Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 317

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 317 Alyana returns Cardo’s ring after Marco officially introduces her to the Cabreras, Diana Olegario exposes Vendetta group to danger

At camp Crame, General Borja together with Billy, Rigor and the rest contemplated on how they would make Cardo turn from acting lawlessly with his vigilante group, Alyana also sent Marco home to meet her parents.

Though not happy, Teddy had to give in to his daughter to welcome Marco into the family. Virgie told Marco to help them to process Alyana’s marriage annulment speedily. Seeing Marco off, Alyana is tensed to also meet the parents of Marco due to her situation of not legally separated from Cardo.

Marco told his aunt, Menchu Versoza about his relationship with Alyana and she warned him against his relationship with a married woman. She told Marco how his parents would behave finding him chasing after Alyana. Marco warned her not to double cross him. He would be the one to talk to his parent’s.

The Intelligence group watch a news about their former boss who was spotted working side by side with the infamous vigilante group. As Romulo urged that they do something to help General Olegario before her image gets tarnished, Monolo also connived with Hipolito to deep neck General Olegario into the gutters.

General Olegario called James to meet up with him. Unknown to James, Manolo saw him talking to a strange person and was acting suspiciously. Diana also called Delfin to meet up with him and she secretly left the Vendetta camp. Romulo told Ramil that they have to do something to help Diana.

Ramil was however worried due to the belief Diana still had in the government, stressing that, that might be the bench for her woes. As Cardo raced to work things out to breath life into his comatose marriage, Alyana also dressed up to meet the parents of Marco.

Cardo saw her in the arms of Marco as they left in the Vice President’s son car. He immediately turned pale. At the Vice President’s resident, Catherine set a table to welcome her soon to be daughter-in-law but Menchu was against all that set up, knowing how disappointed Catherine would feel meeting the woman her son was dating.

Alyana met one of the Cabrera family member, Brandon who was a Congressman. She later saw the picture of Marco’s mother and she termed her as beautiful. Marco said she was a former beauty queen. Catherine arrived to meet Alyana. She was so happy to meet her, Alyana complemented her, saying she looked young and even looked like Brandon and Marco’s sister.

Catherine revealed that Brandon was not her son. Vice President Cabrera told her that Brandon was the son of his first wife but danger loomed when the couple asked of Alyana’s surname for her to say Dalisay. Marco stepped in to say her family name was Arevalo, making the Vice President wondered how she got the name Dalisay.

He now recollected how he knew Alyana and called her by her name. Meanwhile, Diana met James and Borja at the rendezvous place to reveal how Major Cantindig attempted to k!ll which Cardo rescued her. As part of her safety, she joined the Vendetta group, there she discovered that Hipolito was the one pulling the strings.

He was even a former member of the Bloody Sun group. General Borja revealed to her that he already knew Hipolito was the villain but he couldn’t tell her due to her close relationship with the Director. James promised to keep an eye on Manolo to reveal all his actions to Diana.

General Olegario enlisted the help of General Borja but the General wanted her to talk to Cardo to stop the lawless act for the law enforcers to work and find evidence against Manolo and Hipolito.

Unknown to the three, Manolo followed James to the rendezvous place. He then called Hipolito to confirm to him that Delfin, James and Diana were conspiring. He told Hipolito to give him the order and he would get the three ambushed.

Hipolito advised him to tail Olegario to the hideout so Manolo did that and called Hipolito to tell him. Diana went to the camp to answer the questions of Commander and Ramil. She came clean that she went to meet General Borja but she was wrong to assume he would be of help to their course.

Meanwhile, the Cabreras dinned with Alyana and were able to establish that Alyana was a married woman, married to a “lawless” officer, Ricardo Dalisay who was wanted by the security. There was tension on the table since the couple were not impressed by their son involving himself with a married woman.

….To be continued



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