“The SAF operation is not confidential anymore?”

“Of course! Bloody Sun has finally been destroyed, so the public should know of my accomplishment.”

“Destroyed? You mean they’re all dead now?” Catindig queried.

“Only a few survived, but they won’t be able to recover. No one can stop me from my plans now, Manolo.”

Romulo sadly reflected on some memories he had had with his Bloody Sun group, his daughter and grandson as well as Aurora his departed wife. Silently, the commander vowed to get justice for their deaths. At the SAF base, Alyana asked of her husband, director Hipolito made her believe that he was doing everything in his power to return Cardo to her alive.

Cardo had a heart-to-heart chat with Romulo and he recounted how he had found a friend in him when he had initially joined Bloody Sun. He confessed that he had earlier wanted to k!ll him since he thought Romulo was responsible for his son’s death. Stating that Homer’s group was the culprit. He told the commander that they shared the same goal despite their different causes and principles.

“We have to get back at Homer.”

“For the sake of our families. We need to work together. But we’re still enemies, Cardo. After we k!ll Homer, I hope we never cross paths again, cause we aren’t true allies anymore,” Romulo declared.

“I won’t forget that. But we have to head to Manila before Homer and his gang escape. He might have discovered my real identity. That alone could put my family in danger.”

General Olegario watched Hipolito on TV addressing the public about the SAF’s operation. Later, she called Delfin to discuss Cardo’s unknown fate and they began wondering why he hadn’t returned with the SAF. The Generals came to the conclusion that Cardo was not done with his mission yet.

With Earthworm and Tadpole having taking the lead to Manila to put things in place before the arrival of the commander. Romulo and a number of his men part ways with the other rebels for Manila. Meanwhile, Don Emilio talked over his deal with Senator De Silva.

Since the senator looked forward to being the president, Don Emilio stated that he would have full control of the drug business in the country. In Bilibid, Jonard and Bolit hoped that Don Emilio would not forget about them.

“The demon has been freed from his cage, he wouldn’t come back for a couple of lackeys like you,” Ramil smirked.

Senator De Silva watched the news about Hipolito, fearing that the director might win the public over for eliminating the rebels. However, Don Emilio assured him that he would get Hipolito out of their way.

The man of the hour regrouped with Homer’s gang and informed them of the escape of Romulo and Cardo. Meanwhile, Romulo, Cardo and the other rebels board a bus bound for Manila.

“You have to pay for every cruel thing you’ve done. And for all the chaos you’ve caused. I swear…I will make you pay,” Cardo in soliloquy.

Earthworm and Tadpole arrivd at the house of one Engelbert Moreno to deliver a message from the commander. They recounted how they had lost a large number of their comrades in the recent encounter with the soldiers.

Standing in the commander’s stead, they asked for a place to stay for the meantime. Engelbert entertained them and introduced them to Dulce, his wife. Bruno came over to greet his father to leave for work, and Regine his sister said goodbye to a photo of Banjo, her criminal brother who had died. Bruno and Regine then set off for work together.

While Homer’s gang made merry in their hideout, Regine hanged around somewhere in town with some acquaintances of hers. She sets her eyes on a young man carrying a bag of money and once the guy got into his car to drive off, Regine deliberately stepped into the path of the car.

She feigned injury when the car came into close proximity and the driver hurried over to check up on her. Regine then gave the signal and her accomplices stole the money from the car and ran off.

Regine magically recovered and made a run for it when the driver was momentarily distracted with the escape of the thieves. The driver turned to chase her down along with an officer he came by. Regine picked up the pace and strived to get away. She ran past Cardo and the rebels, as the officer chasing her approached, Cardo and his comrades looked away before being seen and carried on to the destination.


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