Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 318

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 318 Jimboy d!es in an ambush orchestrated by the venom, Hipolito shoots Romulo for political gigs

Homer prepared his Venom group for the revenge they have been waiting for all those while against Cardo and Romulo.

“They won the first time around so let’s crush him to the ground,” Roldan added.

Captain Gina stormed the residence of Lola Flora with the townspeople to demand them to vacate from their home in order to protect the townspeople.

Flora found the act of Captain Gina annoying. She revealed the corrupt official’s shoddy dealings and urged Nick and Gido to blow the cover of the captain already, for setting up a gambling den and illegally extorting money from the people.

To their dismay, Gido and Nick turned against them and rather told the people lies that the only corrupt person was Grandma Flora. In fact she bribed them to tarnish Captain Gina’s name. This got on the nerve of Paco so he expressed himself through a punch on the face of Nick and a fight broke.

At Camp Crame, General Borja had a private talk with Billy and Mark. He told them he earlier met with General Olegario and she revealed to him how Catindig and Hipolito conspired to k!ll her. He then charged Guzman and Vargas to find materials that could incriminate the two officials.

Cardo cried over the breakup with Alyana in a church. However, some police men got the place surrounded much to his surprise. He managed to escape. Marco brought Alyana home and asked her if he should let his guards stay to watch over her but Alyana refused.

While driving, the police captain called him to inform him that Cardo got away from their hands. This made Marco so furious.

“You and your men are so incompetent!” Marco screamed.

“He was right there and you couldn’t catch him?”

“I am so disappointed in you General.”

The tragic party began when Jimboy in joy asked of his leave from the camp to see his family. He happily bid his comrades goodbye but bumped in to the venom group who arrived at the abandoned old train station.

Hearing the mission of the venom to k!ll the commander and Cardo, he wanted to run and go back but he was clumsy making the group realised his presence and ran after him into the hideout.

Jimboy alerted his comrades about the presence of the enemies so they all ran for cover. Unfortunately, Homer opened up the tragic party with multiple sh0ts that ended the life of Jimboy.

As Anton, Greco and the rest were shouting, Romulo who was having a talk with Diana stay alerted and also fired guπ at the enemies. The Vendetta and the Venom played the fire game till the camp of Romulo ran out of bullets.

“Romulo I thought you were looking for us huh,” Homer started to incite the commander.

“Well we are here now!”

“Stop hiding and come and get us.”

“I thought you were fearless like a lion.”

“Why are you hiding like a kitten?”

“Meaw, Meaw….”

Greco, Happy and the rest were covered for them to go for the weapons in the armoury.
The leaders of the Vendetta charged the group not to lose hope.

Even though the venom group had outnumbered them in weapons and men but they should fight till their last breath. Ramil was optimistic that they would leave there alive.

As the escape and firing were on going, Homer told his men to go after the others while he went after Dumaguit. Romulo delivered his skills as a leader when he climbed up on train to cover his members up. He singlehandedly k!lled most of Homer’s men while Homer kept on b0mbing and bragging.

Romulo landed from the train to give a final shot to Homer but from no where, Hipolito pulled Homer away to sh00t Romulo multiple times till the commander fell on his knees and closed his eyes. Watching the awful scene, Diana screamed in pain and agony for what Hipolito has done.

The police sirens were heard and Hipolito ordered Homer and his group to clear the mess while he talked to the lifeless body of his rebel mate.

“I waited a long time for this opportunity to show you that no matter what you end up doing in life, you still can never win in a fight against me.”

“Now that I have k!lled you…”

“Your deàth shall finally pave the way for my dreams to come into fruition.”

As the Vendetta members hid to take a breather to cry over the supposed deàth of Romulo, Pilo and his men fired at them. One of the Vendetta group members decided to sacrifice his own life due to old age to make the rest ran for their lives to continue fighting for their course.

In a careful elaborated plan, Catindig called Girona to report to him of knowing the hideout of Cardo. Sir Jerome called General Borja to inform him about the intel. Delfin wished they had been the first to know before Catindig.

The police arrived at the crime scene to find Hipolito who now claimed to be the hero as he has singlehandedly k!lled Romulo and some of his bloody sun members. He said the rest of the r£bel group had escaped. Manolo had also called the press to the scene and Hipolito reveal to the world his supposed glorious deeds.

However, General Borja was not happy and queried Hipolito on how he got the intel and failed to inform the police. He doubted that Director Hipolito singlehandedly raided the camp to face the reb£l squad alone.

As the medics arrived they realised Romulo was not deàd as Hipolito boastfully claimed he k!lled the Bloody Sun leader in his interview. He was surprised and devastated that his effort was a wasted one.

Romulo was rushed to the hospital and was operated on. His operation was successful but was in critical condition. Meanwhile, George sent the survivors of the Vendetta group to his house and went to call a doctor to treat the guπ wounds of Greco, Happy, Tadpole and Earthworm.

Diana called Cardo to inform him about their new hideout, only for Cardo to discover that Jimboy, Buffalo and the Commander had d!ed in an ambush. Olegario blamed herself for the deàth of their comrades. She said she met General Borja and James and believed she got followed.

Cardo took the blame for not being around to save his members from the hands of the venom. As Roldan was celebrating for their supposed victory, Homer reminded him that Cardo was still out there.

At San Rafael Hospital, Hipolito now mustered courage to tell Catindig about his involvement with the Bloody Sun when Manolo lamented on how Homer had failed him again. He promised to reward Catindig once he becomes senator and expressed how he trust him and Homer.

Seeing the health practitioners approaching, Hipolito asked about the health of Romulo and was told he was still in critical condition.


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