Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 32

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 32 Diego in fresh trouble over his involvement with IsabelĀ 

After mentioning her name, Isabel made an attempt to run. She fought Cardo but Cardo managed to catch her.

Isabel’s companions tried to escape, Benny stopped entertaining the kids and went after them.

They beat Benny and headed out, Joaquin alerted the rest of the team so they came out of the car to surround the other two party girls.

Meanwhile, the ladies had already called their team to come for them once they came they traded shots with the police.

One of the gang members escaped and called Ninong that the operation failed and he was the only person who managed to escape.

Ninong spewed that he could not save the girls while he had promised to take care of them.

He then sided with him and thanked Ninong for understanding. Ninong indicated that he would send people to come for him.

When the people came they shot the guy. Meanwhile, Isabel failed to talk and her companions also failed to expose Ninong.

They embarked on surveillance mission to survey Ninong’s mansion. Ninong told his assistant to go for them.

He offered them food and asked why were they were spying his house the entire day? Were they on surveillance routine?

Billy answered that they were new in the area. Ninong offered them seat to eat, he then asked of their names and Cardo said he was Ricardo Delisay, when Ninong was about to mention his name Cardo interjected that his name was Leonardo Dormetrio.

He asked Ninong why he changed his name if he did not have anything to hide.

Ninong said he knew Cardo already knew about him. He said he had already paid for his crimes in the past.

Later at the station, Cardo told Delfin that none of the girls would talk, he requested to use their phones to uncover their secret.

Delfin accepted. Ninong and the rest of his team planned to get rid of Cardo before he paralysed his syndicate.

Cardo at home thought of means to get to Ninong. Flora saw him thinking and she knew he was thinking of how to arrest the leader of the syndicate.

The next day, Cardo visited the grave of Ador and recalled their childhood days. Carmen also came there to lay a flower on the grave.

After seeing Carmen, Cardo left without saying a word to her. When he was about to drive his car, it began raining he then went back to offer Carmen a ride to the house.

As he returned, Carmen recalled all the bad things she did against Cardo after she realised he was not Ador.

In the house, Flora was rearranging the pictures and took off some pictures of Ador.

Yolly asked where they would keep the old photographs of Ador and she said she had a special place to keep them.

Diego wanted a holiday to celebrate the Christmas but Tomas would not let him. Diego was upset but he engaged with his friends and one told him he could lend him his phone for him to talk to Sophie.

He later called her but the phone was in the possession of Cardo. Cardo did not answer, they resolved to texting and arranged to meet at 9:00pm in their usual place.

Cardo informed Billy, Chikoy and Mark. They went to the bar, Cardo went inside and rest waited in a car outside. As he spoke with Jess(Diego) who said he was already there, Cardo mistook someone else for Jess.

Diego saw Cardo and realised he had been chatting with Cardo. He fled in disappointment.

Tomas asked for Diego and was told he went out to see a woman but he later arrived.

Tomas got his guys to beat him for not obeying his orders. Philip pittied Diego and was scared that Tomas might kill him.

He then offered to help Diego. He approached him, saying everyone does mistake. Cardo came to Edgar’s house with Billy. Billy had too much to drink after their operation failed.

In the house, Billy told Cardo that he completed the academy with Ador. Cardio and Ador were the same just that Cardo was a bit stubborn and had different approach in doing things.

As he was talking Carmen hid herself to eavesdrop. Later Edgar and his wife came.

Junior also came down to ask Cardo if he came for him but Cardo explained that he just dropped by.

Junior requested to spend the new year’s Eve at Cardo’s place. Carmen said he would spend it in their house not Flora’s. Edgar asked what if they all spend the new year’s eve at Flora’s place as the saying goes “the more the people, the merrier the celebration.”

In the next day during breakfast, Carmen told Edgar he should not have promised Junior to spend the New year’s eve at Flora’s house.

She also scolded Billy for drinking too much. He told him not to compare himself to Cardo since Cardo was a good drinker not Billy.

Her mother asked Billy if they should offer him a medicine for his headache but he said he was okay.

She then told Carmen that Cardo was a gentleman for bringing Billy home the past night. Edgar jokingly said Cardo was a gentleman and a drunkard! He laughed.

Cardo on the other hand informed Flora that Carmen’s family would spend the new year’s eve there.

Flora warned him and Benny not to drink during the new year’s eve but Benny said it would be boring to celebrate the new year’s eve without a drink.

Joaquin beat Diego for getting involved with Isabel (Sophie) and being followed by Cardo.

He told Tomas about it and he told Joaquin to inform Verna. Joaquin told Verna that Diego failed again as he was followed by Cardo.

Verna advised them to turn into a new leaf since their life was in danger. Tomas spewed that the work was introduced to him by Verna’s dad and would not stop.

He said it was too late for them to change since there was no safe place anywhere.

Rachel saw Tomas and Verna arguing, she asked them what was happening. Verna cried and Rachel asked whether she and Tomas were fighting.

Verna kept saying sorry to her. She later hugged Joaquin and left with Rachel for their trip.


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