Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 328

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 328 Manolo roles out plan to k!ll Romulo after Homer’s staged ambush backfires, Vendetta and the Flower Power Girls embark on mission to rescue Romulo

Manolo ordered for the fake male nurse who was in the custody of the CIDG to be k!lled. Marasigan, an officer used an incredible strategy to make it seems like, he was fishing out the truth from the fake nurse and executed the vile plan.

He silently sh0t the nurse. Catindig went to inform Hipolito the good news. Hipolito now felt that everything was in order and there was no problem for him to think about.

He spoke with Homer to know how things turned out but Homer broke the unfortunate news to him that he could not k!ll Romulo. He was heavily guarded and the police even called for backup to outnumber his minions.

“But we managed to take down some cops.”

“I don’t care about the police Homer.”

“It was Romulo that I wanted to get rid off.”

“Sir we will make it up to you next time,” Homer pleaded.

“There won’t be a next time Homer!

“Because you have already proven to me a dozen times how usëlëss you are to me… ìdīot!”

Homer got upset and threw off his phone while Manolo looked cheerful seeing how desperate Hipolito was when Homer failed to accomplish the mission.

At the Arevalos mansion, Virgie could feel that Alyana felt pressured and was hesitant in her decision to get married to Marco. She felt that her daughter’s action changed the moment she got close to grandma Flora.

The police conveyed Romulo and Guzman to the hospital. Romulo was unconscious, Andi took the liberty to call Cardo to inform him that the convoy was ambushed but Romulo was still safe. As a result of the incidence, there were lots of security men guarding him.

Cardo informed his comrades and they said they had to quickly do something to save Dumaguit before something bad could happens to him. He was now desperate since their biggest problem was the tightened security.

Elsewhere, President Oscar Hidalgo visited Lucas at the hospital to check on Marco. He was glad Marco was getting better. Oscar advised Lucas to take extra care of Marco. He still remembered how Marco used his work to help him in his political career.

There, he received a call that the convoy transporting Romulo was ambushed. He told Oscar about it. He decided to to visit Romulo to see if he could convince him to talk. Alyana went to see Marco at the hospital. She was grateful to him for everything he did in protecting her.

“I l0ve you and I’m happy whenever we are together but I am not ready to get married again,” she thought.

“I hope you understand this!”

Marco woke up to thank Alyana for being there with him and pleaded with her to stay with him. Catherine arrived there and was happy that Alyana’s presence was making her son to recover faster.

As Alyana was leaving, Catherine wanted her driver to send her home. Alyana declined the offer and told Catherine that her parent were already on their way to come for her. Teddy and Virgie soon arrived and Alyana introduced them to the Cabreras.

Catherine was more welcoming. After learning that Marco was doing well and Catherine announcing the marriage of Alyana and Marco, Teddy requested that they give more time to Alyana for her to think about the marriage proposal. Lucas seconded but Catherine was against.

She said the two had already decided to marry. Virgie then said Teddy only said that since Alyana was already married but Catherine told her not to worry, she would make everything fast for the annulment to push through.

Manolo had gotten to know the layout of the new facility which Dumaguit was. He told Hipolito about it and Hipolito told him to ensure the sun does not set on Romulo again. Homer and his group made plans to obtain more weapons and recruit more men to storm the new facility to k!ll Romulo in making it up to Hipolito.

The CIDG discovered that a police inspector by name Marasigan was the one who k!lled the fake male nurse and began a search for that officer.

Teddy was certain that the veep was not in support of Alyana’s relationship with Marco and wondered why Alyana could not talk when she was having second thoughts of marrying Marco. However, Virgie had contrary opinion, she was happy that Catherine was nice and welcoming.

Homer and his group watched the news about them and were upset that the news had captured him as the person who wanted to rescue Dumaguit since he and his minions were fraction of the Bloody Sun. After watching the news, Grandma Flora was so concerned about her grandson.

She talked to her brother concerning the news and Borja explained that Homer and his minions attacked them in order to k!ll Dumaguit. However, they couldn’t succeed so now they had tightened the security as he had no doubt that Cardo and his comrades would escape with Dumaguit.

The family were happy that Cardo had no hand in the ambush which was staged. Cardo was also informed by Andy that the police had identified the attackers and it was no other than Homer Adlawan.

“I had a feeling it was him!” Tadpole said.

“That good for nothing Homer won’t stop until he k!lls all of us.”

“And it seems Scorpion is becoming more powerful now,” Earthworm added.

“How did he manage to recruit all those men and how did he acquire all those weapons.”

Greco believed they now have two enemies, scorpion and his group and the police guarding Romulo. Ramil said they had to act fast and immediately but for Diana he has lost hope so Cardo was compelled to enlist Andy’s help one more time to secure the life of the commander.

Elsewhere, General Borja told Romulo about the 19 policemen who lost their lives in securing his and several others who had been injured. He did not know the right words to use in explaining to their families that those officers were just discharging their duties.

He pleaded with Romulo to cooperate with him so that they would end all those war. As Cardo and his men were thinking about means and ways to get helpers to rescue Romulo, Becky together with the Flower Power Girls appeared to tell them they would help them to rescue the commander.

President Hildago paid Romulo a surprise visit. He told Romulo that he had researched on him to know his profile before coming. He believed Romulo was cold and venting his anger due to the fact that he lost his family.

He told Romulo’s to put an end to the mass k!lling as he was leaving many children as orphans. He compelled him to reveal the hideout of his men. Romulo told him that he was after a wrong person.

He explained that since the creation of the Bloody Sun Group, it has done nothing than bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. Hidalgo was upset with him for saying that. Hipolito made it clear that he had no belief in his administration.

Hidalgo later went to see the rest of the officers who were sh0t during the ambush. After assuring the affected families justice and financial support, he and his guards donated for those who would need blood transfusion.

Elsewhere, Homer called to make arrangements in acquiring weapons for his mission. However, Bubbles was against his action. She wanted him to turn away from that life, stressing that he was a wanted man and had also made money but Homer would not stop. He vowed to k!ll Romulo before.

After watching the news about the President, Lucas was upset that the President always had a way to redeem his image to whip the trust of the public in him. He was scared that he would lose again in the next election. He told Catherine that Alyana being his in-law would not help his career and ambitions.

Catherine told him that he could make a move to become the president without him necessarily gaining vote. As Borja expresses displeasure in Romulo for not trusting the president to reveal the truth, Cardo and the Flower Power Girls arrived at the facility in their van.

The Vendetta group stayed inside the van while Becky and her girls together with Peng in security, nurse and doctor attire arrived at the facility to check the layout of the place together with Andy. George had hundred percent trust in the girls that they would deliver.

Cardo prayed that all should go well for them to save the commander.

“We will rescue the commander and we will make sure that we all get out alive.”


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