Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 326

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 326 Cardo saves Becky and the Flower Power Girls from ruthless client, Marco engages in an accident over Alyana’s indignation

In the yacht, one of the foreigners brought Becky to his boss to reveal that Becky called the police but Becky denied, saying she was talking to a friend. The boss said they were in the middle of the ocean and no police could catch them.

Seeing what they were doing to Becky, Lola went to her defence to say Becky indeed talked to a friend so they should believe her. They punched the belly of Becky and locked her up along with Lola to have their way with the girls.

At the De-Leon mansion, Dang asked Flora if Alyana did not l0ve Cardo anymore. As the kids were rooting for Alyana to be with Idol Cardo, Wally arrived from the state and gave them some toys which Amor got for them. He also had a gift for Alyana but was sad that Alyana was no longer there.

Wally already knew what was happening home since Paco had already informed him through chat while away. He wished Alyana could patch things up with Cardo. Flora asked him about Amor’s child and he said his sister gave birth to a girl who is named Lovely.

Peng called George to find out where they have reached. George assured him that they would bring Becky and the Flower Power Girls home safely as promised. He urged Peng to believe in idol Cardo.

Meanwhile, Marco brought Alyana home and apologised for what he earlier said. Alyana ignored him and went inside. She talked with her mother and told her she was with Grandma Flora but Virgie said she should have told her since Marco came there.

Alyana said she had already spoken with Marco and went to her room. She looked at Ricky boy pictures and that of Cardo’s and remembered the good times they spent as family.

General Borja and Guzman tried to squeeze out the truth from the fake nurse but he kept quiet. Manolo came to the office unannounced.

“Major Catindig what are you doing here?” Borja asked.

“You have no right at all to be here!”

“Like you… I just want to know the truth,” Manolo said.

Manolo then blamed Borja for not doing his job properly. General Borja interjected that if he had not discharged his duty properly Dumaguit would have been deàd by now.

“But I agree! It’s impossible to protect someone when the person who wants him k!lled is among us.”

“Well Yes! It seems whoever wants Romulo Dumaguit deàd is here in this very hospital.”

“Otherwise, how will this guy have gotten in here?”

Later, General Borja went to see Romulo and referred to him as a lucky person to have escaped deàth once more. He thanked Andi for protecting the life of Romulo from that criminal otherwise Romulo would have been deàd by now.

Andi said she was only doing her job and it was part of her ethics to protect and secure the life of a patient in her care.

“If you knew what I already know and that where Dalisay and the Vendetta are hiding right now.”

“May be this the right time for me to tell you the truth General,” she thought.

As Cardo and his men got a speed up boat to chase the liberty yacht, the drug dealers were exploring the bodies of the girls. They ràped the girls, their fun was ongoing when they heard they were being shot at. This compelled them to abruptly halt their fun time with girls in bed and went for their weapons to fight back.

As the sea commotion was on going, Dalia and the girls ran to save their lives. They went to unlock the door to open Becky and Lola. They ran but bumped into the pervert boss who shot Lola and used Becky as a leverage in his plan. The deàth of their transgender hurt them.

Elsewhere, Guzman informed Borja that the name on the ID of the fake nurse was Vincent Kali. Delfin ordered him to secure the culprit’s life as the person who paid him to carry that task would make an attempt on his life. Unknown to them, Manolo was spying on them.

Using parachute Cardo jumped into the yacht of the foreigners but the boss escaped on a different boat with Becky.

“Cardo,” Becky screamed “Cardo please save me.

As Cardo went to Ms Becky’s rescue, Olegario and Ramil went to the girls rescue. Cardo managed to k!ll all the foreigners to save Becky’s life. Andi got home and Peng told her that Becky and the girls were held as hostages by foreign clients.

Andi quickly tried reaching out to the police without listening to Peng. Becky and the girls arrived with Cardo. Becky was grateful to Cardo for saving her and girls from the ruthle$s clients.

At San Rafael Hospital, Manolo wanted Delfin to give him the custody of the fake nurse but the CIDG boss refused. He said he caught the guy and the fake nurse would be in his care.

“Besides we are making sure that nothing bad happens to the suspect.”

“What do you mean by that?” Manolo queried.

“Major let’s handle this case,” Delfin smirked.

“General you are actually protecting this guy?”

“Has it ever occurred to you that may be your grandson is actually the one behind this?”

“And why on earth will Cardo do that?”

“To silence Dumaguit so that we don’t get any information out of him.”

“Major please don’t try to stretch the truth here!”

Brandon stumbled on Marco in a bar. He apologised to him for what he said to Alyana but Marco was desperate and kept drinking.
He also tried Alyana’s contact several times but she failed to pick the call.

Oscar received a call from General on the attempt made on the life of Dumaguit so Oscar advised him to secure the patient since he was the only key to lead them to the Vendetta’s hideout.

Yolly realised the kids were upset about Alyana’s relationship with Marco and felt sorry for Cardo. Flora advised the family to only pray for Cardo and Alyana to patch things up. Teddy went to Alyana’s room to talk to her concerning her meeting with Grandma Flora. He asked whether Flora knew about her relationship with Marco and she answered the affirmative.

Teddy knew how the De-Leons accepted Alyana and knew it would break Flora’s heart should she be away from her. Marco was driving and kept calling Alyana. As Alyana did not return or pick his calls, he got so furious while recalling the entire day’s issue with her for introducing him to Cardo’s family as her boss and failing to hold him infront of them.

He realised Alyana was rather interested in Cardo. He got so upset and rode on top speed to hit his car to a truck. The driver of the loading truck called an ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Catherine tried Marco’s line several times and couldn’t reach him. Lucas believed Marco was asleep but Catherine doubted and blamed Brandon for Marco’s current mood. Lucas advised her to stop blaming Brandon since the latter has apologised and patched things up with Marco.

Catherine then received a call and was told about the unfortunate news. The doctor came from the emergency room which Marco was receiving treatment to meet the Cabreras to talk to them about all the necessary tests carried on Marco.

“We are currently monitoring your son’s condition.”

“All we can do is to hope that he recovers from this! Excuse me.”

Becky after blaming herself for what happened to her and her girls said they owed their lives to Cardo. She was sad that she wrongly judged the Vendetta. Those she thought were çriminals were actually the ones who saved her and told Andi to send them some foods and invite them over that night for a get-together.

The Vendetta had run out of food, all they had was coffee which George served them and said he would go out to look for food. Before he would step out, Andi arrived with some meals for breakfast and told the group that her mother would no longer evict them.

She actually told her to serve them some foods and also invited them to come that evening for a small get-together to thank them. The group was happy that they would not be evicted.



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