Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 272

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 272 Hipolito, Catindig scheme against eachother, Don Emilio sets Hipolito’s campaign ‘ablaze’

Bruno appeared on the street signalling his companions about a target who was approaching. The lady was buying something when an ally of Bruno drew the purse of the lady from her bag and gave it to Bruno.

While Bruno was passing by her, the lady spotted her purse in Bruno’s hand and she shouted pointing on Bruno for stealing her purse. Bruno took to his heels when he was being chased.

In the house, as Earthworm and Tadpole were glued to a seat while Earthworm was sipping a drink, some two men came to see Mr Bert to sell a phone to him in an affordable price. At the NMIG, Manolo believed he had to do something if he only wanted to occupy Olegario’s seat as a boss. He was ready to do anything but saw Hipolito as an obstacle so in order to be the boss he had to get rid of the two.

At the NDA office, Olegario apologised for keeping the existence of Ricardo Dalisay from Hipolito. Hipolito saw there was no need for the apology since Diana had apologised countless number of time already.

Olegario admitted not to trust him earlier, however, she did not want their relationship to get on the way of their work. The two made up and Hipolito told her not to keep things from him again. Romulo, Cardo and the rebel group arrived at their destination as Cardo recognised the place as a territory of criminals, particularly that of the Lightning Troop which he had dealt with before in the past, Romulo met up with Bert.

Cardo recalled nabbing quite number of criminals there and wondered the kind of things Bert was involved in.

They went inside the house and Bert introduced them to his wife Dulce. Dulce was upset that Bert had to accept other people in while they could barely survived. Bert told his wife that Romulo has been good to him and had saved him countless number of times so he owed his life to him.

Realising Dulce was not happy with their presence, Romulo told Berto aka Rat that he would find somewhere else but rat stopped him. He ordered his wife to prepare her special sardine for his visitors but the woman shoved them and passed.

Director Hipolito held a press conference at the NDA to announce the destruction of the Bloody Sun’s camp. Senator De Silva watched the press briefing on television when Hipolito was praising himself of keeping his promise of restoring peace to the country.

Alyana asked if there was any member of the Bloody Sun who had survived the SAF’s attack. Director Hipolito announced that the rebels’ leader, Romulo had escaped and promised to bring him to justice soon. As he teared down for the lives the rebels have k!lled, De Silva smirked seeing the performance of his political rival.

Knowing his rival has walked his talk, it was obvious the masses had been wooed to him. De Silva now restrategised to go in boot for boot with Hipolito in battle for the Senator seat. He decided to dwell on his strength which is his family to appeal to the public, something Hipolito did not have and ordered his men to have his wife and daughter return home so he could use them for his campaign.

While Alyana was nailed to the words of Hipolito concerning Cardo, Romulo recounted to Bert how Homer betrayed the group and contributed to the downfall of the Bloody Sun. Bert asked if Father and his daughter had made it and was told they did not make it. Later, Hipolito celebrated the success of his plan with his partner in crime.

“The number of volunteers for my campaign doubled.”

“More businessmen have donated, and they just keep on giving.”

“Romulo Dumaguit is still out there,” Catindig reminded him.

“The people will forget about him. What matters more to them is that Bloody Sun has fallen.”

The two discussed the alleged death of Cardo, once Catindig stepped out of his office, Hipolito silently began plotting against his greatest pawn.

“If I find out that you’re the one who told Borja about the SAF operation, get ready to pay for it, Catindig. You might die before Dalisay does.”

As the Bloody Sun members waited for Dulce to finish up with her cooking, Cardo spotted the photo of Banjo. He recallef the encounter that had ended in the blasted death of the hardened criminal. Later at the table, Bruno went on about how he idolised the commander.

Bert introduced his daughter Regine to Romulo. He reflected on how his other son who had been a troublemaker had been k!lled by the CIDG. Regine spotted and recognised Cardo and she began making a scene, calling him out for k!lling her brother.

“Calm down, he’s with us,” Romulo said.

“It’s true! I am Ricardo Dalisay. Yes, I k!lled your brother, but only because he was a criminal.”

“Then what are you doing here?” Regine queried.

“Just drop it!”

“What’s done is done. Besides, your brother really was a crook, up to no good. He k!lled a lot of people, so he had to be held responsible,” Bert interjected

Pointing at Cardo, Bruno said he was a wanted man since his face had gone viral in the news

“Yes, I’m a wanted man. But I’m here now because I’m with them. We’re hiding from the authorities,” Cardo hissed.

Bruno and Regine urged their father to have Cardo arrested so they could get back at him. Dulce held them back and pointed out that if they sent him to the police, then he would have them jailed too since they were all criminals.

Bert restored order and made it clear to his family that the Bloody Sun members were his guests. Meanwhile, Homer told Hipolito that he was willing and ready to haunt down Cardo and Romulo. Hipolito pointed out that he was also a fugitive.

Homer’s gang were all dressed up and hanging out in the new hideout Hipolito had gotten for them. The group were on their way out to have some fun time when Hipolito showed up to stop them, fearing that they could get him in big trouble. He reminded them that they were’re there to look for Romulo and Cardo and not party and get drunk.

General Olegario assigned Catindig the case of the foreign terrorist group that have been trying to penetrate the country. Catindig argued that he has to finish up the investigations on Bloody Sun, adding that it would only happen once they find Romulo and Cardo. However, Diana insisted and ordered him to focus on the new assignment she has given him.

Hipolito urged Homer’s gang to track down Cardo and Romulo quickly, lest Catindig rat him out if he was able to find them first and use the information he knew against him. In his office at the NMIG, Catindig watched the video he had taken of Hipolito and Homer.

He began to suspect that they were conniving against him. Back at the hideout, Homer offered to get rid of Catindig but Hipolito argued that it would go against him in the election since the people might blame him.

“The public might question my credibility in ensuring peace and order in the country. Is it clear to you now?”

“So you’d rather let this slide?”

“Vulture, the problem might get worse if we don’t get rid of him right away,” Homer mumbled.

“We’ll get to that but first, I need solid undisputed proof that Catindig is indeed betraying me.”

Romulo had a talk with Bert, asking how he had ended up with the life he now lives after leaving Bloody Sun all those years ago. Bert mentioned that he and his son Bruno had never been successful in looking for decent jobs, adding that he had tried to make an honest living but had failed miserably.

He recounted how Dulce had taught him all that he knew to survive. He then assured the commander that they were not putting anyone in harm’s way. Elsewhere Delfin discussed Cardo’s situation with his family. Grandma Flora held on to the hope that her grandson would always be guided and protected until he returned home safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Cardo pointed out to Bert that they were still doing the wrong thing since they were deceiving people and taking advantage of them, and Bert assured him that they would change their ways after they were able to save up enough to start a business.

“You better do that, Rat,” Romulo cautioned.

“Mr Bert, are you sure no one’s going to tell the cops about us?” Anton asked.

“Yeah! everyone here is being hunted by the police, so we stay out of each other’s way,” Bruno answered.

Don Emilio had additional men hired into his private army. While director Hipolito gave an applaudable speech at his new campaign headquarters and strived to win the people over with his antics, Don Emilio and Abdon his right-hand man hang around outside the building.

The old man ordered his lapdog to ‘start the fireworks’. Abdon pressed down on a detonator and a car nearby exploded, compelling the people inside to run for their lives.

Alyana decided to run to the scene to cover it. Don Emilio watched her for a while before leaving. Meanwhile, Homer’s gang began deliberating on how to locate Romulo. Roldan pointed out that the commander has no relatives in the city and thus, it would be a challenge to find him.

“Leon doesn’t, but Dalisay does. His family lives here. He’s got the connection,” Homer said.


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