Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 322

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 322 Hipolito charges Manolo to end the life of Romulo, Cardo and George storm San Rafael Hospital to rescue Leon

General Olegario appointed herself to scout San Rafael Hospital since she was feeling uneasy about the incident leading to Dumaguit’s situation.

She still blamed herself for what happened to their camp but Cardo did not want her to risk it so he decided to go to the hospital with George. George had more advantage in the group since he was not a wanted man unlike the rest of the members in Vendetta.

Hipolito continued to scheme with Manolo on their next move against Dumaguit and Cardo. He was counting on Homer to find Cardo while Manolo would take charge on incident at the hospital.

George went to Becky’s house to find the Flower Power Girls and took some of the food they were eating for his buddies. As Andy and Peng were thinking about the reason there was a tight security in the health facility, a doctor came to call Andy to change the floor she would work.

Delfin had conversation with Andy to tell her about the new patient she would nurse. He revealed the patient’s identity to her as Romulo Dumaguit. Andy knew he was the wanted vigilante leader. She was asked to keep it a secret even from her family so Andy maintained that ethics and kept it confidential.

Marigold, Yazmin, Dalia, and the entire Flower Power Girls met Cardo when he and George were stepping out. The girls were happy to verify their perception of Cardo being handsome. After he received the money from Vulture, Homer went ahead to initiate the process to buy the quality weapons needed for the operation.

Brandon arrived at the pier to receive the illegal firearms shipped into the country. He made his men to pack them. Captain Gina on the other hand, arrived at her house with Gido and Nick only to discover that a third-party has raided her house.

She sniffed around and concluded that Cardo was in her house so she ran out to call out the police. She came across barangay officials and she went inside with them. When they opened the door, they bumped into Paco and Elmo who were trying to escape.

She charged them of trying to b0mb her house and claimed they came with Cardo which Paco and Elmo vehemently denied. They managed to escape and went to the house to beseech Grandma Flora and Yolly but Gina came with the police to arrest the two.

At the precinct, she charged them with Trespassing, Robbery and Attempted murder. When Paco protested against the attempted murder charge, Gina claimed she had heart attack when they broke in. The police inspector explained to Gina that she could only charge them with Trespassing and robbery but not attempted murder.

“Sir,” Elmo called “you should arrest Captain Gina instead!”

“You’re çrazy! why me?” Gina hissed.

“I bet you know why… you have been engaging in illegal activities,” Paco interjected.

“What evidence do you have?”

“We don’t!” Elmo exclaimed “That’s why we broke into your house so we can look for more evidence.”

Yolly told her husband to stop, what he was saying could worsen his case. Marikit told Captain Gina to reconsider her decision since Paco and Elmo did not steal anything but the captain refused. Due to her new patient, Andy worked overtime and Becky asked Peng about his sister when he got home.

Cardo and George sneaked into the hospital through the back door and were in disguise. Manolo tried to use violence to make Romulo speak but Borja stopped him from infringing the right of Romulo. Manolo then went to call Hipolito to inform him that he doubted Romulo has said something to Borja.

“Why are you saying that Manolo?”

“If he did, Borja will start plotting against you by now!”

“But even still, Dumaguit has to d!e Manolo.”

Manolo explained how the CIDG were on high alert but Hipolito did not care all that he wanted was for Hipolito to d!e. The Flower Power Girls schemed with Becky to sell the Vendetta off for the bounty in order to manage their own club. The girls told Becky to think about it.

Meanwhile, Borja charged Guzman to watch over Dumaguit to ensure Manolo did not use violence to compel Dumaguit to stop. Manolo went to the medicinal room to ask Andy whether she was the new nurse assigned to take care of Dumaguit. She answered the affirmative and proceeded to discharge her duties.

While Alyana was reading the news in the newspaper concerning her and Marco at the office, Menchu got there to advice her to give Marco a break for now or better still, she should legally get separated from Cardo before she would continue her relationship with Marco. That she believed would make them escape the media and the allegations tarnishing the Cabreras’ name.

In the Queen’s resident, Oscar had a call and was informed that Dumaguit had still not talked. Yohan got home late and came to meet Oscar sitting there. The president confronted his son for acting carelessly like an ordinary citizen. Yohan could not explain himself, all that he wished for was to be an ordinary person to hang out with friends and left to the room.

Marisa tried talking to her husband to understand things from Yohan’s point of view. She reminded him that they also did same when they were teens.

At the Cabreras mansion, Catherine showed the news on who wore it better to her husband. She was upset that she paid huge sums of money just for nothing. Her designer bought the attire from a corner store and embellished it.

She was upset that her husband wanted her to look better than the first lady, yet her designer made her get humiliated.

“I want that designer deàd,” Catherine declared.

“Catherine I will take care of that,” Lucas assured.

When Lucas laughed, Catherine thought he was trivialising her problem but Lucas said he was not. Catherine insisted that what was on social media that the first lady rocked it better than her would affect her husband’s political career. Lucas wondered how the fashion would affect the nation.

“Or maybe they are right because I am just the wife of the Vice President,” Catherine murmured.

“In that case you really shouldn’t have left Oscar before,” Lucas hissed.

“You would have become the first lady.”

That night, Catherine pleaded with her husband for what she said. She did not mean that he was inferior to the president. She reaffirmed her l0ve for him.

Manolo had a hint from his men that someone who looked like Cardo was in the facility. He called Hipolito but the former Director was upset that Manolo was not giving result. Manolo decided to get to the root of it and he found Cardo, lurking close to Dumaguit’s ward.

Due to the security scatter in the area, Cardo was standing aloof to survey the place but when Manolo saw them, he fled with George. They split in order for Manolo not to get them. Cardo stumbled on Andy and he revealed his identity to her.

As the nurse was enquiring from him why he was in disguise, Cardo enlisted her help since Manolo was after him and was in that same room they were in. Manolo was stopped by some nurses as the place was a restricted area but he was fighting his way through.


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