Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 30

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 30 Party Girls steal from Verna’s birthday party 

Joaquin’s plans to outsmart Cardo by being the first to grab Victor so he ordered Greg to drive  faster for him to catch Victor.

Billy did not understand why Joaquin was working off plan. The plan was just to tail Victor to lead them to Ninong and the rest of the syndicate. Cardo was left with no other choice than to shoot Victor when he had the chance.

At that instance, Ninong was already there to help Victor after the later called him that the police was tailing him.

He could not help Victor as he was dead when he arrived. Ninong consoled the team that the death of Victor would not end their operation.

He said if the police thought they would kill Victor to end their mission then they were not thinking right.

Billy got high profile events which the party girls could possibly make it there and gave the information to Cardo.

Later that evening, Joaquin saw Diego in a club and confronted him for exposing himself while he knew was he was dead at the sight of the people. Philip Tang got there and asked Joaquin what was going on.

He said nothing but wanted to put sense into Diego’s head. The later became infuriated by Joaquin’s actions.

Verna packed out to a new mansion. Rachel and Cita were happy that the new place was bigger and beautiful than their old place.

However at the station, Cardo complained to Billy that none of the contacts on the phone of Victor was going through.

Glen and Rigor Soriano disguised themselves to get to a place where they had a tip off that Ninong and his fellow reside.

They went to the market and she spoke on phone with Cardo that there was nothing suspicious there at the moment.

She complained to her colleague about how expensive food stuffs in that place was. Ninong came there to buy some of the food stuffs with his assistants.

Glen asked the sellers to reduce the price so they reduced the price for Ninong. Ninong thanked Glen and gave Rigor apple.

Cardo met Glen to congratulate her for the promotion she recently gained and felt sorry for his inability to make it there.

Billy called Cardo to inform him about a new development with the party girls. He said they have received a new complaints that the party girls had raided some house and made away with expensive stuffs and money.

Tomas invited Philip to Verna’s birthday party. Carmen came for Junior at Flora’s house but it was late so Flora asked Cardo to escort her.

Philip planned with his team to use Diego against Tomas. He planned to take advantage of the confrontation of Joaquin to incite Diego against Tomas.

Diego who was upset after Joaquin confronted him came out of the club and took one of Verna’s invitation from one of the workers.

He then called Sophie and they went to have a drink in a bar. As Carmen and Junior arrived, Edgar asked her why she did not come with Cardo. Junior answered that Cardo wanted to drop them but Carmen refused.

Edgar and his wife asked her why she refused Cardo’s offer and she said she did not want to become a bother.

As he was dropping Sophie off, Diego went out of the car to puke since he was drunk. Isabel (Sophie) went through the documents of Diego which was in the car and came across the party invite.

As part of preparation marking Verna’s birthday party, Tomas bought an expensive necklace for Verna for the party. She was happy for the gift and he helped Verna to put it on.

Isabel at home talked to the girls about their new operation. She said they would go there in their usual expensive approach but Ninong who heard their conversation interjected that they would do no such thing.

He said after Victor was uncovered the police might have a lead on how they do their things and advised them to go like NGO volunteers.

The police also gathered to form opinions and how they could unleash the party girls, Ninong and the rest of Victor’s co-partners.

Ninong oriented them that they should gatecrash as workers of The Loving Children Foundation (TLC).

After confronting Greg and shifting all the blames on him, the authorities suspended Greg but Cardo was still not enthused by Joaquin’s move. He was suspicious of him.

The next day, Carmen made her preparation to go for an interview. Her Parents talked to her to get along with Cardo. At the station, Joaquin told Billy that it seemed he would not win Cardo’s trust.

Billy said with time Cardo would get along with him since Cardo was a good person and wished people especially Carmen would see that from Cardo.

He also revealed to Joaquin that Carmen was going for a job interview. Joaquin told Billy that if Carmen wanted to be a nurse there was an opportunity at his father’s company so she could apply as nurse.

At the job interview, Carmen was not given the job as the interviewer said she did not work as a nurse after school completion so she had no experience to take up the position.

Later, Joaquin gave his mom a plain ticket as a birthday gift. Verna became very emotional and told Cita that there was indication that Joaquin was ready to change.

Cita advised her not to get so excited about it since that might not be the thought of Joaquin.

Cardo was told by Mark Vargas about the whereabout of Kenneth, J.Lo’s husband so he talked to her about the information he received. He said Kenneth had become a drunkard and was still in Philippines but she doubted since Kenneth was not a drunkard.

Cardo asked her not to tell Keana at the moment so that he could get ample time to find more information about Kenneth.

The party girls made it to Verna’s party with their new disguise. Isabel introduced herself as Bely Hensndo, a Managing Director of TLC, while the other said she was Lydia and another introduced herself as Josephine.

Isabel gave Verna a gift on behalf of TLC . Philip brought Verna a necklace. She thanked him for such a wonderful gift.
After Tomas’ speech Isabel who was spying on Cita to know where she would send Philip’s necklace bumped into Joaquin.

Joaquin thought her dress was stained so he told one of the maids to help her to the washroom. Isabel used the opportunity to broke into Verna’s room to steal her Jewelleries.


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