Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 28 Glen gets promoted over a successful operation with the 'budol-budol' gang

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 28

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 28 Glen gets promoted over a successful operation with the ‘budol-budol’ gang

After the back up came in to help Glen. Tere was sent to hospital while Marita ended up in the pics grip.

Glen becomes devastated after she was unable to find Cardo. Cardo who was induced into sleeping with the flower spray which Victor sprayed on him listened to Victor’s conversation with Ninong.

He told Delfin about it that Victor Mangubat was working with a bigger syndicacate. As Glen was off to work, Brenda asked Glen if Cardo has revealed his intentions to her since he has already read the letter Glen.

She asked whether his answer was IC (Is Complicated) or ID (In Denial) but Glen said she appreciated the friendship of Cardo and never wanted to compromise it.

Glen and Cardo met and Glen offered him a food that her mother prepared to thank Cardo for helping her in her mission against the “budol-budol” gang.

Cardo on his way going to work recalled the content of Glen’s letter and how Onyok was insisting on him to propose to Glen. He smiled and headed to his office.

At the office, Cardo received complements for his efforts in catching the “budol-budol” gang.

Joaquin approached Cardo to congratulate him, he even called a truce but Cardo would not allow him to f**l him again.

Meanwhile, Glen received the surprise of her life at the office. She was promoted after the successful operation. Glen had been waiting for a promotion for long finally fortune has smiled at her.

Cardo later visited Marita to ask her questions about Ninong but Marita did not know anything about Victor and his team since she was head over heels in l^ve with him and failed to ask questions about their operation and the masterminds behind it.

She pleaded with Cardo not to jail Tere once she recovered from the bullet wounds.

At Flora’s house, Junior and Onyok played with Elmo, his wife and Benny. Elmo and Benny were thieves who had kept Yolly as hostage. Junior and Onyok came to save Yolly.

Flora got to the house to meet the play she thought there had been some issue not knowing it was a play.

She spoke with Cardo and found it intriguing how Junior and Onyok wanted Cardo to be their father. She had thought Junior and Onyok would not get along but the kids played and were happy with eachother. Flora described them as smart.

Meanwhile Ninong teamed up with his godchildren to sharpen their skills for an operation they would soon embark on. He said Victor would be their driver while Isabel would facilitate the criminal process for them to steal things without being noticed.

Edgar and Carmen came for Junior. Carmen was bothered by Junior saying he wanted Cardo to be his father. Edgar on their way home asked Carmen why she still had something against Cardo.

Flora told Cardo that he could have used the opportunity of Carmen’s presence to solve their problem.

Cardo later spoke with Glen to congratulate her for her promotion. Meanwhile, Joaquin was being joked at by Dino and his other friend. He said Cardo was taking the lead and it seemed he was also failing with Carmen as Billy had told them that Carmen had beeing seeing Cardo of late.

Joaquin said he never loses besides Carmen just sent Junior to see Flora not Cardo.

She said she did not see Ador in Cardo as Junior and Edgar were seeing but Edgar said Cardo and Ador had similar face and were renowned pice men who work to help others.

As part of the operation, Victor went to steal a car and Ninong commended him for his swiftness.

Isabel trained the girls for the ball. Victor went to drop them.

Cardo wondered what he could do to catch Victor Mangubat. Elmo wondered why Victor was able to escape from Cardo’s hand since no one escaped Cardo.

At the ball, Isabel socialised and faked that she knew the rich guests by mentioning random names to associate with them.

The Congressman’s wife delivered a speech, Isabel after seeing Congressman’s wife diamond necklace concluded there would be much more of it in the rooms. She then sipped.


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