Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 320

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 320 Hipolito torments Romulo after waking up, Marco protects the integrity of Alyana at State dinner with the President

Monolo went to talk to Hipolito concerning the complaints of General Borja. He heard General Borja was not happy with the NDA’s decision not to release any sort of information to the CIDG and was sure that Hipolito was the one behind those orders.

General Borja was upset due to the fact that Hipolito was no longer the head of NDA, therefore the former director had no right to meddle in the Dumaguit and Cardo’s case. Catindig feared that General Borja would work his way to get the case for the CIDG but Hipolito did not care.

Captain Gina, on the other hand, kept bothering Flora and her family. Flora pleaded with Gina to give her family peace that was what the community deserved.

While driving, Marco called Alyana to remind her of the night’s event and told her he would pick her up at 6:00 O’clock pm. Alyana was hesitant since she was scared to attend after the bad news on Cardo kept trending.

Marco advised her to forget anything about Cardo to concentrate on them, promising her that he would never be away from her sight.
After the call, Teddy did not want his daughter to see the State dinner as an ordinary event for her to attend but Virgie was optimistic that her daughter would surpass the current situation and all the gossip about her.

She said Alyana has endured some before. At the Cabreras mansion, the second lady wore her expensive designer gown to the State dinner happening at the palace. Cardo saw General Olegario worried about something so he asked her why.

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Though, she knew the rescue operation would not be easy, Diana expressed joy knowing Romulo was alive. Cardo assured they would save the commander no matter what it would take and make Hipolito and Homer pay for their deeds.

Homer also called Hipolito to check on the patient. Hipolito said Leon was out of danger but was still in a coma. Homer then gave him a plan B to finish Leon off but Hipolito had other use for the r£bel leader. He wanted to use him to track down Cardo and his gang.

Hipolito had no single doubt that Cardo was planning to save Romulo from his clutch. Homer believed Cardo wouldn’t dare since the place was heavily guarded but Hipolito knew how Cardo’s mind works. Unknown to Homer, his girlfriend was eavesdropping.

Delfin visited his sister to give an update on Dumaguit’s case. He told Flora that the case was now out of his jurisdiction but assured that his outfit was doing everything possible to regain the case.

Delfin still wondered why Hipolito wielded power over the new boss of the NDA. Flora prayed that justice would be served for the right culprits to pay for their evil deeds.

Advert of Hipolito was running on television and Homer was very happy that if Hipolito wins to become the senator, it was a done deal for the venom to secure better position as henchmen.

Soon, Marco went for Alyana for the party. As they arrived at the event, some of the guests began gossiping about Alyana and she turned pale. Marco advised her not to concentrate on them.

The second lady and her husband arrived. Catherine was nicer to Alyana and even proposed to make her fashion designer design a dress for her to attend such occasions.

Feeling that she was the most beautiful queen at the occasion, Catherine questioned Lucas for complementing one of the politicians’ wife.

“You really think that woman is beautiful and Intelligent?”

“She needs a good stylish and a plastic surgeon.

The MC announced the arrival of the President, Oscar Hidalgo and his wife Marisa
They majestically walked in, the first lady was also in a red gown similar to the attire of the second lady, much to Catherine’s surprise.

Lucas, the Vice President and Secretary for International Relations gave the opening ceremony speech to announce the presence of Ambassador Christopher Cage, United States Ambassador to Philippines to celebrate and welcome him to the Philippines.

President Oscar in his speech wanted to form an alliance with the United States government to secure the peace of the Filipino people. Later at the gathering, Oscar expressed concern about the association of Senator De Silva with drug businesses.

Lucas was saddened of the senator’s untimely deàth orchestrated by Ricardo Dalisay. He was l0ved by the multitude but that, was the least of the president’s worry since the vigilante group also had support from the street.

His concern was the corruption which some of the officials were engaged in. He wanted he and Lucas to fight against corrupt officials abusing their power. Catherine bumped into the first lady and the secretary’s wife only for her to learn that the gown she was wearing was so cheap.

The designer actually charged her huge sums since the first lady bought hers for a lesser value. The president and his wife later bumped into Marco and Alyana and were surprised to know the son of Lucas was involved with Alyana. This made Lucas explained the situation between Alyana and her estranged r£bel husband.

Dumaguit woke up and was surprised to see that he was surrounded. Hipolito talked with him to demand him to reveal the hideout of Cardo. He then talked with Manolo to secure the perimeters of the hospital since Dumaguit was fully awake.

Meanwhile, Catherine compelled her husband for them to leave the gathering after the first lady put her daughter, Grace to sleep. Alyana arrived home with Marco and told her parents that Marco kept his promise to stay with her even when people were judging her.

Fast forward, the President had a meeting with security officials and some of the politicians on means to arrest the vigilante group using Dumaguit. He asked of Leon’s health and the security who had no clue that the r£bel leader was awake said Dumaguit was still unconscious.

Grace after school barged in to the meeting of the president while the first lady was running after her daughter in order for her not to distract the officials. She was too late and Grace went in merriment to express to her father how she became first in school and gained three stars on her hand.

As Hipolito was scheming and plotting, Cardo and Olegario also thought of means to get to Dumaguit since Olegario knew the place would be heavily guarded.She suggested they first go to San Rafael Hospital to survey the place to know how they could rescue the commander the next day.

Flora kept thinking about how her grandson’s name would be cleared for him to get reunited with them. The next day, Makmak revealed to Flora that he happened to hear her conversation with Yolly, Marikit, Elmo and Paco.

He hoped Cardo would get a normal life again. Paquito was happy that idol Cardo would be home soon and wished he would escort him to receive his medal. Elsewhere, Delfin went to San Rafael and was stopped by the military who was guarding the place.

Hipolito handled Delfin and reminded him that he was no longer handling that case. General Borja made it clear that he did not believe Hipolito on the account the latter gave. He could not be the only one who fought the entire Vigilante group so Hipolito was on his investigation lists.


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