Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 319

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 319 Marco swears to k!ll Cardo, Wally bids the De-Leons good bye to join Amor in USA, The Vendetta discovers Romulo is alive and plans a rescue operation

At San Rafael’s hospital, Romulo was wheeled from the ICU ward to another ward in an escort of the police.

General Borja charged Guzman’s team to keep an eye on the terrorist leader in order to secure his life from any assassination attempt from his nemesis.

Becky was upset with George for camping the vigilantes in his house and even went the extreme to involve her daughter, Andrea to treat their guπ wounds.

George, however, revealed to her that he was equally a member of the Vendetta group and assured that the group was refined and not bad as rumours claimed it to be.

In the Arevalos mansion, Alyana told Virgie about Cardo pleading with her to get back to him. Virgie was upset but Teddy saw no wrong in Cardo’s action since the ex-security Officer l0ved Alyana and only wanted them to remain together as family.

Virgie had contrary opinion, she stressed that Cardo should rather annul his marriage with Alyana for her to be happy with Marco if he truly l0ved her but he was acting selfish.

As Cardo was thinking about Alyana ending things with him, Marco stormed the Cabrera mansion in fury to inform Catherine that Dalisay was provoking him by trying to get involved with Alyana again. He threatened to k!ll Cardo.

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Catherine tried to calm him, telling him to look at other options. There were many girls out there whose situation was not complicated like Alyana.

“Are you asking me to break up with her?” Marco yelled.

“It’s Alyana that I want, it’s her that I l0ve.”

“Do you understand?”

Catherine calmed the psyçho and promised her support to make him gain Alyana. However, Lucas was against his wife’s decision since he did not want any obstacle to come in his way in his quest to become the president.

The De-Leon family watched the news on Hipolito’s singlehanded supposed operation which has helped the authorities to have Romulo in their custody but Yolly failed to believe the words of Hipolito and branded the former NDA Director as liar.

Witnessing General Borja charging Guzman and his team to secure Dumaguit, Hipolito connived with the new NDA Director to take the case of Romulo from the hands of Borja, much to the CIDG boss’ surprise.

Hipolito stood on the police officer’s relationship with Cardo to undermine the integrity of his work concerning the case at hand.

However, General Borja swore to his officers that he would do everything to ensure Hipolito did not have his way. Clearly, Hipolito was having control over the new NDA boss, he told the CIDG team.

In the ward, Hipolito told his successor that he should be the first to see Romulo once he woke up. He warned the new head to make him be the first person to speak with Romulo before anyone else.

Elsewhere, Wally fought his former friends Nick and Gido for taking bribe in a conspiracy against his family. Nick reminded Wally that the De-Leons were not his family but Wally said family was not always bonded by blood but Flora had become his family member due to their relationship. He, therefore, would not tolerate anything that would go against the family.

Meanwhile, Teddy had a change of mind when he saw the news. He deemed it appropriate for his daughter to be away from all those mess that Cardo was involved in to be happy with Marco.

He had earlier wanted his daughter to patch things up with Cardo but things were getting more complicated each day. He knew how Cardo has put his daughter’s life at risk in so many times.

Alyana who overheard the conversation came to thank Teddy for giving his blessings to her relationship with Marco. At Camp Crame, the officers had a meeting with General Borja. Chikoy told Borja that the authorities at San Rafael hospital had failed to give out information on Romulo.

General Borja had no doubt that Hipolito was the one pulling the strings. After Elmo separated the fight with his friends, Wally told Lola Flora that it was the least thing he could do to support her especially now that he was leaving to join Amor in the United States.

Flora told him to concentrate on Amor more as they would be okay. They escorted Wally to embark his journey to get reunited with his sister. Soon, Makmak, Dan, Ligay and Paquito were honoured in school.

While Becky leased out more spacious room for Cardo and his group to rent, Hipolito was also scheming with Catindig on how to silence Romulo before the latter say a word to anyone on the incident that happened at the old abandoned train station.

When Cardo was cleaning the new hideout, Andrea got there in search of George but was surprised to meet Cardo. She had l0ve written all over her face for Cardo. She introduced herself, while talking to Cardo, George got there to interrupt and sent her to see his wounded companions.

After treating them, Andy went to talk to her mother about meeting Dalisay. Becky warned her to stay away from the r£bel group. She then called her tenants to inform them about the presence of the Vendetta to warn them against the group. However, the ladies were excited since they knew Cardo was leading the group.

They were dy!ng to meet Dalisay, one disclosed that Andy had always been crushing on Cardo ever since. Discovering Andy has already met Cardo, they asked her whether he looked handsome like how he appeared on television and the health practitioner confirmed it.

Becky ended up sacking them from her room since they had changed the entire conversation. George came in with a Television for them to entertain themselves as they were recuperating. They saw Hipolito addressing the media on how he ran to the hideout of the Vendetta when he had the intel.

According to him, he tried to negotiate with the group but they started to open fire at him and he also fought back to defend himself. In the process, he managed to shoot one of the r£bel leaders, Romulo Dumaguit. He survived and was out of danger.

Cardo and his team were happy to hear the news. They planned to save Romulo from the hands of Hipolito before the wicked politician put Leon under duress to squeeze their hideout from him since they learnt their leader was under the NDA’s glare.

General Olegario believed Leon would not give in to Hipolito so he would be tortured.

“That’s why we have to move fast,” Cardo said.

“We have to rescue the commander right away.”

They wondered where their search for their leader would begin from. Diana told them not to worry, she knew where Leon would be kept and the place was no other than San Rafael Hospital.

At Camp Crame, Guzman arrived to inform Delfin that the NMIG has said Romulo was still in critical condition. Delfin doubted that Catindig was given them right information and they planned to fish out all the necessary information so General Borja called Catindig.

He told him that he still needed information on the case but Manolo reminded him that the CIDG was no longer involved in the case. General Borja made it clear that he wanted to know how Hipolito got the intel, who Hipolito carried the operation with.

Catindig stopped him, saying he was working on specific orders from NDA so it would be better if he also work on cases within his jurisdiction. Homer also planned with his group on means they could discharge the henchmen duties to win a special place in the life of Hipolito when he becomes the senator.

Hipolito went to San Rafael Hospital to check on Leon. He was told that Romulo was responding well to treatment.

“You really tough Leon.”

“I have peppered you with bullets.”

“Yet you’re still alive.”

“But that’s alright because I still have some good work for you.”


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