Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 321

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 321 Lucas works with Brandon in an illegal shipping business, CIDG regains the Dumaguit Case, Cardo gets a perfect plan to rescue Romulo

Homer was receiving a massage from his girlfriend when Roldan got there to call him that he has a visitor. He went out to find Manolo as the person, the latter asked Scorpion whether he had an update on Cardo which he said the contrary.

Manolo had no belief in the Venom to find Cardo, he was positive that Cardo was in hiding waiting for the opportune time to launch an attack on Homer and his group.

Homer doubted, knowing Manolo was trying to prove to him that he was incompetent so he said he could not search nooks and crannies just to find Cardo. Hipolito, however, was relying on one of his two source of henchmen, Manolo and Homer to know who was competent enough to find Cardo.

Alyana arrived at work to greet Toni. She was in a cheerful mood but the trending news about her and Marco which was read to her by Toni and Menchu got her worried. Marco got there and reaffirmed his support to her. He brought divorce papers along for Alyana to sign.

Per his lawyer’s advice to speed up the annulment process, they would charge Cardo of having mental problems even when he was in the security force. He was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) Disorders.

After they file the charges, the court would send subpoena to Cardo and if he failed to show up her divorce would be granted. Seeing the trending news, Lucas called Catherine to inform her. He did not want anything to come in between his presidential bidding so he warned his wife to talk to Marco.

“Darling,” Catherine mentioned “don’t worry!”

“They will talk about this today and focus on another thing tomorrow.”

“Not this time… this will get worse.”

“Political force will throw it at me especially now that the vigilantes are getting known
after one of their leaders was captured.”

“So what?” Catherine spewed.

“Alyana isn’t involved with any of her husband’s activity and you know that right?”

“And what about Marco?”

“You know what our son is capable of.’

“He will d!e without that girl!”

“We can help Marco,” Lucas said.

“Don’t forget my reputation is at stake here too.”

“And let me remind you, I already lost once with the party choosing someone else instead to stand for president…”

“So I won’t allow someone like Alyana Dalisay to ruin all the plans that I made up.”

Cardo left the injured group members in the care of Anton and went to the hospital to survey the place with Olegario and the rest. They realised that there were security all over the place. They decided to return home to plan their entry to San Rafael Hospital.

Tadpole and the rest heard some noise and they went to peep only to find lots of ladies training. They watched them to amuse themselves and left unnoticed. The ladies were called in by Becky to continue their work. One arrived from a trip and distributed some sweets but Becky took almost all.

Homer came clean to his girlfriend. She was worried after witnessing Homer and Manolo pulling guπ at eachother so Homer told her quota of the truth about his work and warned her not to expose them otherwise.

Roldan was lurking around to eavesdrop. He later queried Homer the reason he told Bubbles about their job. He was scared that the girl would rat them out but Homer defended Bubbles.

At Camp Crame, the CIDG did their own investigation to find out that there were different bullets used in the sh00ting. This made them to conclude that Hipolito did not raid the crime scene alone.

Chikoy wondered why Hipolito had to lie and Delfin explained that he wanted to appear the hero to gain the public trust to support his political ambitions.

Meanwhile, Lucas spoke to Brandon about a secret shipment and alerted him to ensure no one finds it out. Due to the vigilante group, the security was on high alert and Lucas assured he would never fail him.

At the Cabreras mansion, Catherine threw the gown on her designer and accused him of being responsible for the !nsult she suffered during the event. She threatened to ensure he did not get the chance to design anyone’s dress ever again.

The designer pleaded with her not to end his career. Catherine said someone wore the same gown and the most humiliating part was that she bought it from a freaky store for a lesser price.

At the premise of San Rafael Hospital, Ramil told Cardo that they had to leave the health facility area before they get recognised. Hipolito was also passing by in his car but couldn’t see his target.

Hipolito found Romulo still asleep and ask a nurse about the reason Romulo was still not awake. He found out that the patient was given a sedative since he has been complaining of body pains due to his wounds. Hipolito went in to torment him to squeeze the truth of Cardo’s location from him.

Romulo remained silence so Hipolito pressed his wounds to make him bleed the more. He threatened to make life unbearable for him. Cardo and his team arrived at their hideout to inform the rest that the hospital was heavy guarded and he believed they were on high alert since they were sure the group would come to save Romulo.

As Manolo swore to make Homer’s group be regarded by Hipolito as incompetent, Homer had an idea to call Hipolito to demand money for weapons. Since he wanted Cardo at all cost, Hipolito accepted. Homer equally plotted against Manolo.

Some journalists surrounded Marco’s organisation and when he stepped out with Alyana, the reporters began asking them questions.

Alyana ended up saying she had nothing to do with Marco, they were just friends. Marco was not happy about it, he was willing to let the world know she was his girlfriend. Catherine told Menchu that she knew her husband was right but was scared that Marco might hurt himself. Menchu advised her to talk to Marco since Alyana would only ruin their reputation.

Lucas also spoke with Brandon concerning their illegal business and Brandon told him that he has gotten rid of the obstacle, and tightened all the loose ends. Lucas was happy but got worried about Marco. Brandon decided to talk to him.

Lucas knew it would not be easy since Marco had done it before. He becomes violent if he did not get his way through. He was also grateful that Marco had a brother like Brandon to clean his mess. Catherine chanced on them.

President Oscar went to his room at the Queen’s Palace to sleep. Marissa, his wife pleaded with h once again for Grace going in during a meeting to disrupt his meeting. Oscar understood that his work was not making him to act as a responsible husband and a father.

He said he would soon step down for his life to become normal again. Andy came to the Vendetta to check on the wounded guys.
Cardo thanked her for her effort.

He closely looked at her and the girl asked if there was something wrong but he said no, he thought of something. George got in and drove Andy away since she was done with her job. George came with some groceries.

At San Rafael Hospital, Delfin spoke with Romulo and knew the r£bel leader already knew his relationship with Cardo and urged him to trust him to tell him everything. In return, the CIDG would give him protection. As Romulo remained adamant, Hipolito got in to query Borja on what he was doing there.

He was surprised to discover the PNP has given the CIDG the green light to take over the case and would do the investigation along with the NMIG. Delfin served Hipolito a letter indicating his right to be there, adding that everything has been coordinated to the NDA.

“I will have a word with the NDA about this,” Hipolito looked defeated.

“You don’t have to waste your time,” Delfin hissed.

“You can’t do anything about it and besides you shouldn’t have been part of this investigation in the first place.”

Meanwhile, Paco told Flora lies when they saw a video of Captain Gina campaigning. He told Flora he was going to an auto shop to get his jeepney repaired. He went with Elmo and they raided Captain Gina’s office to find evidence against the corrupt official.

Elmo was scared and believed Gina would not be so careless to leave an evidence at his office but Paco believed he would get something against her. Elsewhere, Gina was tired of walking at the middle of her campaign and even fainted for Gido to help her out.

Hipolito told Catindig about how Borja conducted his secret investigation to get over the case. He took consolation in the fact that Romulo was not ready to cooperate. He deemed it a time to find Cardo before Romulo voiced out that he was the one pulling the strings.

Cardo told his group about his plan to enter the hospital. He said one person had to go in order not to raise suspicions. The plan made some of the members happy since the commander would be saved by hook or crook.


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