Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 327

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 327 Alyana accepts Marco’s marriage proposal, Homer and his minions ambush the police to k!ll Romulo

Hipolito spoke with Manolo on phone, instructing him to get rid of the fake male nurse. Manolo saw no need to do that, stressing that no one would believe what the nurse would say.

He told Hipolito that Borja was working to transfer Dumaguit to a safer place which called for immediate action. At the house of the DeLeons, Elmo was bewildered that Cardo and his squad were not showing any sign of slowing down even when Dumaguit was on bed arrest.

Paco supported Cardo since the Vendetta were fighting corrupt officials and criminals but Yolly disagreed with their method of doing it. General Borja also informed Dumaguit about his transfer and urged him to cooperate with them.

Cardo and the Vendetta made plans to go to the hospital the next day and seek Andy’s help to run away with the commander. At the hospital, Catherine call Alyana and blamed her for Marco’s accident. Alyana rushed to the hospital after learning Marco was in a critical condition.

She apologised to the vice President for his son’s accident but Catherine cut in.

“You should be sorry because this is all your fault

“Please mom I hope you can allow me to see Marco.”

“Before you came here he was making scene he really thought that you left him and that you really don’t want him all because you didn’t want to talk to him.”

“Because of you my son got so drunk and he got into an accident.”

Marco pleaded with Alyana to forgive him for everything that he said. Alyana told him that she was the one who had to apologise but Marco said she was right with her act, he did not act well. He compelled Alyana to come clear with her feelings for him and she admitted to l0ve him and she accepted to marry him.

At the queen’s palace, Oscar wondered how Marco was doing. Marissa urged her husband to visit Marco at the hospital since he was in critical condition. Oscar said though his last conversation with Lucas started on a wrong foot but he had to go and check on Marco.

He had a visitor who told him that Romulo would be transferred on that day. Oscar hoped Romulo would talk once he got well.

Catherine was happy that Alyana had accepted to be part of her family and she took back all her words against Alyana and hugged her. Lucas on the other hand was not happy since he did not want anything to come in between his political career.

Hipolito visited the venom group to inform them about Dumaguit’s transfer. Homer and his minions were ready to interfere to get Dumaguit k!lled before he would reach the safe hospital. Hipolito said it depended on the guards that they would escort Dumaguit.

Cardo and his squad attended the small gathering held in Becky’s place and were happy that George’s word of them gaining a place they could call a home. Becky and the Flower Power Girls were ready to help them and Becky asked for forgiveness for harbouring bad feelings about them due to what the news said about Vendetta.

Becky showed interest in Ramil, Andy arrived and sat next to Cardo. She revealed to Cardo that Dumaguit’s life was in danger and when Cardo was saving her mother the previous day, someone also made an attempt on Romulo’s life and her intervention saved the life of Romulo.

She then pledged to help Cardo to get Romulo safe since Romulo would be transferred. Becky learnt from Ramil that Alyana, the former reporter was the wife of Cardo and they lost their son through an explosion. However, Alyana got separated from him so Cardo was going through a lot.

Peng was glad since that meant that his sister, Andy would have a chance with Cardo but Becky was against it. She wanted a rich guy for Andy so that they could be taken away from the place. Cardo informed his comrades about what Andy told him and they laid down their plans.

Since Andy did not know the hospital the commander would be transferred to, Diana suggested they go there early to survey the place as she was positive that they would take the shortest route to the place. Lucas made up his mind to break the marriage which his son was talking about.

Menchu was scared that Marco would attempt to end his life again. Catherine interjected that Menchu was right and they had to prioritise the life of Marco. Alyana, on the other hand, blamed herself for the critical condition of Marco and told Virgie that she caused his accident, she should have talked to him.

She also said she already accepted his marriage proposal so once he was okay he would work on her annulment. Borja told his subordinates to secure Romulo as they were transferring him to the hospital. Manolo asked Borja whether the security was uptight and Borja said he could be rest assured that no one could break through.

Manolo then warned Dumaguit that if he was thinking of running he could not, the security was tight. Andy wheeled Romulo to the bus. As Romulo went in, Manolo alerted Homer. Hipolito also spoke with Homer to execute the mission well to ensure that Romulo does not survive.

Peng called Cardo to inform him that Romulo was escorted by lots of cops so it would be difficult to rescue him for now. The Vendetta decided to rely on Andy to help them once Romulo settle in the new hospital.

Homer and his minions ambushed them and sh0t them, he k!lled many of the policemen. He sh0t Guzman who was securing the life of Romulo on his shoulder. His guπ fell and Romulo with his crafty move caught the guπ and quickly in the upside down movement of the guπ with his hands handcuffed he sh0t many of Homer’s guy for them to d!e.

As Homer was about to b0mb the police car, Romulo fled with Guzman to the bus. Already Mark had called for a backup so when Homer attacked them, the rest of the cops came and Homer had no choice than to flee with his minions.


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