Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 324

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 324 Delfin begs Romulo to expose Hipolito for the CIDG to end his terror, The Flower Power Girls roll out Million Bounty plan to get Vendetta members behind bars

At the former hideout of Vendetta Chikoy wondered what Homer Adlawan’s group were doing at the place.

“They are looking for something that could reveal Dalisay’s whereabout?” Mark said.

“That’s not all,” Guzman mentioned.

“Based on our investigation, Hipolito wasn’t alone when he charged in here!”

“Could it be… he was with Homer Adlawan’s group when he came here?”

As they were talking, an inspector showed to present a guπ which he was able to retrieve from the place after the crossfire with Scorpion.

“That’s an expensive guπ,” Chikoy mentioned.

“Who could be funding them?” Mark queried.

“I have a feeling that I know who that is!” Guzman said.

Homer and his group managed to escape. One of his members was injured but his concern was that the police had seen their faces and Hipolito would not take that lightly.

Oscar’s assistant was unhappy about how Lucas treated the President. He saw that the Vice had no right to criticise Oscar in that manner after his family were trending on the news for wrong reason. Oscar felt sorry for his veep, saying the Cabreras did not deserve that.

His assistant complemented Oscar for his good heart and patience. After all that the veep said he still felt sorry for him for the negative news against Marco and Alyana which was selling Lucas in the bad light.

Elsewhere, Lucas was laughing over how he treated the President with his çriminal son, Brandon.

“You can blame that to those who sell firearms to terrorists, private armies and r£bel groups,” Brandon gloated.

“So therefore I should blame you son?”

“Did you just see that dad?”

Brandon then showed to his father the whooping amount, 28million which they have earned so far just a week with their illegal business.

“This only proves the president is the one to be blamed for our country’s worsening problems,” Lucas smirked.

Marissa told her husband not to mind Lucas. He has always been Oscar’s detractor, reason his party even failed to support him when he was vying for President since they knew Oscar would beat him. Brandon was happy that Lucas accused Oscar of doing little to tackle the issue of t£rrori$m.

He believed the cabinet members would see Lucas as the right person for the task in the coming elections. Lucas doubted since Marco was also doing his worse to send the family’s reputation to the mud with his interest in Alyana. Brandon promised to resolve that issue, he also had hopes that Cardo would be brought to book.

Guzman reported to Delfin the high calibre of firearm they obtained from Homer’s group when they went to Vendetta former hideout. With that modern unregistered firearms, Delfin was positive that there was a high profile person financing the group.

“That’s what we are also thinking Sir,” Guzman affirmed.

“Their former comrade, Renato Hipolito,” Delfin said.

“And he has been mobilising Adlawan’s group for sometime now!”

“I want you to find out how this high calibre firearms entered our shores.”

“Find out where they bought these because I am quite sure we will find something that will link Hipolito to this mes.”

As Brandon visited his illegal business centre to check development, Cardo and his group were also planning on means to rescue Romulo.

“I did not regret for choosing you Lucas because three years from now you will become the president,” Catherine thought while laying next to her husband that night.

“I know you will do anything to win and I will finally become the first lady.”

The next day, General Borja visited Romulo to urge him to expose Hipolito for funding the activities of the venom group to bring an end to his terror but Romulo remained silent. Happy ran to inform the group that the news indicated that Romulo was doing well.

The group was happy but Olegario said it meant that Romulo would be transferred to the prison soon so they had to act fast otherwise it would be difficult for them to rescue him. Ramil tried to calm the tension rising, saying now they already had a plan and they have to execute it well.

“That’s why we need to act fast and without delay,” Cardo added.

“Happy gather all the stuff we will need for the mission.”

“I’m on it Dalisay!”

Elmo gave Flora a newspaper for to check the headline. Paco now understood why Alyana has not returned, she was dating the Veep’s son. He doubted Cardo and Alyana could patch things up. Flora insisted that the headline was a mere speculation untill she heard it from Alyana she would not believe the news.

Brandon visited the Arevalos to invite Teddy and Virgie to meet his family. They decided to fix a date for that. In the meantime, Marco sent Alyana out and they saw Brandon who asked Marco to give Alyana break for the sake of their family’s reputation.

He knew Marco and Alyana l0ved themselves, as far as Alyana was still married to Cardo, the public would always see her as the wife of a t£rrorist which would sell the family in the bad light

“Alyana our family didn’t really like you,” Brandon told Alyana

“That is enough Brandon!” Marco yelled.

He went with Alyana and apologised to her, claiming his brother was drunk but Alyana knew Brandon was right. Oscar anonymously played a game with Yohan over the internet and defeated him. He then revealed himself to him as the person. Yohan wondered how his dad was able to beat him.

Oscar used the moment to make up with his son and asked him for forgiveness for scolding him the other time. Yohan told him that he was honoured so his friends wanted him to celebrate along with him. Oscar and Marissa were surprised. They congratulated him.

Manolo ranted on how difficult his task for eliminating Romulo was due to the tightened security. Hipolito did not care how hectic the task was, all he cared about was the result.

Manolo came up with a new plan to make Andi deliver the job by injecting toxins into the body of Romulo. Thereafter, he would use threat to silence the nurse. Hipolito believed the plan would work but advised him to first do a background check on the girl.

Makmak called Alyana but she failed to pick it. Flora told Makmak Alyana might be sleeping but Makmak wanted to invite her again for his move up event at the school. He also wanted to talk to Alyana to know whether she was now dating Marco.

Catindig went to Romulo’s ward to once again threaten him to talk, claiming Romulo owed his life to him.

“Major Catindig haven’t I already told you?” Delfin appeared in the scene.

“We take care of the things here!”

Marco after talking to Alyana on the phone to know she was still bothered by the fact that he did not tell her the truth about his family not liking her due to her relations with Cardo went to pick a fight with Brandon.

Lucas came in to separate the fight and told them that no one was wrong or right but Brandon cared about the reputation of the family. Lucas made it clear that his reputation was affected due to his relationship with Alyana.

“So I suggests that you wait for the issue regarding Ricardo Dalisay to d!e out and then you and Alyana can be together again.”

“Are you asking me to break up with her?” Marco queried.

“I won’t break with Alyana and no one, nothing can stop me from being with her!”

The Flower Power Girls felt tired of the regular rehearsals and entertaining men in clubs. They saw the selling out of the Vendetta group as the surest way to make it without stress.

Becky saw their work as nothing bad and urged them to go and perform. After the dancing performance of the girls, Mr Gibson told Becky how beautiful the girls were and paid her 50,000 down payment to make them perform for a friend celebrating his birthday in a yacht.

Becky made it clear that the girls would only dance to entertain and sit at the the table and the man agreed. She told the girls and gave them the down payment. Meanwhile, Manolo has gotten all the needed information about Andi and told Hipolito that Andi was from a poor home and was raised by a single mother.

She has a sickling brother so he was positive that Andi would take the offer. Lucas watched the news on t£rrorism, Marissa wished the t£rrorists would turn themselves in. Lucas knew it would be difficult and he had to step up his game if he only wanted result.

The Vigilante group got their weapons ready but they realised their weapons would not be enough for the pending task so the next day, Ramil and Barracuda went to get some guπs from Ramil’s friends somewhere.

Meanwhile, after watching the news the previous night, the flower power girls saw no need to break their backs while they could make millions by ratting out Cardo and his men. They executed a million bounty plan. They cooked and sent them to the vigilante group to celebrate with them.

They also took pictures which Olegario demanded for the girl’s phone to delete it but George said those girls were to be trusted. As Olegario was finding it difficult to take incharge of the group at the absence of Cardo and Ramil, Ramil arrived to stop them from drinking and dinning with the girls.

He talked against them for their negligence that would put the group at risk. Diana pleaded with Ramil for her inability to watch over the members for them to drink and taking pictures. They now thought of the whereabouts of Cardo since he was not seen since last night.

Speaking of him, he just arrived with weapons and said sorry to the group for his inability to tell them where he went. He saw the members were silence and having long faces so he asked what happened during his absence and Ramil told him what the guys did.

“You took pictures with them?” Cardo was surprised.

“You all know that is dangerous!”

“You guys put our group in danger.”

“Idol,” George called “I know those girls, they won’t rat us out.”

“Even so George you know our situation, the authorities are looking for us.”

“Let me remind all of you to think of the group’s welfare in everything you do!” Ramil added.


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