Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 315

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 315 Don Emilio falls off a cliff in a battle with Cardo, the Vendetta k!ll Senator De Silva, Alligator, Victor and his henchmen

Senator De Silva was unhappy that the bomb his gang planted did not explode but Don Emilio reminded him that even if the bombs did not explode he was still the favourite candidate in his political party.

At the office, Alyana talked to Vergie on phone and Marco came around. Marco was sorry that she had to work on weekends. He later brought her a coffee and told her he did not want her to overwork herself and asked her out for dinner.

Alyana who was done with her presentation was enthused since the last time Marco asked her out he went all out with her. Soon, the news of Vendetta group and Luis Mangubat, Alligator went viral.

“You will pay for this Dalisay I assure you that!” Don Emilio threatened as he watched the news.

While making l0ve with Bubbles, Homer heard the news and suddenly shivered. His boss, Hipolito took advantage of the situation, to also planned his game with Homer and the Venom group to continue his sinister. Homer left Bubbles behind and embarked on his journey with the venom to carry out Hipolito’s orders.

Meanwhile, Alyana was impressed that Marco went to a local restaurant with her and even bought food for men she deemed to be less privileged. Marco said he might be the Vice President’s son but he was simple guy. Hipolito spoke with Catindig and the latter told him that they had erected checkpoints in Bargio City to find Dalisay and his comrades.

Catindig asked him if he was sure of his plans and Hipolito said he was sure since he also wanted to campaign in Bargio, adding that he wanted to do that alone.

“Go on face the man Dalisay alone,” Catindig thought.

“Finish yourselves up i already got what I wanted anyway,”

Don Emilio sitting in solitude thought of how Cardo singlehandedly wiped out all his family members and was hell-bent on burying him six feet under to avenge the death of his family. Senator De Silva was also positive that his forces were strong and his enemies would be eliminated and increased the search for the Vendetta group but to no avail. Don Emilio knowing Cardo well said the officer worked like a thief and was sneaky.

Elsewhere, General Olegario discovered the asserts and properties of the Senator and showed it to Cardo. The group then made ready to take De Silva and his men by surprise. The CIDG received information that Cardo might be in Bargio due to De Silva and Don Emilio. They also said Alligator used to be in the same cell with Don Emilio and was even working for him.

Cardo and his group brought their captive, Alligator along to lead them to De Silva and Don Emilio’s hideout. After showing them, Alligator believed De Silva had lots of guards so there was no where the group would defeat Dr Silva and managed to slip from their hands to alert the guards of Cardo’s presence, leaving the Vandetta no other choice than to shoot him.

They then attacked the guards. Some of the guards rushed into inform Don Emilio about attack Vandetta has launched on them. De Silva wanted to go out and k!ll Cardo but Don Emilio persuaded him not to as he could take that revenge when he wins the elections as President. They passed through the back exit to escape the clutches of Cardo while Don Emilio ordered some of the guards to stay behind to finish off Cardo.

Cardo saw Don Emilio and De Silva getting away so he and his allies ran after them to k!ll all Matteo’s gunmen who got on their way. Don Emilio instructed them to split and Cardo and Dumaguit also split. Cardo went after Don Emilio in the company of Ramil and Tadpole.

“Don Emilio! It’s time to pay for all your crimes especially for k!lling my father

“You f00l,” Don Emilio hissed.

“You k!lled my daughter and grandson.”

“You are surrounded,” Cardo said.

“I have no plans of escaping…” Don Emilio replied.

“You and I are both criminal!”

“Let’s end this right now!” Don Emilio declared.

“Let’s get head to head now,” Cardo waged war

“I’m gonna count to three…” Don Emilio began the count down and the sh00t out began. Cardo k!leed Avaro and sh0t Don Emilio. The old man fell from a cliff and Cardo was determined to see the dead end of Don Emilio but Ramil pulled him back, saying Don Emilio was an old man and could not make it so they should run to help Romulo.

The Vandetta shot all the men De Silva left behind to watch his back while he, Victor and two allies took a car to flee. Cardo and Romulo also raced after them with the available car. Cardo managed to k!ll Victor and this got De Silva irritated. His car then turned to come face to face with Cardo.

“Dalisay let’s finish this now!” Senator De Silva declared.

He tried to b0mb Cardo’s car but Romulo was skillful in the driving as he swerved all b0mbs purported for the car. Cardo then sh0t to k!ll the driver behind the steers of De Silva’s car and shot at De She till his car fell off a bridge and exploded. As Hipolito arrived at Bargio for his campaign, the Vendetta group also celebrated their success of k!lling Don Emilio and De Silva.

With his underdog Campaign approach, Hipolito reached the local people to solicit for vote. Roldan wondered why he chose such small group of local people while She Silva was targeting mass audience.

“This is because I am not the administration’s favourite but it is good since the local people think I am simple like them.”

Marco embarked on Team Building Activities excursion with his workers and some of the workers realised their boss was interested in Alyana. However, Marco’s aunt was the stumbling block. Together in one van, the team embarked on their journey. In Manila, the CIDG received information about Dr Silva, Victor and other lackeys of the Senator’s death. Guzman found it bizarre as Cardo kept adding up to his crimes.

They could not brush off the news as eyewitnesses have confirmed that Cardo and his allies were the ones who were racing after De Silva. Hipolito left Homer in his Bargio mansion to Manila. After receiving a news on Senator’s death, Homer called Hipolito to inform him and Hipolito said that was the best news he has ever given to him ever since he met him.

Hipolito was now hopeful that he would win the elections, unknown to him, Cardo and the Vendetta was also targeting them in their next operation.


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