Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 323

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 323 Marco compels Alyana to sign a divorce petition, the CIDG clash with the Venom group

At San Rafael Hospital, Andi helped Cardo to escape. George found Cardo and Andi, as they were heading out, they came across Catindig’s henchmen who were in search of Cardo.

Quickly Cardo hid, Andi showed them a different exit point which had less or no security. Cardo thanked Andi and the nurse made it clear that she only helped him since she did not want any trouble at the facility but Cardo should not count on her next time.

Catindig called Hipolito to relay the information of his inability to catch Cardo to him. He said his men searched everywhere around the facility for Cardo but couldn’t find him. Hipolito told him to find a way to k!ll Romulo and also he should remain alert to find Cardo.

Cardo and George arrived at their hideout to tell their comrades that they were able to find Romulo’s ward but the security were tight in there. He said he was able to study the hospital’s layout which they could follow to get to Romulo.

“We almost got caught but we managed to get away since we are genius,” George praised himself.

Catherine saw her husband talking on phone with his son. She told Lucas that she did not have good feeling about Brandon, she was sure he was up to no good but Lucas said he trusts his son. Catherine stated that he l0ved Brandon more than Marco.

Lucas indicated that he l0ved all his children at least Brandon knew what he was doing but could not say same for Marco. He made it clear that he did not support the relationship of Marco and Alyana and he was saying that for the welfare of his family.

Catherine was however, worried as to what Marco would do should he broke away from Alyana. Catherine advised Lucas to give it time to make all the news about her son and Alyana d!e out since he had three more years for his presidential bidding.

Elsewhere, Marco met Alyana and gave her the good news that the lawyer has granted her petition for annulment and all that she had to do was to file the case and send it to a Family Court.

He realised the silence Alyana greeted what he termed as good news with so he asked whether she was hesitant but Alyana said she used to. Considering what was happening, she deemed it as the right time to get her marriage to Cardo annulled.

Yolly and Marikit went to the precinct to bail out Elmo and Paco. Yolly told Elmo that the money they saved to celebrate the kids for their honourary was the one she used and the rest was from Grandma Flora. Paco promised to work hard to pay the money so that they could still celebrate the kids.

As they were heading home, they came across Captain Gina promising the town’s people. Elmo and Paco almost picked a fight with her and she being a dramatic woman feigned.

George went to Becky’s house to beseech Andi for a favour. He said although Cardo was against it but he took it upon himself to come and ask for that favour. He told Andi to help them to get Romulo out of the health facility. Andi refused since that would bring a problem to her family, something she wanted to avoid.

She said if it was something different, she would have said yes. She has never said no to anyone but that favour was beyond her ability. Unknown to George, Becky was eavesdropping. She overheard her daughter telling George that the moment she allowed his group into the house their family safety was put at risk, reason she did not want to meddle in their mission.

Flora told Paco and Elmo that two wrongs make no right so they should not have broken into Gina’s place. The kids now told them their fears that they thought they could not make it to the honourary awards that would be held in their school.

Ligaya said they owed their success to Alyana since she was the person who helped them to have perfect marks in school. Dexter wanted Flora to invite Alyana to the occasion. Alyana, on the other hand, was thinking when Teddy asked whether the reporters had stopped bothering her.

He pulled her legs to demand for an interview to share her experience with him for being the girlfriend of Vice President’s son. He then asked how the family of Marco were taking all the news. Virgie interjected that through it all the family of Marco had accepted Alyana. To her, that was the most important thing.

Becky inquired from her daughter what she was discussing with George and she came clean. Becky was upset that the Vendetta wanted to use her daughter to get Romulo out.

She stormed Cardo’s place with Lola and demanded them to pack out as Cardo failed to keep his promise. Since Cardo did not know what she was talking about, George revealed the truth to the group that he asked Andy to help them rescue Romulo.

Cardo said that has rather risked them. The group planned to leave the place since neighbours would learn about them but first they wanted to focus on getting Romulo from San Rafael.

Due to how Catindig was behaving, General Borja made plans to get Romulo transferred into their custody as soon as possible, something Hipolito was praying against.

Homer and his gangs met Brandon’s notorious firearm sellers to purchase the weapons for their operations. As they went home, Homer proposed they go to the former hideout of Cardo to find clues that would lead them to their new hideout.

“There’s Leon right?”

“He is still in the hospital right… We must still get something from him.”

“You want me to test this on you huh?” Homer directed his guπ at his man.

“You should use your head!”

“You really think Leon will help us?”

“Right Mango,” Pillo smirked “you could be stup!d sometimes.”

“Catindig’s men are covered at the entire hospital.”

“We will be in trouble if they see us.”

“It’s good that they are guarding the place…”

“At least we will be free to hunt down Dalisay.”

“It’s very important we get to him and not Catindig.”

Meanwhile, Lucas stayed alert after a cabinet meeting. The topic of discussion was the shipping of drugs and illegal materials into the country that had gone a long way to improve terrorist works in the country.

Lucas called Brandon to alert him about the international community concern on that illegal shipment. Brandon told his father to trust him on that. He always does a clean job which could not be traced. Brandon spoke with his guy and he told him the success of the transaction.

In their hideout, Diana was glad they were able to map out their way into the health facility but her biggest problem was how they would be able to convey Romulo out of the facility.

“It’s not going to be easy without the police men guarding the commander.”

“Greco,” Diana called “all our missions has never been easy.”

“This thing is complicated,” Happy indicated

“Clock is ticking yet we are not making any progress.’

“Happy we should not lose hope,” Cardo said.

The kids called Alyana and invited her to their school’s event. Alyana did not give them a definite answer. Flora was surprised to see the kids inviting Alyana. She told them to give Alyana some time to deliberate on it.

Teddy advised Alyana to attend the event and she should always bear in mind that her issue was with Cardo not his family. Besides, Cardo’s family had been good to her so there was no need to cut ties with them. However, Virgie had contrary opinion. She wanted Alyana to totally cut ties with the De-Leons to show that she has moved on.

Lucas in a meeting with the president criticised him for the increase in terrorism in the country. That, he said had made the citizens lost trust in Oscar’s administration. Therefore, drastic measures needed to tackle the cankerworm since their supporters and investors might pullback their investment and support.

The president made it clear that Lucas was part of the administration and he knew all the efforts he had put in place to deal with the issue at hand. He had coordinated with the NDA, AFP and the PNP all in putting an immediate end to the issue. He was surprised since the issue of terrorism was not that bad in the Philippines for investors to pull out.

Elsewhere, Brandon donated foods and assorted drinks to disaster victims in evacuation centres just to cover up his crimes and whip up the believes and trust of the people in the Cabrera political clan.

Homer and his goons also stormed the abandoned train station to search for clues that would lead them to the vigilantes hideout. Fortunately or unfortunately, Guzman and his comrades saw the invasion of a third party at the r£bels hideout and he called for backup.

The tried tracing the third party and realised it was the venom group. They crossed fire and Scorpion and his men took to their heels while the price followed them. Meanwhile, Cardo was stressed out thinking of means to successfully get their leader from the grasp of the police.

Ramil still had belief in Cardo that he would find solution to their problem to set Romulo free. Subscribe to the site for daily update!


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